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Becki Koopa is Bowser's little sister, the mother of Mortisha Koopa and the aunt of the Koopalings .


Becki has long curled orangey red hair pale yellowish skin, a pale peachey colored four ribed belly and a large peachey colored jaw. Her head is dark green, her shell is dark green too-- with a white encasing and spikes surrounded by orange rings. She has red eyes and glasses, she has one overly large fang that is visable even when her mouth is closed.


Becki has been shown to be kind, caring and a bit of a know-it-all at times. She loves to read books and is called "Nerd" and "Dork" by her brother- Bowser.


Becki's death plays a large role in an un-named mario game, it is stated she accidentally got her foot tangled in a wire, tripped and landed open wires, electrocuting her.


  • Becki is based off Eva's Aunt Becki, who was electrocuted to death when she ran over the cord of her lawnmower.

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