Battle of Bracelets: Photon Pain is a Series Swap Day 6 game developed by SuyoGames for the Nintendo Prima and Element Alpha. This is the seventh title in the main series. The game will have a new story and will have many familiar characters, but a new Bracelet has appeared, and something seems strange about them.


Aingeru and the other Golden Bracelets travel to Solita Island after hearing the Dark Bracelets have a new conquest. Pablo spots Drake entering a mysterious temple. Aingeru, Ainhoa, and Pablo then rush into this temple, chasing after Drake while the other Golden Bracelets fight off the Dark Soldiers. Aingeru finds Drake looking at a black staff, he begins to touch it, but Aingeru forces the wicked Drake to stop with his power.

Drake blows Aingeru away and grabs the staff, attempting to eliminate Aingeru with its power. The staff suddenly glows, knocking Drake and Aingeru back. When they awaken, they find a man wearing a unknown type of Bracelet, he then says he has awakened.


Unlike the other Battle of Bracelets games, this game plays more like Fire Emblem Awakening and other RPGs like Dragon Quest, the main hero of this game is Aingeru, and 2 other Golden Bracelets will follow him in the overworld, there are more party members too, but the player gets 3 starting characters, Aingeru, Pablo, and Ainhoa.

If the player touches an enemy, they will go into combat with the enemy, there is many forms of attacks to use, if you time your attacks right you can perform multiple hits and defeat an enemy easily. Sometimes, an enemy might join you and can be used as an assist in battle.



Playable CharactersEdit

Name Description Weapon Element Starting Attacks
Aingeru The winged hero of light has returned yet again, he is not afraid to stop a new threat, Chaos Sword FireBoB WindBoB
  • Green Flight
  • Flame
  • Teravolt
  • Shadow Zone
Pablo Hammer IceBoB
  • Freezing Wind
  • Ice Crown
  • Boiling Water
  • Light Kick
Ainhoa Scepter WaterBoB
  • Earthquake
  • Giant Wave
  • Missile-kick
  • Glacier Ray


??? BraceletsEdit


Health ItemsEdit

Key ItemsEdit