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Bayonetta crosses the Gates!
Universe Bayonetta
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Final Climax: Queen Sheba

Bayonetta (ベヨネッタ, Beyonetta) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V, revealed at the end of the Bayonetta 3 Direct on April 17, 2019.

Bayonetta is the eponymous main character and protagonist of the Bayonetta series. She is a coquettish and mysterious Umbra Witch, who possesses a remarkable talent for the Bullet Arts and is the bearer of the Left Eye, that oversees the darkness.

She is confirmed to have no alternate costume, but one of her palette swaps is based of her good friend, Jeanne. Jeanne appears as an assist trophy.

Bayonetta is voiced by her voice actors in her games, Hellena Taylor and Atsuko Tanaka in japanese.



Quick and Nimble

Can crawl

Good aerial attacks

Strong ranged Specials

Fast regular attacks

Little lag on most moves



Few specials have quite the lag


Bayonetta has quick and nimble movement. She use quick hits in her regular attacks and her magic skills in her special attacks. She has very reliable special and regular attacks. Alot of her specials have nice range and damage to them. Most of her moves also have little lag making her very good at quick strikes.

A thing to note is that she’s a pretty light character. This means she can be KOed easily. Some specials like Gomorrah have quite the ending lag. But really she doesn’t really have too much flaws but the fact that she can be KOed pretty early.

Her counter attack, Witch Time, is a very unique counter in the fact that it isn’t a single hit but 3 hits doing set damage and the final hit’s knockback depending on the attack countered.

Bayonetta is a solid character. She does take a bit of mastery to be used to her complete best but if mastered, she can be way better than she already is.

Her more explicit content have been toned down but not to the point where she is completely different. Also some of her magic attack’s proportion have been scaled down. But with all these adjustments, she’s still the Bayonetta fans love.


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack 3%, 3%, 4%, 1% (loop), 5% (final kick) 3 quick direction varying aura swipes or a flurry of kicks in which her leg is surrounded by a blue aura.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 9% (clean), 6% (late) Bayonetta jumps forward kicking as her feet are covered in a blue aura.
Forward Tilt 2% (each) Works similar to Megaman’s side tilt. She fires shots from her Love is Blue.
Up Tilt 7% Bayonetta kicks her leg overhead showing off her flexibility. Good juggle capability.
Down Tilt 8% (leg), 9% (foot) Bayonetta sweeps her leg downwards as they’re covered with a purple aura and blazing with a shot from the Love is Blue.
Forward Smash 13% Bayonetta flips forward hitting a powerful kick as her legs are covered in a blue aura.
Up Smash 16% (heel), 13% (leg) Bayonetta flips landing with a split kick. Heel contact does more damage than leg contact.
Down Smash 1% (hits 1-8), 6% (hit 9) Bayonetta executes her Break Dance on the ground.

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 8% Bayonetta swings mini Wicked Weaves around.
Forward Aerial 6% (each) Bayonetta kicks forward twice acrobatically as her feet are covered by a purple flame. Can KO much later.
Back Aerial 11% Bayonetta kicks backward as a shot is blazed from the Love is Blue on her foot. Can KO at higher percents.
Up Aerial 9% Bayonetta flips upward kicking. Can KO much later
Down Aerial 11% (total) Bayonetta drill kicks downwards. Has a very weak meteor smash effect to it.

Grabs and Throws

Name Damage Description
Pummel 2.4% *Grabs with hair, medium range, leaves vulnerable* Shakes opponent.
Forward Throw 2% (throw), 6% (kick Bayonetta tosses opponent forward then kicks them twice as they're in the air.
Back Throw 2% (throw), 8% (kick) Bayonetta tosses opponent back then kicks at them. Can KO much later.
Up Throw 4% Bayonetta simply tosses opponent up. Can lead to various follow ups as it has high hitstun.
Down Throw 2% (throw), 6% (kick) Bayonetta slams opponent down and does an acrobatic kick on them as they bounce off. Can lead to follow ups.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 7% Bayonetta does a flip kick.
Floor Attack (back) 7% Bayonetta spins about in a somewhat breakdancing manner.
Floor Attack (trip) 5% Bayonetta kicks back and forth while getting up.
Edge Attack 7% Bayonetta gets up attacking with a Love is Blue

Special Moves

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Heart Shot 2% (contact), 2% (energy taken), 9% (explosion) Bayonetta uses her Love is Blues to shoot pellets arranged in the shape of a heart at the opponent. They stick onto the opponent then suck energy out of them before they explode. The explosion can be shielded but energy is still taken while shielding.
Alternate 1 Infernal Kiss 3% (uncharged), 7% (charged) Chargeable. Bayonetta blows a kiss of dark flames at the opponent which produces a paralyzing effect. Paralysis effect lasts longer depending on the charge. The charge releases on its own when fully charged similar to Zero Suit’s Paralyzer.
Alternate 2 Gomorrah Bayonetta uses her Love is Blues to summon Gomorrah from the ground while saying “AVAVAGO”. Gomorrah eats up any projectile fired at Bayonetta. Gomorrah actually doesn’t damage opponents in any way.
Side Special Umbran Climax 2% (hits 1 and 2), Up Tilt Attack: 6% (uppercut), 3% (kick), Side Tilt Attack: 12% (total), Down Tilt Attack: 4% (slam), 6% (piercing) Functions somewhat similar to Marth’s Dancing Blade but it must be charged before it can be executed. Side + B to charge as Bayonetta glows purple while getting a ready position. The charge isn’t too long. Then when it’s fully charged simply execute by hitting Side + B. Bayonetta summons various Wicked Weaves to attack as she glows purple while saying “Is that all of you’ve got?”. The first attack is a fist, then a slash, then a spiraling uppercut into an air kick, a multiple fist barrage, or a fist slamming the opponent down finishing with a spiraling pierce as they’re down depending on the direction inputted on the final hit of course. The final hits were mentioned from up-side-down. The Weaves were off course scaled down a bit. Bayonetta can be hit from behind stopping the sequence but usually fighters won't be able to jump over it.
Alternate 1 Piercing Weave 9% Bayonetta charges for a very small period of time with a similar stance as to that of charging an Umbran Climax. She then sends a Wicked Weave forward that pierces the enemy. Not much range. Can be considered much safer than the base Umbran Climax as it’s quicker but because it’s only one hit, it’s weaker. Cannot be reflected. Good critical hit chance. If tapped, it’s a short range slam attack that knocks opponent downwards.
Alternate 2 Tetsuzanko 15% (immediate contact), 10% (later) Bayonetta charges for a very small period of time with a similar stance as to that of charging an Umbran Climax. She then sends a Dragon-like Wicked Weave forward, while saying “New do’, dead you.” that spirals and attacks before disappearing. Has good range as it goes about 80% of Final Destination. It’s weaker with a late hit. Cannot be reflected. Good knockback. KOs lighter fighters on a direct hit at 120%. If tapped, it’s a short range slam attack that knocks opponent away from her.
Up Special Madama Butterflight Bayonetta uses the power of Madama Butterfly to fly in any direction inputted for a short amount of time. Must rapidly tap B to move up.
Alternate 1 Stiletto 1% (each shot) Bayonetta executes Stiletto upwards diagonally with her Love is Blues. The shots do damage to opponents. Can be used on ground while tilting control stick between a side input and an up input as she moves forward slightly above the ground. If tilted directly upwards she’ll always move upward diagonally.
Alternate 2 Air Dodge Bayonetta swiftly jumps in a dodgeful acrobatic manner. She is invincible while using it and can attack out of it but if attack is used in midair she's pretty much helpeless as she most likely has no jumps and she can't use it again.
Down Special Witch Time 4% (hit 1), 4% (hit 2), 6% (hit 3) Works like a counter but doesn’t have the same multiplied damage effect. Instead when Bayonetta uses it she dodges the attack slowing down time, exclaiming “Can’t Touch me!” then she hits the opponent with 3 acrobatic hits while using Witch Time. Good knockback depending on the attack. Each hit has a preset damage output and the final hit’s knockback depends on the attack used against Bayonetta. When the hits are finished she exclaims “Hit me baby!”
Alternate 1 Witch Time: Panther Within 1.2x (9% minimum) Works just like a regular counter in which she uses Witch Time transforming into her panther form and retaliating with a strong attack.
Alternate 2 Heel Stomp 11% Works like a counter except she executes her heel stomp which grounds opponents while also doing a set amount of damage.
Final Smash Final Climax: Queen Sheba 65% Bayonetta chants “TELOC VOVIM A GRAA ORS TABA ORD AVAVAGO” while doing a short dance as she then kneels pointing her hands to sky. Anybody in her circular radius as she begins the chant are then caught up in an animation which involves her weaves spiraling up summoning Queen Sheba. Queen Sheba then towers over the fighters caught up in the attack and winks with her lips puckered. She then jumps down with her feet blazing purple crashing down on the opponents as it transitions back to the gameplay as the fighter (s) caught are/is blown away.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Zero Suit Samus, slightly taller


SIDE - Bayonetta brushes her hair saying “Do you like my haircut?”

UP - Bayonetta twirls while saying “You’re making it too easy!”

DOWN - Bayonetta puts a Love is Blue on her chest, pouts, and says “Smashing!”

Character Selection Screen Animation

Bayonetta points her Love is Blues forward saying “You’ve got the right eye for talent.” or “Shall we?”

On Screen Appearance

Bayonetta appears out of a hair tornado-like mass, then pulls up her Love is Blues.

Victory Animations

Bayonetta walks forward, Love is Blues withdrawn, while saying “Mamma-mia indeed.”

Bayonetta flips forward then lifts herself up with a Wicked Weave as she sits on it exclaiming “Dreadful!”

Bayonetta twils while firing shots and laughing then she blows a kiss at the camera. The kiss mark then appears on the screen.

Losing Animation

She’s seen clapping with her eyes rolled. Love is Blues withdrawn.

Crowd Cheer

"Ba - yo - ne - tta!”

Victory Theme

Flourished remix of the Moon River OST. The vocals are kept. Key point is 0:07-0:20.

Fighting Stance

Stands one leg in front of the other holding Love is Blues outward.

Idle Poses

Brushes her hair

Fixes her glasses


Simply walks forward.


Runs forward both hands moving.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap


Color Origin/Description
Default Default Bayonetta's regular appearance
Second Red Based off Jeanne’s coloration
Third White Based off Masked Lumen’s coloration
Fourth Black Coloration based off her Panther form
Fifth Yellow ay be based off Jubileus from the original Bayonetta
Sixth Orange Could be based off Loki
Locked First Blue Could be based off Zero Suit Samus
Locked Second Green Could be based off the Joy Angels

Reveal Trailer

To be added.


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