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Beanick is the sixth party member and is a female Beanbean Kid in the game Paper Princess Peach.


Beanick's special ability is to plant seeds into the ground, which will sprout a Bean Flower, allowing Peach to climb up the stalk. Beanick is destined to rescue the world, as seen in the chapter she is obtained in. The Mayor heard about the world being overrun by Vaati, and requested help from the Gods. They said that a bean named Beanick was destined to save them. Beanick, surprised, hid from her town, scared. Peach found her however, and told her that her family is worried. Beanick explains the story to Peach, and Peach says that it is scary. She is on a quest to. Beanick asked what kind of quest, and was surprised that She was on the same quest. Beanick explained to her mother and father that she was sorry, but then said that Peach is on the same quest. The Mayor then says that Beanick will join Peach in her adventure. At the end of the game, it was revealed that Beanick was actually one of the gods- she didn't even know it! However, she was too young to be a god right now, so she stayed with Peach.


Beanbean throw

  • 0 FP
  • Initial
  • Throws beans at the opponent.


  • 3 FP
  • Initial
  • Sprouts beans around Peach, and heals her 2 HP for three turns.

Bean Caffiene

Super Sprout

  • 7 FP
  • Ultra Rank
  • Sprouts beans around the enemy, and sucks out 11 HP and FP from the enemy.

Electric Shot

  • 4 FP
  • Gotten by beating the game
  • Uses her power of the gods, makes a beanstalk- styled lighting come down and strike the opponent.

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