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Beat Neonplex
Beat's Current Appearance
Current Age 23~
Gender Male
Species Nionite
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Neon
First Appearance Neonplex
Beat is the main character in the game Neonplex. He is a Nionite, a species of living Neon creatures who are somewhat humanoid in shape.


Beat like any Badlands-born Nionite has a predominantly black body with a fluctuating ring of neon around his body. Like other Badlands-born Nionites his mouth isn't highlighted by this Neon ring like other Nionites. In addition Beat has no apparent hair although wears what appear to be two discs on the side of his head, their function is unknown although may simply just be a part of Beat's Attire.

Beat has a simplistic attire consisting of a Long-Sleeved Shirt and Pants, his claws are just visible past the end of his sleeves on his shirt and like all Nionites his feet are not visible as they are flat and hidden by his pants.


Beat, being a Badlands-Born Nionite is able of a variety of abilities most Nionites are incapable of. As he doesn't have a designated colour, Beat is able to immediately become a colour and use its abilities, this includes various ground and aerial attacks, as well as immunities, and abilities to progress through areas. In addition Beat is able to swim through open lines of Data Stream of any particular colour.

There are some setbacks to using a designated colour for Beat however, as he becomes somewhat less acrobatic when he is a specific colour and while immune to enemies of his colour, he is also unable to harm those enemies or pass through the larger enemies.


Due to his upbringing Beat has a strong sense of justice and protection and has shown some aggression towards Raiders in particular. When he becomes aware of the threat posed against the other areas of the continent he lives on, Beat has a sense of urgency about him and seems to often refer to the danger posed in this situation as "the inherent evil".


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