125px-327px-KRTDL Beam
Ability Star Beam
Beam Kirby's artwork from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

KRtDL Flare Beam1
Super Beam Ability Star
Flare Beam Kirby's artwork from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

KPR Robobot Beam
Ability Star Beam
Robobot Kirby's artwork from Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Debut Game Kirby's Adventure
Obtained from Waddle Doo
Laser Ball (Kirby Super Star [Ultra] only)
King Doo
Security Force (saucers)
Powers Attacks with an energy-infused whip
Is capable of reaching behind walls

Beam is one of Kirby's many Copy Abilities. It allows Kirby to use a whip made of pure energy, as well as use other energy related moves. The ability is very common and usually one of the first available in the game. It made its debut in Kirby's Adventure.


When Kirby becomes Beam Kirby, he gains an orange and red jester hat. The orange side has stars on it, while the red side is plain, with both ending in a fluffy white ball. There is a crown-like decoration around the rim of the hat as well. Kirby also holds a small staff while in this form, from which his beam appears. The beam is usually depicted as a curve made of several balls of orange energy. In some games, Kirby's skin is changed to a yellow color to distinguish the ability.

Beam Kirby's main ability is that of using a whip of energy to hurt enemies. This whip can go through walls to hurt enemies on the other side. In some games, this is the only thing that Beam Kirby is capable of, but in others, he has a wide variety of energy based attacks at his disposal, much like when using the Plasma or Spark Copy Abilities.

Due to its generally slow speed and weak power, it is not generally recommended for serious combat, such as against bosses. However, what it makes up for in weak strength is its ranged capability, with Kirby being able to attack his opponents without the opposite happening in some cases.

Beam has a Super Ability form known as Flare Beam, which allows Kirby to slowly control a large ball of energy that can deal heavy damage. The ability additionally has a Robobot form.



Beam Skills
Skill Buttons Description
Beam Whip DS B A whip of energy appears before Kirby in a 45 degree angle. This attack can pierce through multiple enemies.
Wave Beam Hold DS B + release Kirby charges up a large blast of energy to release with great speed. This blast travels forward until it leaves the screen, dealing heavy damage to all foes in its path. Depending on an opponent's size, it may be able to attack it multiple times.
Capture Beam DS Pad (↑/↓/Forward) + DS B (Near enemy) When used, Kirby will grab onto the enemy. Once this is done, Kirby will hold onto them indefinitely, having invincibility frames until the enemy is released. After grabbing, the player can immediately release them with a flurry of energy. This does not work on bosses.
Cycle Beam Dash + Hold DS B Kirby dashes, flashing his energy whip in front of him. In Kirby Super Star and its remake, the attack takes the appearance of several blue orbs, and has significantly more range.
Beam Blast Dash + DS B in air Kirby shoots multiple energy blasts down diagonally, giving him a pause in the air when used. This move can be used indefinitely before reaching the ground.
Revolution Beam DS B repeatedly in midair Kirby stops in midair, swinging an energy whip in a circular motion around him. As long as the input is pressed, Kirby can indefinitely use this move.


Beam Skills
Skill Buttons Description
Flare Beam Wiimote 1 A large ball of electricity is created. It can break blocks, damage opponents, and activate switches.
Beam Guide Wiimote Dpad Kirby can control the electricity in any direction.
Disengage Wiimote 2 after releasing the Flare Beam Kirby dispels the ball of electricity.


Beam Skills
Skill Buttons Description
Zig Zap Press and release 3DS B The armor releases a ball of energy that bounces on the ground multiple times before disappearing.
Big Zap Press and hold 3DS B, then release Similar to Zig Zap, but the ball of energy is bigger.
Zip Zap 3DS Pad (↓) + 3DS B in midair Releases a ball of energy downward that bounces high upon making contact with the ground.

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