Move Description Rarity
Venusaur Solar Beam Venusaur charges up a massive Solar Beam for five seconds before releasing it. Regular

Flare Charge

Flare Blitz

Charizard flies in a horizontal line in the sky while shooting down fireballs. Charizard finishes by slamming into the ground, hurting any opponent nearby. Regular
Blastoise Hydro Pump Blastoise fires several blasts of water that travel horizontally. Regular
Pidgeot Fly Pidgeot flies off-screen before slamming into its opponent, carrying him/her into the air before dropping him/her. Regular

Quick Attack

Fury Swipes

Raticate lunges forward, and if it hits an opponent, it slashes at him/her before leaping off. Regular



Arbok spits poison on the ground and falls asleep. However, if an opponent walks nearby, it reveals it was pretending and wraps around the opponent, sapping health away. Regular
Sandslash Earthquake Sandslash digs into the ground and creates a miniture earthquake, damaging the opponent. Regular
Clefable Reflect Clefable creates a barrier around its owner, disabiling any projectile that hits the barrier for a short time. Regular
Parasect Knock Off Parasect slowly crawls along, and if it touches an opponent, it slashes them, doing a good amount of damage. Regular
Primeape Outrage Primeape runs along the ground, punching everything in its way. Regular
Alakazam Psybeam Alakazam creates several beams of energy, launching them at its enemy. Regular
Machamp DynamicPunch Machamp charges up one giant punch and releases it, dealing critical damage to anyone nearby. Regular
Gengar Hypnosis Gengar opens its eyes, stunning its opponent for a few seconds. Regular



Golem rolls across the stage, and if it hits an opponent, it explodes. Regular

Dragon Dance

Aqua Tail


Gyarados charges up before slamming its tail on the stage, releasing a wave of water that travels off-screen. Gyarados rides the wave out of the stage. Regular
Meganium Bullet Seed Meganium releases a barrage of small projectiles that hit opponents. Regular
Typhlosion Eruption Typhlosion shoots magma into the air that hails down, damaging opponents. Regular

Aqua Jet


Feraligatr shoots across the stage, and if it hits an opponent, it bites down on him/her. Regular
Crobat Acrobatics Crobat repeatly slams into its enemy. Regular
Steelix Iron Tail Steelix slams itself into an opponent, dealing a good amount of damage. Regular
Scizor Flash Cannon Scizor puts its arms out before launching a beam of energy, damaging anything it hits (excluding its owner). Regular
Tyranitar Rest Tyranitar sleeps while its Sand Rush ability summons a storm of sand, constantly damaging foes. When it awakens, the storm ends and it vanishes. Regular
Sceptile Aerial Ace Sceptile leaps into the air before flying into its opponent, pinning him/her to the ground. Regular

Sky Uppercut

Blaze Kick

Blaziken throws its opponent into the air before hitting it with a powerful kick. Regular
Swampert Surf Swampert releases a giant wave of water that goes over opponents. Regular
Shiftry Close Combat Shiftry releases a frenzy of attacks that devastate a nearby opponent. Regular
Gardevior Barrier Gardevior puts a barrier over its owner, reducing the damage all opponents deal to him/her. Regular

Swords Dance

Ice Punch

Medicham relaxes before punching its opponent in the torso. Regular
Infernape Brick Break Infernape leaps in the air towards an opponent and chops them. Regular
Torterra Leaf Storm A hurricane sweeps by, releasing leaves flying at the opponent. Regular
Empoleon Water Pulse Empoleon shoots out a beam of high-pressured water, slamming into opponents. Regular

Aura Sphere

Close Combat

Lucario shoots out a ball of energy before slamming into its opponent. Regular


Calm Mind

Baton Pass

Mew damages its foe before giving its owner a boost in attack power. Rare
Celebi N/A (Ability)

Celebi slows down its opponents movements while keeping its owner's speed the same.

Regirock Stone Edge Regirock creates a rock pillar under its opponent, dealing damage while launching him/her in the air. Rare
Regice Blizzard Regice summons a blizzard, dealing constant damage to opponents for a short time. Rare
Registeel Iron Head Registeel does a slow headbutt, dealing massive damage while having a small hitbox. Rare

Air Lock (Ability)

Hyper Beam

Rayqauza stops all opponents' movements before releasing a giant beam of energy at them. Very Rare
Deoxys Psycho Boost Deoxys targets its opponent and deals a giant amount of damage while also dealing slight damage to its owner. It then tires out and flies off. Rare
Regigigas Giga Impact Regigigas charges up a punch for ten second before releasing it. If it hits an opponent, it instantly knocks them out. Very Rare
Arceus Judgement Arceus summons giant meteors that crash down from the sky. Very Rare

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