In this page, you can read the story and events that happen on Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend. It is important to remember that this game is the remake of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets and Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows. Although it is the remake of both games, there are several changes on the story, related to new arcs, changes in characters, new characters, et cetera. Nevertheless, do not forget that the main story is still the same: the adventures of the new Golden Bracelets in their fight against Darkreon.

This Story Mode is available since the first time that the player plays this game. Besides, several characters can be obtained by the Story Mode.


This is the beginning of the story about humans, who decided to fight the Gods that want to control the Earth and any single being. They are not angry at the Gods, the only objective that humanity wants to achieve is giving them a lesson...

It's the first day of October, and a young boy called Aingeru, after knowing that his teacher—someone who has taught him everything in his life—had to go far away, lived the strangest of the experiences that a person could live. That night, a ton of shooting stars lighted up the sky. But that particular night, he had a special dream. There was an angel, a winged woman with a warm soul gave him a weird armband that was shining. A dark appearance touched his arm, it was...

The journey begins

Aingeru woke up, but the bracelet was on his arm. It was not a normal situation, maybe he got it the day before but he could not remember it. Anyways, he had to go to the high school; but he was being watched.

After a few days, Aingeru goes to school as always, but a strange man stops him. He asks Aingeru about the bracelet and shows to him another bracelet like his, but a dark golden one. The person is called Drake, Green Dark Bracelet. He wants to kill Aingeru, since he is the Green Golden Bracelet. Aingeru has to defend himself, it is your turn! Drake will fight you (Lv. 2) although you will not be able to attack him until another girl stops him, she is Ainhoa, the Indigo Bracelet. When you beat him, Ainhoa will tell you more things. Now, you two will leave Montania to go to Forestia.

  • Unlockable Characters: Ainhoa*, Drake.
  • Obtained Items: Bronze Sword (in Montania Park).

The route goes across a volcano, where you will find a boy, he is Pablo and wears the Red Bracelet, but suddenly, a woman riding a lava dragon will appear from the deep of the volcano; she is Inferna, the Red Dark Bracelet. You have to fight her (Lv. 3). After beating her, Pablo will join you and you will be able to leave the volcano. You will arrive to Goldenous Forest, where a Dark Bracelet will ambush you, he is Garone, the Yellow Dark Bracelet, who will attack you (Lv. 4) with the help of two Dark Soldiers (Lv. 1 each one). After beating them, you will be able to go to Forestia, although some Dark Soldiers will stop you (Lv. 1). Once you arrive to Forestia, another Golden Bracelet...

  • Unlockable Characters: Pablo*, Inferna, Garone.
  • Obtained Items: Bronze Bow, 100 HP Potion, Snow Grimoire (in the Montanian Route); Volcano Cannon (in the Goldenous Volcano); 100 HP Potion, Natural Whip, Drink, Bronze Sword (in the Goldenous Forest).

A boy finds you and challenges you to fight him; he is Xavier, the Orange Golden Bracelet (Lv. 4). After beating him, he tells you that there is a Bracelet competition in the next months, you need 15 Icons to participate, Forestia has a Battle Palace and you can get an Icon there. In the Battle Palace, Lydia will accept the challenge. If you beat her (Lv. 6) you will get the Forest Icon. Then you can leave the city, although you can choose one of two routes: the Central Axis or the Coast Axis.

  • Unlockable Characters: Xavier*.
  • Obtained Items: Bronze Spear, Drink (x2), Antidote, Oculus Orbitars (on the streets of Forestia); Drink, 100 HP Potion (Forestia Hotel); 500 HP Potion, Dark Arm (into Forestia Casino).

Travelling through Melia Land



However, you will find some oppositors that will not let you leave: Drake (Lv. 5), Inferna (Lv. 4) and Garone (Lv. 5) will challenge you to a fight, although a girl will appear to help you. She is the Citron Bracelet, Elena. After beating them, Elena will join you in the battle, now you can choose the route:
  • Unlockable Characters: Elena*.

Central Axis

The route goes to the south, although you have to go across the Winder Forest, a little forest in which there is a little sanctuary that hides the forest. The forest will be full of Dark Soldiers (Lv. 2 to Lv. 5), although the main problem is the appearance of Alange, the Orange Dark Bracelet. He will stop you (Lv. 8) in front of the sanctuary. Once you beat him, he will run to the sanctuary although Elena will follow him to seal the door in front of which Alange stood there. He will disappear and you will be able to go to the next city: Base City. There, you will be able to fight Basilio (Lv. 10) for the second Icon, the Basic Icon. Now, you can take the train to Waterness City.

  • Unlockable Characters: Alange.
  • Obtained Items: 100 HP Potion, 200 HP Potion, Antidote, Bronze Shuriken (in the Winder route); 200 HP Potion, Magnetic Box (in the Winder Hostel).

After taking the train, you will stop in a abandoned station in which you will fight Drake (Lv. 11) but another Golden Bracelet will appear to help you, she is Rachel, the Cyan Golden Bracelet. After beating him, she will join you; now you can go to Waterness, where you will be able to fight Wattio (Lv. 12) for the Fall Icon. After that, you can go to Aurora City and get the fourth Icon. There, the Amber Golden Bracelet will challenge you (Lv. 19), he is Bruno. After beating him, he will join you and will advice you to go to the Palace of Aurora City, where Aurora will fight you for the Icon (Lv. 14). After beating her and getting the Aurora Icon, you can go to the Crystallia and challenge Deamantho (Lv. 17) and get the Diamond Icon. But there, Inferna and another girl will wait for you. The other girl is Areusa, the Grey Dark Bracelet; you will have to fight them (both in level 18).

  • Unlockable Characters: Rachel*, Bruno* and Areusa.
  • Obtained Items: 200 HP Potion, 100 HP Potion, Antidote, Hot Chocolate, Thunder Spear (in Base City); 200 HP Potion (x2), Mechanic Grimoire (in the Waterness Train); 500 HP Potion, Drink, Super Drink, Lotus Fragrance, Neptune Cannon (in Waterness); Hot Chocolate, Drink (through Aurora route); Aurora Water, Drink (x3), Antidote, Hot Chocolate, Aurora Gun, Aurora Spear (in Aurora City); Drink, 200 HP Potion, 500 HP Potion, Lucky Stone, Diamond, Roman Bow, Rhadamant Orbitars (through Crystallia Route); Drink, Super Drink, 200 HP Potion, Antidote, Diamond Claw (in Crystallia).

The next quest is going to Stonian, where you can get the sixth Icon. Although you will arrive to Cosmium, a village where a man will ask you about the Golden Bracelets. It is something in which he is interested and will tell you that he is looking for another man called Rhadamanthys. If you see him, you will have to call this man with a Celestial Horn. Anyways, he will challenge you to a battle, he is Sarpedon a Celestial Angel (Lv. 20). After that, you will be stopped by Garone, who will challenge you again (Lv. 20), he will tell you that there is a city at the north of Stonian where there is a strange energy and tells you to go to investigate. Anyways, you do not need to pay attention to him and challenge Roko (Lv. 22) when you go there and get the Brick Icon. The next step of the journey is Burghale, the city of the coast where the journey through the Legend Route. There, you will find the other four Bracelets: Ainhoa (Lv. 20), Pablo (Lv. 20), Xavier (Lv. 21) and the new incorporation: Bella, the Violet Bracelet (Lv. 21).

  • Unlockable Characters: Sarpedon, Bella*.
  • Obtained Items: Drink, 500 HP Potion, Antiparalizer, Cosmic Dust, Bronze Hammer, Greek Palm (through Cosmium Route); Cosmic Dust, Relaxing Tea, Bronze Spear (in Cosmium) Celestial Horn (Sarpedon gives it to you); Super Drink, Antidote (through Stonian Route); Brave Robe, 500 HP Potion, Icarian Laser (in Stonian); 100 HP Potion (x3) (through Burghale Route).

Coast Axis



After leaving Forest, you will get the road to the east, where you will find a lake where a hut hotel is found. There, you will be surprised by the three Dark Bracelets: Drake (Lv. 7), Inferna (Lv. 7) and Garone (Lv. 8). Beating them will make them disappear but another being, the Goddess Laika, will give you the Aquaria Stone, she will accept a challenge from you when you are ready (Lv* 1). Your next adventure is in Candler, where Chandella (Lv. 10) will accept the challenge to give you the Candle Icon. But that city will hide a surprise, Alange (Lv. 10) will stop you with a troop of Dark Soldiers (Lv. 5 each one) will want to kill you. Fortunately, you are stronger than him, aren't you? He will disappear, but your next quest is Thiste, or not...
  • Unlockable Characters: Alange.
  • Obtained Items: 100 HP Potion (through the road to the lake); 200 HP Potion, Refrigerant, Fresh Water, Aquarius Laser (around the lake); Aquaria Stone (Laika gives it to you); Super Drink, 200 HP Potion, Demon Pincers (through the road to Ardeus Village); Electric Box (in Ardeus Village); 100 HP Potion (x2), Refrigerant, Music Box, Harmony Shield (through the path to Candler); 500 HP Potion, Refrigerant, Ash Incense, Igniter Scythe (in Candler).

The map shows you Thiste as next city to be visited, but you will find a city in the mist. That city is Misty, a hidden city for the rest of humanity. There you will find another Palace to get icon, but the leader is, curiously, a Golden Bracelet, she is Bella, the Violet Bracelet. You will have to beat her to get the Fog Icon (Lv. 13). You will not only get the Icon, she will join you in the journey. Now, you can go to Thiste, although you will go through a village, Whitebay, where Sarpedon, a Celestial Angel will ask you about Rhadamanthys and will give you the Celestial Horn to call him when you find him. He will challenge you to a battle (Lv. 15).

  • Unlockable Characters: Bella*, Sarpedon.
  • Obtained Items: 100 HP Potion, Drink, Talisman, Phantom Scythe (through the road to Misty); 200 HP Potion (x2), Talisman, Bronze Pincers (in Misty); Super Drink, Antidote, Magnetic Box, Iron Sword, Ceres Grimoire (through the road to Whitebay); 500 HP Potion, Hot Chocolate, Insecticide, Dracule Helmet (in Whitebay village).

You finally arrive to Thiste, where you will be invited to the Opera by a woman. This woman is Harmonia, the Icon Challenger of Thiste. Her objective is spending a good time with you, although you will finally fight her (Lv. 17). Beating her will mean that you get the Melody Icon. She will explain you that the next place where you can go is Burghale. But in the road to Burghale, you will find the village of Orde, where Garone (Lv. 19) and other Dark Bracelet will challenge you, she is Shion (Lv. 20) the Pink Dark Bracelet. After beating them, Garone will tell you that a city at the north has a strange energy. You can go to Burghale anyways, where you will find the other four Golden Bracelets who will want to fight you: Aingeru (Lv. 22), Elena (Lv. 21) and the two new incorporations: Rachel (Lv. 19) and Bruno (Lv. 23). Now, eight Golden Bracelets are together.

  • Unlockable Characters: Shion, Rachel* and Bruno*.
  • Obtained Items: 500 HP Potion, Drink, Iron Bullets (through the road to Thiste); Super Drink, 100 HP Potion, Musical Palm (in Thiste); 200 HP Potion (x2), Antidote, Scorpion Needle (through the path to Orde Village); 500 HP Potion, Drink, Death Orbitars (in Orde Village); 100 HP Potion (x3) (through Burghale Route).

Beginning the Ocean Journey

You can fight the Quest Bracelet of there, Belladona (Lv. 25). She will give you the Cobweb Icon. But after leaving the Quest Palace, a Dark Bracelet will wait for you on the pier of Burghale, she is Dalia, the Dark Violet Bracelet (Lv. 28) but her mission is not only stop you, the Jupiter Commander will challenge you (Lv. 39) to avoid you to continue. "Beating" him will allow you to continue. You will take a ferry to the first island, Monacal Island. The village where you arrive is Taus. There, you will find a man that you do not know who will tell you to go to the next village: Ardeos. In this city, there is a café called the Eastsun Café, in which you will find a special woman. She is Jessica, the Green Golden Bracelet before Aingeru. As Aingeru, you will be challenged to a battle, now by the Green Silver Bracelet (Lv. 29). After that, she will tell you that in the capital of the island, other Golden Bracelets from the past are there.

  • Unlockable Characters: Dalia, Jessica.
  • Obtained Items: 500 HP Potion, Coconut Milk, Taurus Club (in Taus); Super Drink, Antidote, Refrigerant, Olympian Helmet (through the South Monacal Route); Diabolic Potion, Antidote, Diamond Bow (in Ardeos).

You can already go to the Monacal City. As you were told, other Golden Bracelets can be found there. But there, there is a Quest Palace to get another icon, you will have to fight Assurio (Lv. 30) who will give you the Neuron Icon. Now as Bruno, you will find the Amber Bracelet from the past, Nestor. They had met before in the past, now Bruno's mentor will fight you (Lv. 32). After fighting him, he will tell you that there is a strong energy which comes from the Monacal Ruins, and you should go to see what that energy is. There, you will find the Space Orb, an item that contains the essence of Aspace, God of Space; but another person is there to get it, Drake appeared and you will have to fight him to save the orb (Lv. 33). While you are leaving the temple, Jessica and another man will start to speak, that person is actually the Green Dark Bracelet. Now, you can take a ship to the next island from Monacal City.

  • Unlockable Characters: Nestor.
  • Obtained Items: 500 HP Potion, Super Drink, Psychic Cure (x2) (through the East Monacal Route); Super Drink, Psychic Cure, Icarian Orb, Perish Palm (in Monacal City); Psychic Cure (x3), Antidote, 1000 HP Potion, Bright Spear, Space Orb (in Monacal Ruins).

The next island is Alabella, an island where two Celestial Angels will ask you about going to a little island at the North. But first, you can go and fight for the Feather Icon of Airwing, against Celessius (Lv. 35). If you go to the north, you will see the two angels: Egion (Lv. 37) and Pluto (Lv. 36) who will want to fight you to see what your level is before telling you about the secret of the little island. Egion will explain you about the Portal of the Whale's Ruins, a portal that connects this world with another dimension. To open the portal , you will need the Key of the Portal that Egion will give you. Now you can go through the portal to the Other World...

  • Obtained Items: 1000 HP Potion, Drink, Super Drink, Refrigerant, Tarantula Staff (in Airwing); Angel Potion, 200 HP Potion, Virgo Palm, Aiaara Discus (through Alabella Route); Super Drink, Icarus Feather, Oblivious Rounder (in Biscal); Key of the Portal (given by Egion).

Ancient War Arc

The place where you appear is a plaza in front of a giant temple in which you can go. There, there is a boy that will give Pluto an orb. Egion will try to stop him, but it is too late, right after being given the orb, Pluto disappears although the boy will try to attack Egion, you have to fight him (Lv. 39). After beating him, Egion will take your hand and will bring you out of that dimension. Pluto has not come back from there, Egion explains you that this dimension was the Other World, the world at the other side of the mirror; physics work a very different way. He tells you that you can get an icon in Biscal. There, you can fight Bicary (Lv. 41) for the Witch Icon. After beating her, go to the south to take a ferry in Lagoon Town. A Golden Bracelet from the past will speak with you and explain that the Deserticien Island is going through a war and you should help the Princess of the Island to restore the peace. Anyways, this guy is called Axel and wants to fight you (Lv. 43).

  • Unlockable Characters: Egion.
  • Obtained Items: 1000 HP Potion, Super Drink, Supreme Sword (in the Other World -- Plaza of the Whale); Mega Drink, Antidepressant, Antidote, Airbelle Palm, Ocarina of Apollo (through the South Alabella Route); 500 HP Potion, Refrigerant, Icarian Compass (in Lagoon Town).

While you are in the ferry, Axel tells you that there is a friend who needs help in Deserticien Island and this help would also finish the war. When you arrive to Deserticien, three Shadow Knights will attack you, since you are Golden Bracelets (Lv. 44 each one). Axel tells you that you can get an Icon there. The Oasis Icon is given by the defender of the Palace, Sandhia (Lv. 45). When you get it, Axel will wait for you at the exit of the city to tell you that his friend is in an oasis at the south of the city. When you arrive, you will find five Shadow Soldiers to kill you (Lv. 43 each one). After beating them, a woman will appear, she is the current Indigo Silver Bracelet, Laura, the friend of Axel. She will fight you to evaluate your power (Lv. 47). After that, she will guide you to a village at the east of the island.

  • Unlockable Characters: Axel, Laura.
  • Obtained Items: 1000 HP Potion, Mega Drink, Refrigerant (x3), Seth Palm, Iris Armor (in Deserticien); Mega Drink, Refrigerant, Hyperrefrigerant, Anj Cross, Desert Broadsword (through the east of the Desert of the Island); Oasis Water (once everyday), Ra Arrows (in the Oasis); Silver Sword (given by a Dark Soldier after beating him).

When you arrive to Metafin, the place where Laura wanted to go, you can see that it is controlled by many Dark Soldiers, in fact, there is a Dark Bracelet fighting some royal soldiers. You can listen to him; he is helping the High Priest to control the country. When you try to stop him, 3 Shadow Priests (Lv. 47 each one) will stop you while the Dark Bracelet leaves the village. Laura will explain you that so many Dark Bracelets in the island must be related to the war of the country. You have to go to the capital city, Corona, although you can find several Dark Soldiers (from Lv. 40 to Lv. 49) through the road to Corona. When you arrive, you will find a city full of Soldiers, actually there are several Dark Knights that will attack you (Lv. 40 each one), sometimes you will be helped by royal soldiers. You will finally arrive to he Royal Palace of the Deserticien Realm, where you will talk with the CLXXIII Princess of this ancient realm, Carmen who will explain you that the High Priest is trying to destroy the ancient monarchy to control the country. But suddenly, the Dark Bracelet, two Shadow Priests and the Hight Priest will appear to kill Carmen. You will have to fight the two Shadow Priests (Lv. 49 each one), but meanwhile the High Priest will try to kill the princess. Nevertheless, the Dark Bracelet will attack him. What the Dark Bracelet, Arles, wants is getting one of the treasures of the country and get the control of the country. To save the princess, you have to fight him (Lv. 52).

  • Unlockable Characters: Carmen, Arles.
  • Obtained Items: Ancient Dust (x5), Ancient Potion, Refrigerant, Desert Fragrance, Magmatic Box, Magic Box, Anubis Orbitars, Scorpio Needle, Cautious Robe (through the centre of the Desert of the Island); 500 HP Potion, 5000 HP Potion, Mega Drink, Silver Bow (in Metafin); 200 HP Potion, Anubis Stone, Babel Pounder (through Corona Route); Super Drink, Mega Drink (x4), Refrigerant, Talisman, Psychic Cure, Caffeine Drink, Divine Claymore, Lucifer Wings (in Corona); Total Drink (x3) (in the Royal Palace).

Carmen will thank you for the help, the war has finished after beating the High Priest of Deserticien. She will give you the treasure of the country, the Time Orb. She knows that you are a Golden Bracelet so she can rely on you to give you the treasure. Before going to the next island, if you talk again with Carmen, she will challenge you for the Icon of Corona (Lv. 52). After that, you can already go to Cindery Island.

The Last Temple Arc



When you arrive to Cinder City, a familiar face will welcome you, she is Aingeru's mother, Ann. She will explain you that there is a Golden Bracelet in a village at the north and you could be interested at meeting him. You can fight for another Icon in the Quest Palace of Cinder City. The Cinnamon Icon can be got by beating Canella (Lv. 54). Now you can go to Venica, where the Golden Bracelet is supposed to be. When you arrive, you will find two men, one of them is the person who you saw in the Other World. The other man is about to fight him, you have to control this man, who is the Maroon Bracelet. The boy that you saw in the Other World is Kernel (Lv. 55) the Kernel Plutonian. After beating him, he will put an item on the floor that Ann will run to take it but suddenly, that item will explode and Kernel and Ann will disappear due to the explosion. The Maroon Bracelet will tell you that he is also interested at finding that boy, since he kidnapped an important person for him. Anyways, he will go to the volcano and you will try to follow him.
  • Unlockable Characters: Ann, Kernel.
  • Obtained Items: 2000 HP Potion, Super Drink, Antidote, Hot Chocolate, Norse Axe, Thunder Foil (in Candler City); Mega Drink, Psychic Potion, Relaxing Tea, Cindery Dust, Lava Blackjack, Scimitar of Magic (through the North Cindery Route); Cinnamon Coffee, 2000 HP Potion, Caffeine Drink, Royal Parasol (in Venica).

Into the volcano, the Maroon Bracelet will use an item that will produce a kind of eruption that will make him disappear. Jessica will appear with Ann to explain you that there is an item that makes you resistant to lava; what he did was jumping into the lava to arrive to a platform into the volcano. They will give you the Nitro Hex, the item about which they were talking. When you use it, you will be able to jump into the lava. After diving to the platform, the Maroon Bracelet will get angry and will fight you (Lv. 58). After beating him, he will ask you not to follow him, another man will appear who will say to be a God, Nitros. After explaining the situation of Iona, Nitros will challenge you (Lv* 1) and if you beat him, Nitros will give you the Nitros Greatest Sword. Iona will get the sword and will leave the volcano. You have to follow him to Cinder Village, where Iona will take a ship, but when you are trying to take the ship, two Dark Bracelets (Lance and Cryllica) will appear to fight you, they want the two dimension orbs and the Nitros sword (Lv. 60 each one). After beating him you will take another ship, since the other ship will have gone.

  • Unlockable Characters: Lance, Cryllica.
  • Obtained Items: Super Drink, 1000 HP Potion, Antidote, Hephaestus Hammer, Steel Slingshot (in Cinder Volcano); Nitro Hex (Jessica gives it to you); Nitros Greatest Sword (Nitros gives it to you); Magmatic Box, Electron Charger, Refrigerant, Hadron ROM, Long Hammer (through the South Cindery Route); 500 HP Potion, Thermal Salts, Steel Shuriken (in Cindery Village).

The ship will bring you to the next island, Thunderstone Island. Dominal City is the place where you arrive, you will ask a man about Iona, he will tell you that he has gone to the concert hall of the city, since there is a famous singer performing. When you arrive to the concert of December you will be able to listen to her singing, but in the pause of the performance, Iona will go to the dressing room. If you follow him, you will find them and will listen to them talking. December is a plutonian and Iona wants to know where her sister is and after refusing to answer, her agent will find you. He is a plutonian too, who is called Zuihou. Iona and you will have to fight them (December is Lv. 63 and Zuihou is Lv. 62) but after beating them two women will appear, they are two fans who want a sign of the artist. Iona will go and you will leave the concert hall. You can go and get another Icon against Hellius (Lv. 63). Then, you have two options, going to the Holiday Coast to get the Cloud Icon against Vaporinna (Lv. 65) or going directly to Fantire, where you will take the ship to the last Island. But before getting the ship, Iona will wait for you, where he will challenge you to a battle (Lv. 65): if you beat him, he will let you help him; if you lose, you will stop fighting Pluto. In Fantire, you can go and get the Medium Icon against Morticia (Lv. 64).

  • Unlockable Characters: December, Zuihou, Iona*.
  • Obtained Items: Mega Drink (x2), Vanilla Incense, Cancer Gift, Helios Claws (in Dominal City); 2000 HP Potion, Relaxing Tea, Fast Robe, Devil Flute, Magnetoniken, Specter Missile (through the Dominal Route); Mega Drink, Vesta Rounder (in Vestalis); 1000 HP Potion, Talisman (through the Holiday Route); 500 HP Potion (x10), Sun Lotion, Happy Orbitars (in Holiday Coast); Total Drink, 200 HP Potion, Refrigerant, Photon ROM, Virus Missile, Capricorn Lance (through Fantire Road); Talisman (x4), Super Drink, Silver Spear, Medium Palm (in Fantire).

You are arriving to the Guide Island when suddenly, a giant pillar of purpure light emanates from the Island. Three Celestial Angels will arrive to the ship, they are Prometheus, Sarpedon and Celes and explain that the God of the End has woken up. You have to visit the Last Temple of the Legend to see what happens.

Fighting the End Arc



When you arrive to the port of Sunshine City, the three Celestial Angels will tell you to go to the Last Temple of the Legend. There, you will find a young woman called Cenestia who will want to steal your soul. To avoid it, you have to beat her in a battle (Lv. 66), but another woman will drive her to the Other World to assist to the Ceremony of Destruction. Celes will ask you if you need to do something in Sunshine City, actually you can fight for the RedSun Icon against Apollion (Lv. 68). But at the entrance of the temple, besides the Celestial Angels, Jessica, Nestor and Axel will tell you something important. For many years, humans have thought that there is an element that is over the rest, which was interesting for humans since it was the source of infinite energy, that element is EtherBoB and they suspect that Pluto controls said element. They will follow you in the Other World, now you can already visit the Other World. You will arrive to a temple where there is nothing. The next step is travelling through a path until you arrive to some ruins where you will be attacked by Minor Plutonians (Lv. 60 - Lv. 67) and after that a commander of Pluto, Charonter, will come to attack you (Lv. 69).
  • Unlockable Characters: Celes.
  • Obtained Items: Super Drink, 2000 HP Potion, Magneton ROM, Purpure Incense, Light Ring, Tarantula Orbitars, Demon Roses, Thor Spear (in Sunshine City); Total Drink, 500 HP Potion, Antidote, Volcanika Robe, Divine Drop, Accurate Robe, Vulcanus Cannon (through the Other World Guide Path); 1000 HP Potion (x2), Refrigerant, Antimatter Bow (in the Other World Ruins).

Nothing can be found here, so you can continue, there are two different roads, a bridge and a swamp. If you go to the bridge, you will be stopped by December and Zuihou who are going to the Ceremony of Destruction and they will fight you to avoid you interrupting the ceremony (Lv. 71 both). After beating them, they will apologize their god for not stopping you. The road of the swamp will be full of Minor Plutonians (Lv. 60 - Lv. 70) but you will be able to find several items. Under the bridge December and Zuihou will find you and will fight you anyways. At the exit of the bridge and the swamp, another commander of Pluto, Nixis will come to stop you (Lv. 71). Your next step is the City of Gaaedon, a city controlled by Minor Plutonians and the another commander. Now, each Plutonian commander will have a key that opens the gates of the colosseum of another city. You will have to beat the commander Stichia (Lv. 71) to get the key that she keeps. After being beaten, she will give you the key and will tell you that the prisoners that they kidnapped are in a temple at the top of a mountain. When you arrive, Ann and the sister of Iona are there. But Stichia will reappear thanks to her "Second Chance" and fight you again (Lv. 72).

  • Obtained Items: Total Drink (in the middle of the bridge); 5000 HP Potion (x3), Total Drink, Antidote (x4), Elusive Robe, Perfect Beverage, Antiparalizer, Black Parfum, Divine Drop (x3), Xenon Laser, Cryos Laser, Master Sword, Pluto Sacred Scepter (through the swamp); Ancient Potion (x6), Antiparalizer, Blowing Blaster, Alchemy Gauntlet (in Gaaedon).

Ann will tell you that the other keys are one in a cave in the middle of the loch and the other one is in the hands of Kerberos, other Plutonian commander. When you arrive to the loch, Ann will create a raft which will bring you to the cave. There in the cave, the key will be on the floor but right before taking the key, another Plutonian commander, Hydras (Lv. 73) who will fight you with the help of the three Minor Plutonians (Lv. 69 each one). After beating him, you can take the key and go to the ancient town of Finisverra where several Minor Plutonians (Lv. 65 - Lv. 70) and you will have to find Kerberos and fight him for the last key (Lv. 75). When you have all the keys, you can go to the colosseum of the town and try to get into it, but Kernel will want to stop you (Lv. 76). After beating him, he will say "I'm sorry, father...", what means that Kernel was the son of Pluto. When you get into the colosseum, you will find Pluto and the two women that you found in the temple, Violanta and Cenestia. They will open the portal of the colosseum to let Pluto go to the Real World. But you will not be able to chase him without beating them (Lv. 77 each one). When you beat them, you will be able to come back to the real world but the two women will chase you too. You will appear in the middle of a temple while you see how Pluto uses his scepter over an altar while you see the "Ceremony of the End Moon". Suddenly a giant moon will appear and will fall over the Earth. You will have to beat Pluto, who will get the help of Violanta and Cenestia, before the moon falls over the Earth (3 minutes) (Lv* 1). When you beat him, the Aries Commander will appear to use the Seal of the Gods over him. The moon will disappear and the Earth will be safe.

  • Unlockable Characters: Violanta, Cenestia, Pluto.
  • Obtained Items: 5000 HP Potion, Drink, Antidote, Antiparalizer, Tides Baton (through the path to the loch); Cerberus Cannon (in the cave of the loch); Relaxing Tea, Starfish Armor (through the path of Finisverra); Mega Drink, 500 HP Potion, Burning Protector, Skyblue Parfum, Shadow Ring, Sand Clock, Divine Clock, Aries Claymore, Piercer Pike (in Finiverra); Divine Drop, Perfect Beverage, Megas Drepanon (in the colosseum dungeon).

Welcome to Galactian


Aries Commander.

The Aries Commander explains you that you are in the Distortion Temple, the energetic center of Galactian, the place where the Tournament happens and where you can get the latest icons, there are 10 there. But he will want to fight you, just to measure your power (Lv. 79). After beating him, he will welcome you to this country. Right now, four Silver Bracelets are with you, but they will say to you that you can go and make what you want, they will wait for you in Bullestie. But you have to go first to Hyspia, where a strange guy will stop you and thank you for stopping the end of the World, but he will want to fight you because he wants to collect your bracelet (Lv. 80). If you are beaten, the character with which you are playing will lose their bracelet and you will not be able to play with them until you get it back. He will go to a "city where the night never ends". After that, you can go to get the Nucleon Icon against the defender of the Hyspia Palace, Dinamos (Lv. 80). Now, you can go to the south, since the route of the North is blocked due to a detachment. The route will bring you to Fluve, although the road is dangerous, there are several enemies that can be found.
  • Obtained Items: Ancient Potion (x4), Antidepressant, Electroniken, Agniastra (in the Distortion Temple); Super Drink, 5000 HP Potion, Antidote, Positron ROM, Sand Clock, Arachne Laser (in the road to Hyspia); 1000 HP Potion, Total Drink, Psychic Cure, Talisman, Anti-radiance (x5); 500 HP Potion, 2000 HP Potion, Drink (x2), Electric Box, Electric Protector, Hand of Zeus, Piscis Scepter, Apollonian Lyra, Silver Bow (in the road to Fluve).

In the city of Fluve, you can get another icon, the River Icon against Hydrie (Lv. 82). When you try to leave city to the West, a woman will ask about Aingeru. She is called Night and she wants to talk to him about something. However, she tells you that some Dark Bracelets are trying to wake up the God of Space in the Austral Mount. You have to go there from the South of the city where Garone (Lv. 81) and Inferna (Lv. 83) will be there to fight you. If you are beaten they will steal you the Space Orb and will use it to turn Aspace back to the World and you will have to fight him (Lv* 1). If you beat them the Venus Commander will come to fight you to get the orb (Lv. 85). After having avoided the attack of Aspace you can go to Sunner, a city to the West and get the Amber Icon against Camus (Lv. 85). Night will appear again to ask you what happened and wish you luck in the tournament after challenging you—as Aingeru—to a battle (Lv. 86). You can already go to Bullestie, the next city and where you are told to go. 

  • Unlockable characters: Night.
  • Obtained Items: 1000 HP Potion, 5000 HP Potion, Chronoflasher, Austral Dane Axe (in Fluve); Ancient Potion, 200 HP Potion, 10000 HP Potion, Space Ripper, Seal of Gods (in the Austral Mount); 100 HP Potion, Antidote, Hot Chocolate, Divine Drop, Mjolnir (through the road to Sunner); Super Drink, 500 HP Potion, Anti-radiance, Ocean Box, Capricorn Lance, Mercurius Gauntlet (in Sunner); Drink (x2), Mega Drink, Anti-paralizer, Gravity Breaker, Capture Card, Gungnir, Beelzebub Axe, Gorgon Laser (through the road to Bullestie); Super Drink (x2), Cloud Waker, Capture Card, Capture Idol, Vajra (through the roads to Caroline); 500 HP Potion, Capture Card (x5), Capture Idol (x2), Freezing Protector, Sacred Eris Book (in Caroline).

In Bullestie, Laura will find you and will tell you to go to a little pub in the port. Welcome to "White Wolf" a place where the Light Army prepares their missions. There, Jessica introduces Miride, the boy who is called to be the God of Light according to the High Priest of Photos. Nestor tells you that Miride needs the three Platinum Weapons to wake as Photos. Nevertheless, Axel explains you that the Dark Bracelets are looking for three items that have Darkreon's soul sealed. Suddenly, a woman and a boy appear: they are Solanne the Yellow Silver Bracelet and Seith the Yellow Golden Bracelet. Seith will challenge you to a fight (Lv. 87 him and Solanne) but after beating them, they will go to Thunderstonish cave, a cave to the south of Bullestie. Follow them, although you can fight for the Bullet Icon against Rifle (Lv. 88). In the cave, you will find several Dark Soldiers who will fight you (Lv. 83 - Lv. 86) and in a room of the cave, you will find the Mars Commander and Shion who have got the Shadow Sword, the sword of Darkreon and one of the seal-items. You will have to fight them (Lv. 87 each) but it will not be enough to get the weapon and disappear. Night will appear again to tell you that she will help you to stop Darkreon. You should go now to the north to Nocturnus.

  • Unlockable Characters: Seith, Solanne, Night*.
  • Obtained Items: 2000 HP Potion, Super Drink, Mega Drink, Hot Chocolate, Aisumikami Book, Killer Boots, Gravity Legs (in Bullestie); 100 HP Potion, Drink, Total Drink, Antidote, Sharpen Gravity, Shiroi hakuchō Phylum (in Thunderstonish Cave).

Last Days before the Tournament

In Nocturnus, Ann will tell you that in Cape-in Town, Dark Bracelets have a factory in which they make the swords of the Dark Commanders using the power of a Golden Bracelet who spends a lot of energy in a light-shadow state change, you should go there and try to stop it. But when you try to leave the city, the boy that you found in Hyspia, will want to fight you again (Lv. 90), if you beat him and lost the bracelet in the first fight against him, you will get the bracelet that you lost, if you are beaten, you will lose the bracelet and will not be able to use the character that you control. Then you can go to Cape-in Town. Before you go there, you can get two Icons, the Night Icon against Nocturna (Lv. 89) in Nocturnus, and the Mirage Icon against Agathe (Lv. 91) in Minish City. In Cape-in Town, you have to go to the North, where the factory is found. In the factory, you will find there several Dark Soldiers that will defend the factory. Eventually, you will find three of the Dark Commanders: first the Venus Commander (Lv. 90), then the Jupiter Commander (Lv. 90) and finally the Virgo Commander (Lv. 92), who is trying to defend the office room where the stop button of the factory is found. After stopping the factory, the Virgo Commander will fight you again since he will be punished for not being able to defend the factory (Lv. 92). You have already stopped the creation of those weapons and you can save the Golden Bracelet, whose name is Zefire. Now you can go and get the Beast Icon against Carmello (Lv. 91). You will have a message of Jessica: You need to go to Judgalton, the Pink Bracelet has appeared...

  • Unlockable Characters: Zefire*, Tenkachi.
  • Obtained Items: 1000 HP Potion, Total Drink, Perfect Beverage, Hot Chocolate, Shadow Ring, Sand Clock, Vital Robe, Neutron Baton, Witch Orb (through the road to Nocturnus); Drink, Super Drink, Antidote, Wolf Spear, Nyx Grimoire (in Nocturnus); 5000 HP Potion (x2), Capture Card, Elusive Robe, Pearl, Jupiter Boots, Tyrfing, Wolf Claws (through the road to Waltering); Divine Drop (in Waltering); 500 HP Potion, Drink, Refrigerant, Phonon ROM, Phononiken (through the road to Minish City); Super Drink, Anti-radiance, Perfect Beverage (x2), Amber, Brave Robe, Capture Idol, Cyclon Boomerang, Sacred Book of Winds (in Minish City); 2000 HP Potion, 10000 HP Potion, Super Drink, Antidepressant, Capture Card, Cautious Robe, Pearl, Gluon ROM, Pontus Orbitar, Tiger Scythe (through the road to Cape-in Town); 100 HP Potion, Refrigerant, Relaxing Tea, Gravity Breaker, Artemis Sacred Scepter, Abyss Pickaxe (in Cape-in Town).

Jessica will be there to explain you that the Pink Bracelet has never fought with the Golden Bracelets for some reason. She is in the gardens of the Justice Palace, and when she looks at you, she will fight you (Lv. 92), she tells you that she will fight for the Earth without Gods, they are corrupt and play with humans. Jessica will appear to speak to that woman, Nastacia, but she will refuse to talk and will go out. In Judgalton, you can get the Justice Icon against Korre (Lv. 93). You can go now to Lacal City, although through the road, you will find a village with ancient ruins—Fluvia--, if you visit them, you will find Night. She warns you about the Dark Bracelets, they may do something worrying. Night will get the Darkness Scepter, that is the second part of the soul of Darkreon; but a Dark Bracelet will appear, he is Razor and wants to get the scepter, you have to stop him (Lv. 94). After beating him, Night will disappear as well as the Dark Bracelet. The next steps are the Lacal City, where you can get the Loch Icon against Flavia (Lv. 95) and finally the Punch Icon in Fightith against Brusco (Lv. 97).

  • Unlocked Characters: Razor.
  • Obtained Items: 500 HP Potion, 2000 HP Potion, Antidote, Gold Arrows (throught the road Cape-in-Judgalton); 5000 HP Potion, Total Drink, Anti-depressant, Diamond (in Judgalton); Super Drink (x5) (through the road Judgalton-Nocturnus); 1000 HP Potion, Perfect Beverage, Skyblue Parfum, Crimson Parfum, Divine Drop, Cherry-Petals Sword, Lethos Arm (through the road Nocturnus-Lacal); Gules Incense (in Fluvia); 10000 HP Potion, Super Drink, Perfect Beverage, Revival, Saturn Execution Disk (in Lacal City); Drink, Mega Drink, Hyperrefrigerant, Vital Robe, Gold Sword, Diamond Gauntlet, Spin Garde (through the road to Fightith); Total Drink, Perfect Beverage, Divine Drop, Gold Hammer, Grim Reaper (in Fightith).

The Prize is not always the best...

Today is the day. You have got the 15 icons that are necessary to fight in the tournament. The former Golden Bracelets are there to see you fight, except Axel, who wants to fight too. There are other Golden Bracelets there that will participate and... some Dark Bracelets. The tournament will be 5 battles in which your enemies will be random. If you are beaten, there will be no more battles. The first enemy will be Lv. 97, the second and third Lv. 98, the fourth Lv. 99 and the enemy of the final battle Lv. 100. If you beat the final rival, you will be the champion. The prize is the trophy, a special attack and 1,000,000 Dawns. Nevertheless, after the battle, you will be stopped by the Dark Bracelets...

  • Obtained Attack: Champion Slash (7500 HP) (by beating all the enemies).

(This part of the Story is only played with Aingeru) Drake will challenge you to a total battle. If you beat him (Lv. 100), you will get the Dark Green Bracelet. However, the battle will be too easy... That will be the last thing that you remember.

(This part of the Story is played with any other character) Your nemesis will appear to stop you and will challenge you to a battle (Lv. 100). When you beat them, the enemy will comment something suspicious, the only thing that you know is that Aingeru needs your help. When you arrive to the place where Aingeru is, you will find a weird Aingeru. He does not have a Golden Bracelet anymore and his eyes are more hostile: he will fight you (Lv. 102). This time, the battle will be too hard for you and you will not be able to beat him. He will attack you and disappear...

The last relic



You will wake up in the hospital of Lacal City. There Jessica and Nestor will be there to care for you. Soon, Night will appear to tell you that the Mirror of Shadows is in a little sanctuary on the road to Tindres. Anyways, Rachel and Elena will go to investigate about the Mirror of Shadows. Now, you can go to Aundras City, through the road to the East. In Aundras, you will find a boy and a girl who want to talk to you, they are Samty and Sophia, Overlight Bracelets and they want to help you to get the Mirror, you will explain them about the location of the Mirror, but Garone (Lv. 102) and Inferna (Lv. 103) will fight you after getting information about the Mirror. Nevertheless, after fighting them, the Overlight Bracelets will kidnap Garone. Inferna will escape and the Samty will ask you to allow them follow you.
  • Unlocked Characters: Samty and Sophia.
  • Obtained Items: 2000 HP Potion, Super Drink, Total Drink, Antidote, Hot Chocolate, Gold Sword, Phosphorus Arm (through the road to Aundras); 500 HP Potion, Hyperrefrigerant, Perfect Beverage, Lotus Fragrance, Natural Archer (in Aundras).

Now, you can go to Tindres, although through the road, you will find the sanctuary in the mountain zone. There, you will find the Mirror of Shadows, but suddenly, Night will arrive and will take the Mirror. She is not the only one who arrives; Alange, Inferna and Cryllica will come to get the relic, but they will fight you (Lv. 104 each one). After being beaten, a ton of Dark Soldiers and Aingeru will arrive, they are going to kidnap Night and the new Dark Bracelet will fight you (Lv. 107). He also warns you, if you do not liberate Garone, the Dark Bracelets will attack The White Wolf. Samty and Sophia will not care about the threats but suddenly, another man will appear: he is Opaluke and tells them to liberate Garone. After liberating him, everyone will leave the sanctuary. Now you have other mission: rescue Night. 

  • Obtained Items: 200 HP Potion, Drink, Talisman, Diamond, Devil Flute, Gold Spear, Kraken Tentacles (through the road to Tindres).

Arrival to the Darkness

If you go to the north, you will eventually arrive to Fillen, a city with lots of shops. There, you will find Rachel and Elena, who have discovered several things. There is a book shop in which there are some books about Darkreon. Bella will decide to go shopping and other Golden Bracelet will join her (You will not be able to use Bella in the Story Mode anymore) while you go to investigate. When you arrive, Elena will show you a text "just a giant soul energy can wake Darkreon up". Unfortunately, the book shop will be full of Dark Soldiers led by the Mars Commander, you have to fight some Dark Soldiers (Lv. 100 - 103) and their leader (Lv. 110). You will be weak, so Drake will take advantage and get the book. Suddenly, you will listen a huge explosion in the city. If you go to the place of the explosion, you will find some unknown Bracelets who are kidnaping Bella; the only reason that they have is the necklace that she has. You will fight one of them, who is called Icaron (Lv. 111). Meanwhile, the rest will leave the city with Bella. After beating him, Ann will arrive to tell you that you first have to fight Darkreon and then she will explain what happens. The Castle of Darkreon is next to the city...

  • Unlocked Characters: Mars Commander, Icaron.
  • Obtained Items: 2000 HP Potion, Perfect Beverage, Phonon ROM (in Tindres); Super Drink, Antidepressant, Shadow Ring, Sand Clock, Gram, Venus Spellbook (through the road to Disty Ville); Divine Drop (in Disty Ville); 500 HP Potion (x2), Hot Chocolate, Dark Arm, Aisumikami Book (through the road to Fillen); 100 HP Potion (x4), Drink (x3), Capture Card (x5), Reflect Orbitars (in Fillen).

At the exit of the city, you will find Seith and Solanne. They stop you because the first one wants to fight Darkreon himself (Lv. 113). After beating him, Solanne will bring him to the castle. But right after, Nastacia will arrive because she wants to seal both Gods and it is the perfect moment, she will join you to the castle, although in the entrance, the Venus Commander will not let you go into Darkreon's castle. If you beat her, you will be able to go into the castle, but Nastacia will fight you and the commander too (Lv. 115 each one). You have to visit the room of the Mirror, where Arles and Lance will have Night chained. Arles will fight you (Lv. 115) while Lance introduces Night into the mirror. They explain you that the mirror contains a dimension that represents the Soul of Darkreon. His soul is almost awaken because the three treasures are in the castle. Pablo and Ainhoa will go to save Night. Other Golden Bracelets will protect the mirror while they go the other side of the mirror.

  • Unlocked Characters: NastaciaVenus Commander.
  • Obtained Items: 1000 HP Potion, Total Drink, Psychic Cure, Caffeine Drink, Amber, Shadow Ring, Insecticide (through the route to Vitta); Shadow Flux (x4), Shadow Plasma (x3), Gravity Breaker, Erebus Caster (into the Darkreon's Castle).

Journey to Astonish World

(only played as Pablo or AinhoaThe place is similar to the Other World, it is quite empty and lack of colours. If you go through the place, you will find a weird presence: Alange. He is extremely powerful there since he is fed by the power of the Astonish World. You will fight him, because he hides the cages of the place (Lv. 117), be careful with his new powers. Beating him will make him disappear, you can go into the cage, where you will find two people: Night and an old acquaintance, Aingeru. Both have a strong Shadow power and they are not under their control. You will have to fight them (Lv. 119 each one). They will regain consciousness and you will be free to leave the Astonish World. Although at the exit, you will find Alange again (Lv. 118) who will not let you leave that dimension.

(played as other Golden Bracelet) At the moment in which Ainhoa and Pablo enter the mirror, two clones of them will leave it. They have Dark Bracelets, so you can imagine what happened with Aingeru. Both clones will try to attack you, you have to defend yourself (Lv. 117 each). After beating them they will lose consciousness but at that moment, the Aries Commander and the Jupiter Commander will arrive and find the two clones. The commanders will think that the new beings are an opportunity to get more power. Nagita will tell the Jupiter Commander to save the Dark Bracelets, but instead, he will want to fight you (Lv. 118). Your victory will be a problem for the Aries Commander. He has no choice, he is your next rival (Lv. 119). After beating him, Pablo and Ainhoa will leave the mirror with Aingeru and Night. Now you have to stop the awakening of Darkreon, although it seems to be impossible...

The End of Another War



(played as any available character of the Story Mode) 
A giant energy is released in the garden of the castle. If you try to go there, a woman will appear on the door. She is the last defense of Darkreon, the Aquarius Commander (Lv. 120); the fight will be really hard. After beating her, you will leave to the gardens but she will stop you again to avoid you to attack the God (Lv. 120). After beating her a second time, the only enemy there will be the God of Darkness. He warns you, if you try to attack him, you will die. Anyways, you will fight him (Lv* 2). Beating him does not mean that he will stop, he will violently attack you...

Aingeru, Ainhoa and Pablo (if you are not using them) will join the battle to fight the God together (Lv* 2). Nevertheless, it is not enough to beat him, only another God would be able to beat him. Then, the God of Light, Photos, with his three weapons, will arrive to fight him (Lv* 2) (played as Miride). Darkreon will be defeated but right after beating him, some people will arrive to the castle...

Dead Grass

Some of the people who have come into the castle are the same people who kidnapped Bella. Three of them tell you that they are Hades Judges, who are there to seal the souls of both Gods. You have to stop them (Lv. 122 each one). They are too strong and will easily be able to seal them but after listening to the name of one of them, Rhadamanthys, you will remember what Sarpedon told you. You have to use the Celestial Horn to call him. He will fast appear with Abel and Prometheus and will fight them. The angels victory will make the Judges liberate both Gods. Suddenly, a woman that Prometheus had met before, will appear to pierce Darkreon and steal him a giant amount of Shadow energy. She is Pandora, and you have to avoid her to leave the castle by beating her (Lv. 124).

The three Judges will help Pandora to leave fast. You will lose them, so you have nothing to do then except going to the north, Sarpedon will talk to you once he has discovered something. When you arrive to the North Station, a cold place near a glacier, you will find the Death Bracelets, although one of the Judges will let the rest take a train. Aeacus is your next rival (Lv. 124). Unfortunately, the train will have left the station by the time you have beaten him. Another Death Bracelet will come to help the Hades Judge, he is Orpheo (Lv. 125). When you beat him, Egion will appear to capture him, although he will play a song that will make you sleep.

  • Unlockable Characters: Aeacus, Orpheo.
  • Obtained Items: 2000 HP Potion, Sorcerer Orbitars (through the road to Vitta); 500 HP Potion, Super Drink, Hot Chocolate, Skyblue Parfum, Light Ring (in Vitta); Hot Chocolate, Total Drink, Capture Card, Ashura Palm, Mars Daggers (through the road to the North Station); Unlimited Ticket, Perfect Beverage, Diamond, Uranus Claws (in the North Station).

When you wake up, you will be in the White Wolf Pub, Samty and Opaluke are there to help you, they have found where the Death Bracelets have gone. You have to go to an island in the lake of Lacal City. Before you go, Opaluke wants to fight you to see if you will be able to fight Hades (Lv. 126). When you arrive to the lake, you will find the other Judge who will stop you again: Minos (Lv. 127). After taking the boat, you will find the island with a temple. There, you will find Pandora and another woman who will defend her, she is Regna another Death Bracelet who will protect "the queen of the Hades" (Lv. 127). After beating her, Pandora will go to the Hades through a corridor that connects this world with the Underworld. You can follow her, but right before you go to the corridor, other Golden and Dark Bracelets will stop you, you are not alone, you can be helped by them. Time to rescue Bella and time to save the God of Darkness...


Icon Guide

Name Level Town Element Icon
Lydia Lv. 6 Forestia LeafBoB Forest
Basilio Lv. 10 Base City StrongBoB Basic
Chandella Lv. 10 Candler FireBoB Candle
Wattio Lv. 12 Waterness WaterBoB Fall
Bella Lv. 13 Misty GhostBoB DragonBoB Fog
Aurora Lv. 14 Aurora IceBoB CosmosBoB Aurora
Deamantho Lv. 17 Crystallia CrystalBoB Diamond
Harmonia Lv. 17 Thiste MusicBoB Melody
Roko Lv. 22 Stonian RockBoB Brick
Belladona Lv. 25 Burghale BugBoB Cobweb
Assurio Lv. 30 Monacal MindBoB Neuron
Celessius Lv. 35 Airwing WindBoB Feather
Bicary Lv. 41 Biscal MagicBoB Witch
Sandhia Lv. 45 Deserticien SandBoB Oasis
Carmen Lv. 52 Corona LightBoB SandBoB Crown
Canella Lv. 54 Cinder City MagmaBoB Cinnamon
Hellius Lv. 63 Dominal City FireBoB CosmosBoB Sunshine
Vaporinna Lv. 65 Holiday Coast SteamBoB Cloud
Morticia Lv. 64 Fantire GhostBoB Medium
Apollion Lv. 68 Sunshine City SwadowBoB CosmosBoB RedSun
Dinamos Lv. 80 Hyspia RadiumBoB Nucleon
Hydrie Lv. 82 Fluve WaterBoB SteamBoB River
Camus Lv. 85 Sunner CrystalBoB BugBoB Amber
Rifle Lv. 88 Bullestie MetalBoB Bullet
Nocturna Lv. 89 Nocturnus SwadowBoB Night
Agathe Lv. 91 Minish City SteamBoB MindBoB Mirage
Carmello Lv. 91 Cape-in Town DragonBoB Beast
Korre Lv. 93 Judgalton GravityBoB Justice
Flavia Lv. 95 Lacal City WaterBoB Loch
Brusco Lv. 97 Fightith StrongBoB Punch

Every Icon Challenger will be expert of the same element than the first element of the Challenger.

Trivia and Important Details

Reading Guide

* Unlockable characters with an asterisk are unlocked in any mode of the game, included in the Story Mode.


  • The deity level is now written this way Lv* XX. Humans can have now a level over 100.
  • If you visit Carmen again after getting the icon, she will invite you to fight her. Sometimes, Laura will be there to fight you too.
  • In the route Sunner-Bullestie, the roads to Caroline will be closed every night, since there is curfew at this village.
  • In the White Wolf Pub, every Friday from 20:00 to midnight, the player can fight Jessica, Axel, Laura, Nestor, Ann, Solanne or Vikor. Vikor is unlocked by beating him once.