Beat New 2
Beat's Current Appearance
Current Age 23~
Gender Male
Species Once Siandrall
Align Lawful-Neutral
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Neonplex
Beat is a Once Siandrall and the protagonist of the Neonplex series. He has been both a villainous and heroic character although his intentions are overall neutral.


Beat looks very unlike a regular Siandrall, his skin and clothes have turned completely black and a rainbow outline wraps around his body pulsing between the colours over time. What were once Beat's horns contorted and twisted into what appear to be his headphones, they seem to amplify his hearing as he can hear people whispering from over half a mile away. His tails wrapped around his back and fused together, beforehand he was a member of an unknown family of Six-Tailed Siandralls. He wears a mask over his mouth to muffle his voice making it sound distorted to what it really is.


Beat is described as lawful and neutral, although initially a part of the Trickster's Gambit and working for Judge to cause mayhme mostly through the spreading of unwanted truths and lies. This was contrasted after the trio disbanded and Beat went to go live on the planet of the Nionites and protect it from the creatures lurking on and around it. Frink is helpful to those who need it although tends to act aggressively towards anyone he finds annoying, which often leads to fighting between him and the other individual.


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