Long ago, Wikipedia was made by... well, no one knows who.

The world had been peaceful as more and more wiki's came along.  Strict wiki's, funny wiki's, friendly wiki's, whatever. It was home to anyone who was looking for information.

Until the accident. Or as we call it, The War.

After Unten was declared ruler of Fantendo, my master was beside himself with hatred and anger. So much anger that he vowed to not only create an army of monsters and warriors, but to delete Wikipedia.

After Brother Unten heard of this, he rounded up all the heroes. McBoo, Yoshi Nook, Flame, etc. He told them this news and formed and army. So when Master Acriss unleashed his army, they were ready to fight. All I could do was sit and watch them battle Ultrons and Orge-Bots.

That's when Acriss used his ultimate weapon.

All I remember is seeing most of his army being destroyed and all the heroes... turning into wind. I also remember Unten's face... he saw me, and he waved, with a great big smile.

Ever since The War, I've been searching the entire world for them. I am now 19 years old, and I was 7 when The War happened. They were banished, so I took all my skill to find them. I couldn't find anyone...

Oh, and your probably wondering what my name is. My name is...


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