Battle of the Multiverse
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Capcom, SEGA
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation Vita
Release Date(s)
June 19th, 2016

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Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting, Action
Media Included PlayStation 4 Disc, Xbox One Disc, Wii U Disc, PlayStation Vita Disc, 3DS Cartridge
Battle of the Multiverse is a crossover fighting game featuring characters from francises and real life. The game features 62 total characters and 18 stages. The game is going to be released on the Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PlayStation Vita.


Battle of the Multiverse's gameplay is similar to Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter. Each fight is divided into one, three, or five rounds. There are one vs. one battles, and Tag Battles, where two fighters clash with two other fighters. Each character has a Special Move that is charged up by damaging enemies and being damaged. Each Special Move is temporary and can only be used once a round.

Each character has a health bar, with 150 Health Points each. When the health bar is depleted, the fighter loses. When a character loses in a Tag Battle, the other fighter appears in the battle. Each character has three default skins, and one unlockable for clearing Arcade Mode with him/her. Each character has an unlockable costume by beating Arcade Mode with that fighter.



Image Name Special Move Francise Rival Class Theme
Cmario Mario Cape Mario Mario Bowser Medium Super Mario Bros. 1-1 Theme
Cbowser Bowser Giga Bowser Mario Mario Heavy Castle Theme
Ssbblastpeach Peach Toad Army Mario Zelda Medium Mario Bros. Underwater Theme
WarioMPIT Wario Wario-Man Mario Tingle Heavy Wario World Pause Menu
DKsmrpga Donkey Kong DK Beat Donkey Kong Cole MacGrath Heavy DK Theme
Clink Link Triforce Slash The Legend of Zelda Ganondorf Medium Zelda Overworld Theme


Silver Arrows The Legend of Zelda Peach Medium

Gerudo Valley

Tingle Figurine Tingle Tingle's Balloon Fight The Legend of Zelda Wario Light Zelda II Overworld Theme
Ganondorf, The Evil King Ganondorf Ganon Transformation The Legend of Zelda Link Heavy Ganondorf's Theme
Pikachu SSB4 Pikachu Volt Tackle Pokémon Gecko Light Pokémon Theme
Ssbfsamus Samus Phazon Suit Metroid Boba Fett Heavy Theme of Samus Aran
Geico Gecko Fiveteen Minutes or Less GEICO Pikachu Light Groose's Theme
GEICO2 Little Pig Ski Resort GEICO Shrek Light Metal cover of Three Blind Mice
Cornholio Cornholio Stop, Drop, and Roll, Fools! Beavis and Butt-head Roll Light Beavis and Butt-head Theme
Batman Dark Batman The Batwing DC Comics Joker Medium Arkham City Theme
Tehjoker Joker Big Bang DC Comics Batman Medium Why So Serious?
Iron-man Iron Man Proton Cannon Marvel Comics Luigi Medium Iron Man
MEGAMAN Mega Man Metal Blades Mega Man Yellow Devil Medium Wily Castle 2 Theme
Rollnew Roll Magic Broomstick Mega Man Cornholio Light Cut Man Theme
RyuStreetFighter3 Ryu Metsu Hadoken Street Fighter Strider Medium Street Fighter IV Theme
304px-Strider Strider Ninja Talents Strider Ryu Light Strider Theme
Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Star Destroyer Star Wars Luke Skywalker Heavy The Imperial March
Luke Luke Skywalker X-Wing Star Wars Darth Vader Medium Star Wars Theme
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve Diamond Armor Minecraft Enderman Medium Calm 1
SOLID SNAKE 2 Snake Metal Gear REX Metal Gear Sonic Heavy Encounter!
SummerSale Gabe Newell Steam Summer Sale Valve The Ghostbusters Heavy Rainbow Bruncie Theme
DipperAndMabel Dipper and Mabel Macho Dolphin Gravity Falls Bill Cipher Light Gravity Falls Theme
Small Domo Domo Domo-zilla Domo Kefka Light Domo Theme
SSBBRZS Cloud Cloud Omnislash Final Fantasy Sephiroth Medium Final Fantasy VII Theme
Ghostbust The Ghostbusters Crossing the Streams Ghostbusters Gabe Newell Medium Ghostbusters
Ramsay Gordon Ramsay Worst Dish of All Time Hell's Kitchen Will Smith Heavy Fire
SmithyMan Will Smith Bel-Air Overload Real Life Gordon Ramsay Medium Fresh Princes of Bel-Air Theme
Nostalgia Critic PNG Nostalgia Critic EXPLAIN! YouTube Angry Video Game Nerd Medium Nostalgia Critic Theme
AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd Ultimate Showdown YouTube Nostalgia Critic Medium AVGN Theme
Cole MacGrath Cole MacGrath Raysphere's Power InFamous Donkey Kong Medium InFamous Theme
DanteMvC3 Dante Guns Ablazin' Devil May Cry Shadow Heavy Devils Never Cry
Willy-wonka Willy Wonka Tunnel of Terror Willy Wonka Ghirahim Light Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Theme
Shrek Shrek Dragon Attack Shrek Little Pig Heavy Hey Now, You're a Rock Star
Mickey3 Mickey Mouse Walt Disney's Magic Disney Popeye Light Fantasia Theme
PopeyeRumble Popeye Spinach Popeye Mickey Mouse Heavy Popeye Theme
BruceHitmonlee Bruce Lee (Special Edition) Limitless Real Life Randomized Medium The Bruce Lee Theme


Image Name Special Move Francise Theme Rival Class Requirement
Cluigi Luigi Negative Zone Mario Luigi's Mansion Theme Iron Man Medium Complete Arcade Mode as Mario, Peach, and Bowser.
Ghirahim Official Ghirahim Demise's Revival The Legend of Zelda Vs. Ghirahim Willy Wonka Medium Complete Arcade Mode in less than 15 minutes.
Ridley in brawl Ridley Meta Ridley Metroid Ridley Theme SomecallmeJohnny Heavy Defeat Samus 5 times.
Mewtwo Mewtwo Psystrike Pokémon Vs. Kanto Wild Pokémon Genesect Medium Complete Arcade Mode as Pikachu.
GenesectBlast Genesect Techno Blast Pokémon Vs. Unova Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo Heavy Use 25 items.
BLAZIKEN Blaziken Mega Blaziken Pokemon Vs. Team Magma/Aqua Leader Death Medium Defeat Blaziken in Arcade Mode.
YellowDevil Yellow Devil Recompose Mega Man Wily Castle Boss Theme Mega Man Heavy Complete Arcade Mode as Mega Man and Roll.
Boba Fett Boba Fett Jetpack Barrage Star Wars Duel of the Fates Samus Medium Defeat Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader 2 times each.
SONIC Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic Sonic Green Hill Zone Snake Light Complete Arcade Mode in less then 10 minutes.
Cshadow Shadow the Hedgehog Chaos Control Sonic I Am... All of Me Dante Medium Defeat Sonic in a match.
Bill appearance Bill Cipher Nightmare Realm Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Theme Dipper and Mabel Light Win 5 online matches or win 100 matches.
Enderman Enderman Ender Crystal Minecraft The Nether Music Steve Medium Win an online match or win 50 matches.
Kefka Kefka God of Magic Final Fantasy Dancing Mad Domo Heavy Win 500 matches or play 4 hours of gameplay.
Sephiroth Sephiroth Safer Sephiroth Final Fantasy One Winged Angel Cloud Medium Complete Arcade Mode as Cloud.
AngryJoe Angry Joe Super Sayian Joe YouTube Angry Joe Theme Randomized Medium Complete Arcade Mode on Normal or higher difficulty.
Prof Layton Professor Layton A True Gentleman Professor Layton Professor Layton Theme Pheonix Wright Medium Play over 5 hours of gameplay.
Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright Final Ruling Ace Attorney Cornered Professor Layton Heavy Play over 5 hours of gameplay.
220px-TravisTouchdown Travis Touchdown Tiger Touchdown No More Heroes No More Heroes Theme Jack Skellington Light Play over 2 hours of gameplay.
Jack Skellington Jack Skellington Happy Halloween Disney This Is Halloween Travis Touchdown Light Play the game on October 31 or play 250 matches.
Poopbuttkoopaling Poopbutt Koopa God Waluigi Fantendo Silly Groose Randomized Light Play the game on April 1 or play 1,337 matches.
GrimReaper Death Hand of Fate Mythology Deathborn's Theme Blaziken Medium Defeat Death in Arcade Mode.
JohnnyBrain SomecallmeJohnny Savvy Collector YouTube Live and Learn Ridley Medium Unlock every unlockable character in the game (excluding Johnny and Bruce Lee).

Special Moves

Character Name Description
Mario Cape Mario Mario dons a cape as he gains the ability to glide and his strength increases.
Bowser Giga Bowser Bowser grows in size and strength. However, he comes slower.
Peach Toad Army An army of Toads bombard Peach's enemies.
Wario Wario-Man

Wario transforms into Wario-Man, giving all his attacks massive knockback.

Luigi Negative Zone Luigi's enemies' movements are reversed for a short time.
Donkey Kong DK Beat DK pulls out drums and plays them to the beat of the song.
Link Triforce Slash Link dashes in his direction. If he hits an enemy, he slashes him/her with the Master Sword before kicking them away.
Zelda Silver Arrows Zelda pulls out a bow and fires Silver Arrows which lock onto her enemy.
Ganondorf Ganon Transformation Ganondorf turns into Ganon, increasing his height, strength, and defense, but lowering his speed for a short time.
Tingle Tingle's Balloon Fight Tingle gains the ability to levitate, and touching his opponent damages them. He cannot attack however.
Ghirahim Demise's Revival Ghirahim transforms into a sword as Demise is summoned. He follows his enemy and uses attacks using the sword before vanishing, leaving Ghirahim behind.
Pikachu Volt Tackle Pikachu surrounds itself in electricity and dashes in its direction, damaging foes.
Mewtwo Psystrike Mewtwo levitates in the air and releases a violent surge of energy.
Genesect Techno Blast Genesect unleashes a giant beam of energy from its cannon, stopping and harming enemies.
Blaziken Mega Blaziken Blaziken turns into Mega Blaziken, increasing his speed tremendously.
Samus Phazon Suit Samus puts on the Phazon Suit, allowing her to fire more powerful Beam attacks.
Ridley Meta Ridley Ridley dons his mechanical armor, increasing his speed and strength.
Gecko Fiveteen Minutes or Less A car flies into the stage and dozens of GEICO Insurance Packages fly towards the fighters, healing Gecko and harming his enemy.
Little Pig Ski Resort Dozens of people who saved 15% or more on car insurance flood the stage with skis. The Little Pig dances while the opponent is pummled.
Cornholio Stop, Drop, and Roll, Fools! Cornholio's shirt catches on fire. He desperately tries to put it out by running across the stage. If the fire hits an enemy, they burn for a short time.
Batman The Batwing The Batwing drops bombs onto the stage.
Joker Big Bang Joker pulls out a huge pistol and fies it in his direction. If it hits an enemy, it deals massive damage.
Iron Man Proton Cannon A giant cannon rests on Iron Man's shoulder, releasing a giant plasma beam.
Mega Man Metal Blades Mega Man pulls out Metal Blades, shooting them across the stage.
Roll Magic Broomstick Roll gets on a flying broomstick and flies into her enemy.
Yellow Devil Recompose The Yellow Devil turns into cubes. Each cube travels to the other side of the screen, damaging the Devil's foe as they go.
Ryu Metsu Hadoken Ryu creates and releases a giant sphere of energy, damaging his foe if it hits them.
Strider Ninja Talents Strider grabs his enemy and leaps across the screen, slamming his enemy into the walls.
Darth Vader Star Destroyer Darth Vaders pulls a Star Destroyer out of the sky, dealing massive damage to his enemy.
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Luke Skywalker climbs into an X-Wing and fires at his enemy.
Boba Fett Jetpack Barrage Dozens of heat-seeking missiles come out of Fett's jetpack.
Steve Diamond Armor Steve puts on Diamond Armor, turning him invincible for a short time.
Enderman Ender Crystal A crystal appears in front of the Enderman before exploding, damaging anyone nearby.
Snake Metal Gear REX Metal Gear REX crashes into the stage, stomping on Snake's enemy before walking away.
Sonic Super Sonic Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, turning him invincible and increasing his speed.
Gabe Newell Steam Summer Sale A flood of varying percentages roll across the screen as the enemy desperetly runs away. The enemy is engulfed and a cha-ching sound is heard as the enemy takes massive damage.
Dipper and Mabel Macho Dolphin Mabel eats too many sugary snakes and a dolphin bursts out the ground. The dolphin grows macho muscles and his fins turns into hands as it grows another head. It then shoots out rainbows and crashes into the enemy.
Bill Cipher Nightmare Realm Bill Cipher grows to a giant size as the fighters are teleported into a nightmareish place. The enemy's health is constantly drained for a short time.
Domo Domo-zilla Domo turns giant and contact with him causes damage.
Cloud Omnislash Cloud preforms an Omnislash on his enemy, dealing massive damage.
Kefka God of Magic Kefka turns into his final form and can levitate. Touching Kefka causes damage.
Sephiroth Safer Sephiroth Sephiroth turns into his Safer form, unleashing several meteors from the sky.
The Ghostbusters Crossing the Streams The Ghostbusters all fire their Proton Packs at a single area, creating a large explosion.
Gordon Ramsay Worst Dish of All Time Ramsay is presented with a dish of green cheese. His yelling deals damage to his enemy before he throws the cheese at his opponent.
Will Smith Bel-Air Overload The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air appears in a limo, cranking his theme at a deafening sound, dealing damage to Smith's enemy.
Nostalgia Critic EXPLAIN! Nostalgia Critic yells "Explain" and a nuclear bomb hits the stage, dealing massive damage.
Angry Video Game Nerd Ultimate Showdown Cyborg Jesus and the Devil appear fighting. As they fight, the enemy takes damage from debris.
Angry Joe Super Sayian Joe Joe turns into a Super Sayian, increasing his strength for a short time.
Cole MacGrath Raysphere's Power Cole taps into the Raysphere, creating a massive explosion.
Willy Wonka Tunnel of Terror Willy pushes his enemy onto a boat and pushes them off-screen into a tunnel. They then fly back to the stage, stunned and damaged.
Shrek Dragon Attack Dragon flies down onto the stage, breathing fire on opponents before flying off.
Professor Layton A True Gentleman Layton takes out a lance and pokes at his enemy. He then takes off a glove and slaps him/her with it. He then sniffs a rose and puts his glove back on.
Pheonix Wright Final Ruling

Wright points his finger out, and if it hits his enemy, the stage turns into a court. A judge then drains the enemy's health, giving it to Wright.

Travis Touchdown Tiger Touchdown Travis transforms into a tiger and mauls his opponent.
Mickey Mouse Walt Disney's Magic Walt Disney grabs his pencil and personally animates several creatures that attack Mickey's enemy.
Jack Skellington Happy Halloween Jack shoots straw out of his sleve at his enemy and a giant pumpkin falls on him/her.
Popeye Spinach Popeye eats a can of spinach, drastically increasing his attack power for a short time.
Poopbutt Koopa God Waluigi God Waluigi drops from the heavens and touches the ground with his finger, causing a gigantic shockwave to occur.
Death Hand of Fate A giant skeletal hand reaches out of the ground and pulls the opponent down. The fighter is thrown thrown back up, stunned and damaged.
SomecallmeJohnny Savvy Collector Dozens of game systems and consoles fly across the stage, damaging Johnny's foe before the Great Clement beats him/her down with Mario's mallet.
Bruce Lee Limitless Bruce Lee slams into his enemy before delivering 10,000 kicks as the sun rises in the background.


Image Name Francise Description
PeachCastle Peach's Castle Mario A basic flat stage outside of Peach's Castle.
BoTMstage2 Twilight Town Mario The platfom in the middle can be jumped on. Wolf howls can be heard.
Rumble Falls Brumble Falls Donkey Kong A stage inside of a waterfall. Occasionally, water pours in the fighter's way, pushing them around.
Spirit Train Spirit Train Zelda

A moving train, sometimes going over bumps, rattles fighters.

When a fighter reaches half of their health, Byrne jumps onto the train occasionally slashing at the fighters. Then when an opponent reaches a quarter of their health, Byrne jumps off the train.

Ganon'stower Ganondorf's Tower Zelda

A basic room, Ganondorf's Tower features the original Ganondorf playing the organ.

Every minute, the floor collapses and reforms itself.

PewterGym Pokémon Gym Pokémon

In Brock's Gym, rocks may fall from the ceiling.

When a fighter reaches half of their healh, Giovanni breaks into the Gym with a Nidoking, which occasionally attacks the players.

Phaaze Phaaze Metroid

In this strange world, Phazon veins scatter the arena. Aroura Unit 313 is in the background, occasionally swiping its tendrils at the stage, harming fighters.

Principal Principal's Office Beavis and Butt-head A stage outside of a room, sometimes little kids crash though the window, damaging anyone they touch.
Ufwilycastle Wily Castle Mega Man Inside of Wily Castle, a floating platform hovers around the castle.
Deathstar Death Star Star Wars In the garbage chute, fighters clash while trying to avoid angry monsters.
MCStrong Stronghold Minecraft In a Stronghold room lit by a Torch, fighters clash. Creepers may spawn and explode near fighters.
BoTMstage3 Nether Fortress Minecraft In this room, touching the lava center of the stage instantly harms the fighter. Zombie Pigmen occasionally walk around, and if hit, briefly attack the one who hit them.
Mystery shack paint test Mystery Shack Gravity Falls A stage outside of the Mystery Shack. Living wax figures may fall out of the shack.
BoTMstage Jasper Batt Jr.'s Tower No More Heroes Jasper Batt Jr. flies in the background and occasionally shoots lasers at the stage.
Disnee Disney World Disney Visitors around the park may take punches at fighters. Occasionally, a giant Mickey Mouse full moon appears in the sky, summoning Ursula out of a pool.
N/A Realm of Insanity YouTube A white basic stage which suddently is flooded by flying cats, floating Medusa Heads, Rainbow Brunchies, and Bidoofs.
LimboBoTM Purgatory Mythology This flat stage has no gimmicks, and is supposed to give a basic feel.

Heavenly Domain  (Special Edition)

Real Life A flat stage high above Earth. The floor is made of glass and a golden throne is seen in the background.


Items rarely spawn during battles, and can turned off in the options.

Name Francise Description
Mushroom Mario The Mushroom restores 1/10 of the fighter's health.
Triforce Zelda When a fighter touches the Triforce, they are gained invulnerability for ten seconds.
Pokéball Pokémon The Pokéball can be thrown, releasing a Pokemon that helps the one who threw the ball.
Infinity Gauntlet Marvel Comics When worn, the user can fire out rainbow beams that damage foes.
Thermal Detonator Star Wars When picked up, the detonator is activated. If thown, the detonator explodes.
TNT Minecraft When spawned, the TNT lights up before exploding.
Master Emerald Sonic When activated, Chaos is released from the Emerald, attacking all fighters.
Flamethrower Real Life When picked up, the Flamethrower spews out flames before going out.


See more at: Battle of the Multiverse/Pokémon.

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode consists of eight rounds, seven where the player fights a random fighter, and one at the end where the player fights a boss. The story is that a force known as the Unipower lies in an extremely powerful fighter and fighters across the multiverse are competing to get to the fighter for various reasons.


Each character will face a boss at the end of Arcade Mode. Some characters can fight more than one boss, which is then randomized.

Name Francise Description Characters Theme
Fawful Mario This silly character uses crazy gadgets to fight with. Watch out, he is highly unstable. Mario, Peach, Bowser Fawful Theme
King Boo Mario This undead ghost is back from the grave! He will use projectiles to attack with. Mario, Luigi, Wario Super Mario 64 Boss Theme
Skull Kid Zelda Skull Kid wears Majora's Mask to gain power. Skull Kid launches energy beams and uses a small sword. Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Tingle Majora's Mask Boss Theme
Dark Samus Metroid Dark Samus uses some of Samus' moves, but also houses several new moves such as the Boost Ball. Samus, Ridley Escape!
Blaziken Pokemon Blaziken uses mainly melee moves. Halfway in the fight, Blaziken Mega Evolves into Mega Blaziken, increasing his strength. Pikachu, Mewtwo, Genesect

Blaziken: Kalos Gym Leader Theme

Mega Blaziken: Successor Korrina Theme

Money Stack GEICO The Money Stack attacks by throwing silver coins at the player and charging forward. Halfway through the fight, he summons the GEICO Announcer who shouts at the player. Gecko, Little Pig, Wario Troll Song
Superman DC Comics Corrupted by Darksied, Superman uses all of his abilities to fight the player. Batman, Joker Man Of Steel Theme
Thanos Marvel Comics Thanos uses a variety of attacks. Halfway though the fight, his defense and speed increases.

Iron Man

The Avengers Theme
Shadow Devil Mega Man The Shadow Devil uses laser beams and the Yellow Devil's Recompose move. Mega Man, Roll, Yellow Devil, SomecallmeJohnny Shadow Devil Theme
Seth Street Fighter Seth uses his moveset from Street Fighter IV. Halfway though the fight, his strength increases. Ryu, Strider, Mega Man Abondoned Labortory Theme
Darth Maul Star Wars Maul uses quick melee attacks. He can also use the Force to throw the player backwards. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett Duel of the Fates
Herobrine Minecraft Herobrine uses glitch powers to avade attacks and to counter. He must be stunned before damaged. Steve, Bill Cipher, Enderman The End Music
Tails Doll Sonic The Tails Doll can turn into a ghost and attack from behind. Players must use strategy to find the best moment to attack. Sonic, Shadow, SomecallmeJohnny Can You Feel the Sunshine?
Exdeath Final Fantasy Exdeath uses magic to his advantage, throwing the player around. He also uses his sword to knock back closer enemies. Cloud, Kefka, Sephiroth Exdeath Battle Theme
The Completionist YouTube Jarard is possesed by an evil spirit and uses energy blasts and melee combat. Jeff may appear and throw rocks at the fighter. Nostalgia Critic, Angry Video Game Nerd, Angry Joe Vs. Ghetsis (Black and White 2)
John Henson and John Anderson Wipeout These two TV hosts have unleashed their inner demonic evil. It's up to you to get rid of these guys! Gordon Ramsay, Will Smith, Dante Wipeout Theme Remix
Pete Disney Pete uses his brute offense to attack the player. He has a large amount of health and takes attacks well. Mickey Mouse, Jack Skellington Epic Mickey "Cyber Pete" Theme
Death Mythology Death uses his scythe to attack players from long range. Donkey Kong, Cornholio, Snake, Shrek Death's Song (Original Theme)
Chuck Norris (Special Edition) Real Life Chuck Norris is a very challenging foe. He will use any kind of move possible and his attacks are all devastating. Mike Tyson ain't got nothin' on him! Bruce Lee Chuck Norris Theme


See more at: Battle of the Multiverse/Costumes

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