Battle World: Universes Collide
Developer(s) Wario Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Omega
Release Date(s)
December 25, 2013
Brawl, Story Mode, Team Battle
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighter
Media Included Video Game
Battle World: Universes Collide is a 2013 fighting game for the Nintendo Omega. It crosses over almost all forms of media, putting them into one game. It will be developed by Wario Inc. If you have suggestions or ideas add them in the comments.


The game is a fast-paced fighter, that is 2D, but resembles the fighting style of Street Fighter, but less complicated controls. If you successfully attack your foe with combos, your Super Gauge gets filled, and once it is filled to the max, you can do a super powerful Super Smash!

In Brawl, you fight in an all out battle. Items can be turned on and off, and Locally you can have up to 4 players. However, online you can have up to 16!

In Story Mode, you play through a platforming/beat em' up world, trying to clear stages and save all worlds!

In Team Battle, you and 3 other people fight against a different team.



A+A= Double Jump

B=Attack 1

X=Attack 2


Hold X= Super Smash


Tabuu has been reincarnated by the evil Dr. Doom, who says he will give him revenge if Tabuu helps him gather the 7 Super Stars to destroy all worlds and use the wreckage to make one ruled by the villains. Tabuu says he will help Doom, and attacks the Video Game Universe. While Doom attacks the comic universe. Lastly, Doom appoints Plankton to attack the cartoon universe.

Chapter 1: Tabuu Strikes Back!

1-1: Mario vs. Sonic

1-2: The Minions Invade

1-3: Escaping the Stadium

1-4: Kamek(BOSS)

Mario and Sonic manage to escape with Princess Peach and Zelda, and the heroes witness the destruction of the stadium. Mario then calls an unspecified person with his cell phone. Meanwhile, in the comics universe...

Chapter 2: Comics Collision

2-1: Batman in NYC...

2-2: Avengers on Asgard

2-3: Helicarrier Attack


In the Comics Universe, Batman is brought through a Warp Hole, and ends up in New York, home of the Avengers. Meanwhile, the Avengers are fighting for Asgard, but Doom manages to bring the realm down after collecting it's Super Star. Then, the Avengers are called to the Helicarrier to save it, and Nick Fury helps out. Then, Batman comes to find MODOK attacking innocents, so he challenges him, only for Batman to win.

Chapter 3: Chaos in Cartoon World