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Do not edit without permission!- Omego 01:43, November 30, 2011 (UTC) Battle of the Miis is a Fighting game for the Wii. It is similar to the Super Smash Bros. series.

Character Types

Small: Agile, Fast, and harder to hit.

Medium: The all-rounder type.

Large: Big, strong, and easy to hit

Customizable Attributes

Regular Special

Big Punch: Character throws a big punch

Superball: Character throws a metal ball (Reference: Super Mario Land)

Plasma Whip: Character throws out an electrifying whip (Reference: Metroid)

Lazer Gun: Character shoots a laser gun

Barrel: Character throws a barrel that rolls on the ground (Reference: Donkey Kong)

Bomb: Character throws a bomb that explodes upon contact, or after a while

Super Spin: Character spins 360 degress and hurts anybody in the way

Yo-Yo: Character throws out a Yo-Yo (Reference: Startropics)

Long Tongue: Character sends out a long tongue and eats the opponent, and spits them right out (Reference: Yoshi)

Side Special

Shoulder Charge: Player charges at the opponent with his shoulder (Reference: Wario)

Missile Transformation: Character turns into a missile and makes a tiny explosion

More coming soon...



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