Bayonetta: Umbran Tales
Type Anime
Genre(s) Witchcraft, high fantasy
First Air Date(s)
February 14, 2017
Last Air Date(s)
March 16, 2021
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Let's Sail with Umbran
Original Language English, Japanese
Season(s) 6
Episodes 182
Runtime 24 minutes

"Explore the world of Umbra"

Bayonetta: Umbran Tales is an anime TV show that focuses on the adventures of Bayonetta and Jeanne as they focus on the world around them, and takes place after the MMO Bayonetta Online.


These are the differences between the anime TV show and the video games

  • No torture attacks, no summoning demons
  • The anime TV show explores on what's beyond the world of Bayonetta.
  • Many guns/weapons were removed and replaced with different ones
  • Episodes do not focus around fighting angels and demons and rather adventures
  • Bayonetta and Jeanne wear various outfits through various episodes (maiden, princess, fancy, etc)


Vigrid, had recovered their population of Umbran Witches and Wizards after the successful war between the Umbran and the Espen. Karl, a cartographer had discoverd many locations beyond the the Umbra region they had occupied. Bayonetta and Jeanne are called for the expedition, and they would face many new adventures.

Throughout the seasons, various antagonists and various rivals were solved and new teams were discovered. In season 2 for example in the pilot, Queen Aurelia, the ruler of the Apollo Lords, was one of the enemies towards the Umbra.

New Characters



Bayonetta: Umbran Tales got positive reviews, gaining around 70's.



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