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Bearded Smiley's Annoying Racing
Developer(s) Toucan
Publisher(s) Toucan
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single player


Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Kart Racing
Media Included Nintendo 3DS card (2GB)

Bearded Smiley's Annoying Racing is a Nintendo 3DS kart racing game developed and published by Toucan in 2012. It is part of the Series Swap Day 3.


Players can take control of various Bearded Smiley characters in this kart racer. Powerups can be used to help the player and hinder others.


  • Championship - Select a cup and race on four tracks for the most points. 1-2 players.
  • Time Attack - Race on any unlocked track by yourself for the fastest time. 1 player.
  • VS. - Race with up to 8 players and customize the rules the way you want. 1-8 players.
  • Battle - Go in a battle where you use the powerups to defeat your foes. 1-8 players.


  • 3DSBbutton - Accelerate
  • 3DSYbutton - Brake
  • 3DSLbutton or 3DSAbutton - Use powerup
  • 3DSRbutton - Drift
  • 3DSRbutton+3DSYbutton - Sharp turn
  • 3DSCirclepad - Steer
  • Start or Select - Pause game



  • Annoying Missile - Fires forward heading for the nearest racer.
  • Green Giraffe - The player will ride a Green Giraffe get a speed boost for a few seconds
  • Awesome Smiley Missile - A missile that heads for the 1st place racer.
  • Neo Geo Pocket Theo - Sends out a shock wave of annoying sounds that stuns everyone in front of the user.
  • More coming soon


Coming soon

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