This is a list of missions in Bayonetta Online.

1* Missions

2* Missions

3* Missions

4* Missions

5* Missions

6* Missions

7* Missions

8* Missions

9* Missions

10* Missions

Omega Missions

Daily Missions

Day Dungeon Description
Weekends Halo Vault Gain 5x amount of halos in this dungeon.
Monday Treasure Cave Find rare materials in this dungeon.
Tuesday Skillbook Lab Find skill materials in this dungeon.
Wednesday Evolution Land Find evolution materials in this dungeon.
Thursday Umbran Trials Take the trials of mastery.
Friday Dank Dungeons Beware of traps in this dungeon, and collect some skills required to unlock demons that you can summon.

Witch Trials

Witch Trials are the challenges that Umbra Witches can take on.

Challenge Name Description Enemy Ranks Requirements
Beginner Trials These trials are recommended for new Umbra Witches. C- to C+ Starting trials
Medium Trials The basic trials for the average Umbra Witches. B to A- Umbra Witch rank
Advanced Trials The more challenging trials for the average Umbra Witches. A- to S+ Veteran Witch rank
Expert Trials The highly skilled trials for the hardcore Umbra Witches. S to SS Expert Witch rank
Master Trials The legendary trials of the Master Umbra Witches. SS to SSS+ Master Witch rank
Nonstop Climax Trials The last challenges of the Witch Trials await for the Omega. X to Y+ Omega Witch rank

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