Bazooka Koopa is a Blue Koopa who wears Orange Goggles, He carrys a Bazooka (possibly Cannongun), his voice is similar to that of TF2 Engineer's, he is a enemy who shoots Bazooka Balls out of his Bazooka, He is almost a Koopa hired by Bowser, he is a Main Defense enemy


He is a Ordinary Blue Koopa, who wears orange goggles, carrys a Bazooka (Cannongun possibly), he is smoking a cigarette

Super Mario : The Great War

he appears as a enemy, he appears in some factory levels and rarely in forest levels, he would attack mario by shooting Bazooka Balls at him, there are some switches, which will switch the Bazooka Balls into Barrels for mario to easily defeat him, it is sincerely hard to defeat him while jumping on Bazooka Balls as they are fast, he appears in a few cutscenes


  • He possibly bares a resemblance to the Engineer because he wears Orange goggles and sounds like him, he was going to wear a builder hat but this idea was cut.
  • He smokes cigarette, he dosen't get high though.


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