Episode α of Battle of Bracelets 4 is one of the extra episodes that the player can get while they play the Story Mode of the game.


Playable characters

Non-playable characters

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You will play with Aingeru. He and Night are in a little village of the south-eastern zone of Tridinia, in the dock of that place. Already into the game, you will be invited by Night to go to a little cave in the north of the village. In the cave, you will have to fight with a dark demon that Night had told you before (Lv2 74). When you are about to beat it, Night nails you her nail on your back and start to absorb the energy of your soul. Now you are possessed by the darkness of the lady. She says that Aingeru has part of his soul bathed on darkness that a Dark Bracelet gave him after stealing her the source of her power.

Transference Code

Night will bring you to a little temple in the north of Tridinia, in which she; with the help of a collar that has a crystal, she activates a little machine that started to steal the life energy of Aingeru. But for some reason, Night feels that something is not going well. Even though, Night can control Aingeru now. Ainhoa and Alex appear to find him but Night orders him to fight them.

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