Because Turtles Have Shells is a Umbrella Crossover Fighting game by GamerTendo.

Because Turtles Have Shells
Developer(s) Nintendo


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Fighting


BTHS has the same gameplay as a Smash Bros game, because GamerTendo is a unoriginal fish .


Starting Characters


Geno is a character from the game Super Mario RPG, and owned by Square Enix.

He attacks using moves from his game of origin, like the Geno Swirl and Geno Blast. He's a fast mover with a all around amount of power, and basically a all around character overall.

His ultimate attack is the Geno Flash, where he turns into a cannon and blast his foes.


Because Koopas have shells?

Bowser is a antagonist of the Mario Series, and King of Koopas.

He attacks using his high power, fire breath, and throwing Koopa Shells and Goombas at enemies.

His ultimate attack is calling in a fleet of airships to shoot Bullet Bills, cannon balls, and finally a Banzai Bill at his foes.


Hawkeye is a character from Marvel Comics, and one of the first recruits of The Avengers.

He wields a bow and arrow, and has several different types of arrows, such as Boomerang Arrows and Explosive-tip Arrows.

His ultimate attack is shooting a Adamantium Arrow. It has a low chance of hitting due to it's small size, but it does very severe and major damage if it hits.

Dipper & Mabel RW
Dipper and Mabel

Dipper and Mabel Pines are a duo fighting character from Gravity Falls.

They attack by using creatures from Journal 3, and Mabel's Grappling Hook and other random items.

Their ultimate attack is using the Mystery Cart, as the giant Gnome Monster chases after them. Both of which damage anyone in their way.


geeeet dunked on

Sans is a character from the Undertale Series. 

He attacks using his bone telekinetic powers, and entirely just bone related attacks.

His ultimate attack is his attack from his boss fight, where red squares appear signaling where several bones will appear. This will happen around 3 to 5 times, and they do lots of damage if they hit the characters.


Garnet is a main protagonist of the Steven Universe series. 

She attacks using her Gauntlets, and can fire them off as rockets, and grow them in size.

Her ultimate attack is where if any characters are near her upon using it, she'll release a powerful combo on them.

Also, if she gets knocked out, in the scene where the character would fall onto the front of the screen blocking it and then falling off, for Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire will appear instead, followed by poofing.

Pepsi Man

Pepsi Man..some mascot for Pepsi from Japan?

Pepsi Man is mostly a melee fighter, but he also attacks using non canon Pepsi themed attacks, like pulling out a cannon that fires Pepsi, throwing Pepsi cans.

His ultimate attack is also in the non canon department, where he fires a Pepsi Kamehameha. Rather then doing damage, the hit foes are frozen, and then run over by a Pepsi truck.


Sudowoodo, the Rock Type Imitation Pokemon, that's a tree.

Being a rock type, he uses rock type moves. He can use Wood Hammer, Rock Throw, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and throw Bonsly at foes.

His ultimate attack is Earthquake, causing the entire stage to shake. Anyone on the ground will take damage.

Dan Hibiki
Dan Hibiki

Dan Hibiki is the buttmonkey of the game. He's from Street Fighter, also.

He rips off cool attacks like the Hadouken and Shryuoken, and makes them weaker. He's also the weakest character in the entire game.

His ultimate attack is taunting a bunch, and then laying a pathetic hit on a foe.


Eggplant wiz
Eggplant Wizard

The Eggplant Wizard is a character from Kid Icarus.

He can turn his enemies into eggplants, or throw eggplants at them.

His ultimate attack is crushing his foes with a giant eggplant, jumping onto it, and then rapidly punching it alongside yelling "EGGEGEGGGGGGGGPLANT"

Unlockable Characters

Image name infodescriptionfightingstuff HowToUnlock


Story Mode

Battle Mode



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