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Battle for the Best is a shoot-em-up action adventure taken from the aerial view (think Smite story mode almost). The game is set to release on all major systems late in 2017. With a roster of special characters, detailed lands, and radical boss fights the game will appeal to most gamers. It's also rated T for blood, which can be turned off for gamers who are disgusted by that stuff.


200 years ago, in a kingdom in a world named Kallen (who named it this the world shall never know) a king named Xin planned an event where people would travel the world to do battle with the king. If they could win, they would get prizes of gold, land, and other goodies. However, none have actually won, but many came close... very close. One contestant, so overcome with rage, snuck into the Xin's temple and killed him in his sleep. His son, Zolotil, learns about the murder and decides to murder him. However, the contestant commited a hara-kiri and was manifested as a demon. He secretly flew away never to be seen again. The kingdom was peaceful and there were no wars.

However, this was the past...

-more to come, sorry for a short start-

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