The story begins with Mario and luigi at the castle. Then bowser breaks in and uses a portal that Ludwig built. When bowser loses a portal monster comes out takes princess peach and throws her into the portal and crushes it into the 5 main universes!!!Now Mario and luigi are on the quest for all the portals while bowser figures out something next to do.
Mario & Luigi portalpower artwork (1)

piece of villans

beginning (up there) on scratch

The adventure Frolic Forest

As soon as they enter frolic forest luigi here's a rustle. Starlow does not se anything but then the Bee king comes out with the paper portal and they fight! After the fight before they go in the portal a giant bowser ship pulls up!!!
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Luigi gives a giant mushroom to Mario and now he's Giant Mario!

this is the modle

after the battle they go on into fountain plaza...

BOSSES so far

secret or choice bosses