Battle of the Bricks is a fighting game taking place in the many worlds of LEGO. It is inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series, but with LEGO characters instead. 


A mysterious artifact is discovered by Emmet that links all the worlds in the Legoverse together via a central hub universe. However, the villains of Lego, such as Darth Vader, The Joker, and Kulta the Skull Grinder, find the artifact and plan to use it to craft a new universe in their own image, known as the Dark Singularity, and envelop all the other universes into being part of the Singularity. It is up to Emmet and the Legoverse heroes to stop the villains. 


The gameplay, like most Super Smash Bros. games, doesn't involve the standard health bars system of fighting. Instead, players use special attacks to try and knock other players off the stage. The more damage characters take, the farther they fly when they are hit. However, the game also has many other attributes relating to LEGO. 

Stage Creator

In Battle of the Bricks, there is a stage creator which allows you to built arenas to fight on out of LEGO bricks.

Playable Characters

Starting Characters

Character Description
Emmet is the main protagonist of the LEGO Movie, where he grew from an ordinary construction worker into the Special, a prophecized hero destined to save the Legoverse. He is the ordinary, "balanced" character of this game, who fights with both basic punches and kicks, and he also has the ability to build his own weapons. 
Peter Parker was once your average nerdy kid in high school, until he was bitten by some sort of magical radioative spider during a school field trip, and his life was never the same. He gained the powers of a spider, such as the ability to climb on walls and shoot webs, as well as enhanced speed and strength. He also can ride out on the Spider-Bike! Yes. That exists. 
Elsa lego
Princess Elsa
Uh... yeah.... So apparently this Elsa exists in a world where all the Disney Princesses are gal pals and they go shopping and talk about boys or some shit? Yeah. Anyway, this Elsa has the powers of Elsa from the movie, but not as powerful. She can still shoot ice and freeze people, but she can't do that whole "creating life from snow" thing. 
Hero Factory Guy
Agents of Hero Factory used to be giant robots, but now they're tiny robots that pilot bigger, giant robots. This story is dumb. I'm sure this hero guy has a name but that's not really important. He attacks with his laser gun and sawblade, and if the battle get's too out of hand he can call upon his giant robot mech.
Minecraft Steve
Oh god, it's the guy from the fucking block game. Anyway, Minecraft Steve has an assortment of weapons to use in battle. His gimmick is he can equip one weapon out of his large arsenal, including a sword, axe, and a bow and arrows, however each weapon will break after a while and will take a few minutes to be restored, forcing you to use a different weapon in it's place.  

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