Battle for the Neverhood: Battle 4 Victory
Developer(s) Namcom
Platform(s) Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, 3DS, PS4 and Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) 3D Action-Adventure, Beat'em Up
Series Neverhood (Series)
Predecessor Battle For The Neverhood: The 3rd Assault
Battle For The Neverhood: Battle For Victory is a game developed by Namcom and serves as the 4th game in the Neverhood Series. The game involves the Chao Gang being split by the girls and boys after a monster outbreak was unleashed, with the boy chaos on Oni Island and the girls trying to find the boys. The game was reschedualed three times during development, from Fall 2013, Summer 2014 and then spring 2015.

The game is released on the PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Queen Mamuta is enjoying a lovely evening in her Palace watching the Crystal Moon in the sky. The Crystal Moon holds Evil Spirits inside that she banished before she made the Chao People, Evil Monsters called the "Motsu Oni" that can posses beings and turn them into demons. Meanwhile, Dr. Kogg and his wife Nasia destroy the crystal with Kogg's Crystal Smasher 800, scattering the pieces all over the island and releasing the Motsu.

Dr. Kogg use the Motsu Monsters to take over the island, but they were outta control and want to destroy the world. All the boy chaos and Kogg get captured by the Motsu Monsters, but they escaped their prison and found themselves on Oni Island and try to find a way to escape the island get back home.

Meanwhile, all the girl chaos and Nasia go on an adventure to find the boys and destroy all the Motsu Monsters. Through out the journey, each two groups meet new chaos who join them on their quest. Later on, the groups learn that the Motsu Oni were created by an artist named "Shizen Suto", who suffered a deep depression after his first love made out with his best friend, His depression has given his painted creatures dark and hostile behavior.


Playable (Act Boy or Act Girl)

Act Boy

  • Klaymen
  • Rico
  • Fank
  • Frank
  • Charles
  • Miz
  • Claude
  • Gadz
  • Klaybot
  • Orson
  • Turbo
  • Gus
  • Victor
  • Mono
  • Dr. Kogg
  • Ratchet
  • Camyl
  • Scale
  • Dan
  • Baby

Act Girl

  • Grace
  • Deloris
  • Yoko
  • Nora
  • Lolo
  • Esmeralda
  • Lala
  • Lara
  • Nasia
  • Sugar Ball
  • Jazzy
  • Mugar
  • Rombus

Levels (Girl Act)

  • Mushroom Woods: A forest with lots of mushrooms are now being eaten by Shroom Eating Beetles. (BOSS: Shroom Beetle Queen)
  • Lake Trench: Down in the Lake's Trench, lots of Underwater Munsters are lurking down there. The Chaos have to wear Scuba Suits to explore this area. (BOSS: Sand Shark)
  • Crystal Caves: This whole cave is made of real crystal! But be careful, the Motsu possesed some Crystal and turns it into a monster. (BOSS: Diomand Yobidasu)
  • Ghastly Swamp: A deep swamp with tar traps, swamp slugs and mudadiles. (BOSS: Sloadg)
  • Tree Glades: Once a peaceful forest, now run by Demon Trees, Wood Bugs and Lumbsters. (BOSS: Cater Timber)
  • Upperhood: A heavenly place now invaded by Under Chaos and other creatures from the Underhood. (BOSS: Lord Akuma)
  • Stormy Hills: It's always stormy in this place. Turtnadoes, Zaps, Shockers and even Electrocats roam this area (BOSS: Mother Cloud)
  • Dr. Kogg's Old Lab: Kogg's old lab from the first game is now abandoned. The Girl Chaos have to find a way to get the programs working again to get out of here. (BOSS: Light Worm)
  • Inside The Whale: The Monster Whale swallows the girls and they have to go through his head. (BOSS: Monster Whale Brain)
  • Water Cave: The girls found themselves inside an underwater cave after the explosion of the Monster Whale, and they have to find a way back to the surface. (BOSS: Rock Muncher)
  • Stormy Beach: The girls go up to the surface to find themselves on a beach in the middle of a rain storm. (BOSS: Hogrus)
  • Oni Express: The girls decide to take a ride on a train since they are tired of walking. However, the entire train is actually an Oni. (BOSS: Motsu Caboose)
  • Cubicape: The girls find themselves in a strange land where everything is square. Cube platforms, cube creatures and even cube chaos. (BOSS: Giant Cubivore)
  • Moss Roots: The girls see a large castle on top of a giant beanstalk. Too bad the plants won't make things easy for them. (BOSS: Ferny the Giant)
  • Puff Bee Hive: A huge hive full of giant Puff Bees and rivers of sinking honey (BOSS: Puff Bee Queen)
  • TBA

Levels (Boy Act)

  • Dark Catacombs: A gloomy prison where the Motsu Monsters keep their prisoners. The boys meet a skeleton named Deadward who helps them escape. (BOSS: Ancient Satue)
  • Inside The Whale: The boy chaos got swallowed by the monster whale! You have to travel through his body to see the sun again. (BOSS: Monster Whale's Stomach)
  • Death Forest: A dark forest with chao-eating plants and huge thorn bushes. Tread carefully, no chao has ever made it through the forest... alive.. (BOSS: Killer Rose)
  • Haunted Cave: This deep cave is actually haunted! Filled with Living Shadows, Gargoyles and hidden traps. (BOSS: Griffin Gargoyle)
  • Deadly Desert: This desert is so hot, even the sand is very hot to stand on! Watch out for living Dunes, Numies, and red hot sand and get in the shade! (BOSS: Dune Mutant)
  • Underhood: A hellish place now invaded by Upper Chaos that were driven mad by the Oni's attack. (BOSS: Lord Tenshi)
  • Pipe Drains: Travel through pipes isn't easy with Cruds, Sludges, and Dungs in your path. This place is a maze! (BOSS: Flugsh)
  • Fruity Forest: This forest is full of yummy fruit, but it is actually a trap for the Oni to have a quick meal. (BOSS: Fruitzilla)
  • Mushy Marsh: This cold marsh is full of little Wats, Flutter Birds, and Swamp Pies (BOSS: Kumodu Turtle)
  • Scrap Yard: To get back home to the Neverhood, the boys decide to scavange through a junkyard to make an air craft made of junk. (BOSS: Trash Compactor)
  • Torch Factory: The aircraft breaks down sending the boys crashing to a swamp area. They need dung to power the ship, so they decide to go into a Welding Torch Factory to get some. (BOSS: Fece Monster)
  • Spider Woods: A spooky forest full of large spiders leads to an unexpecting web trap. (BOSS: Mother Spider and Oni Web)
  • Terror Tunnels: These dark tunnels are haunted by Shadows on the floor. Better watch your feet, or you won't see them again. (BOSS: Floor Freak)
  • Stretched Plasm: A land full of stretched trees, lakes and even strange looking creatures. (BOSS: Mama Tall Arms)
  • Beanstalk Castle: The boys enter a giant castle and they're all tiny! (BOSS: Ferny the Giant)
  • TBA


  • Shroom Beetle: Large Beetles who enjoy eating Mushrooms. Their shell armor makes them invincible, but their only weak spot is their back. They can also spit rotten mushrooms at you.
  • Monshroom: Mushroom Monsters who can spray poisonous spores that lower your health down.
  • Sand Snaps: Fish Monsters who hide in the sand and wait for their pray. Once the ignorant prey walks into their sandy jaws, SNAP!
  • Crystal Titan: Large Crystals that were possessed by the Motsu Oni and are now Crystal wielding monsters.
  • Amoeba: Ameoba creatures inside the Monster Whale that can suck the life outta you.
  • Nuke-leus: These cells can explode when they see you! Their explosions can clear a path.
  • Mudadiles: Alligator beasts that rise in mud and try to kill you with their razor jaws.
  • Chao-Eating Plants: Large plants that can devour a chao whole, even if they're big.
  • Swamp Slugs: Big Slugs that try to crush you to death with their bellies. Not bad enough? They can also barf out lumps of mud to slow you down.
  • Shortahna: Small pirahnas can maul your feet in the shallow water. They cannot be killed, instead you have to avoid them.
  • Demon Trees: Trees brought to life and try to slash their sharp branch claws at you.
  • Wood Bugs: Small brown insects that try to blend in the trees to catch you. They'll try to pick you up if you get too close to them.
  • Lumbsters: Giant Lobster-like monsters that enjoy eating the bark off trees. They can snap their claws and squash you with their mallet tails.
  • Living Shadows: Demons that hide in the darkness. They can take the form of any enemy.
  • Gargoyles: Demonic statues brought to life by the Motsu and they are invulnerable to your normal attacks. You only have to run away from them until they are exposed to sunlight, that destroys them.
  • Dunes: Mysterious monsters that hide in Sand Dunes rise and attack anyone who stops by. They can grab you with their sandy claws.
  • Numies: Mummies that were actually ancient chaos buried in the sand centuries ago. However, the Motsu curse spreaded across the whole desert and posseses the buried bodies, turning them to zombies.
  • Upper Chaos: These are the good spirits of the chaos that spend peace in the Upperhood. But after the Oni's invasion sent them to the Underhood, they became corrupted. Watch out for their bow and arrows!
  • Under Chaos: These evil chaos are the demonic souls that rot in the Underhood, but after being sent to the Upperhood by the Oni they became calm and brainless. They can swing their staffs really hard!
  • Upper Hands: These large arms rise from the ground to squash anything that's bad.
  • Under Claws: These are the darker version of the Upper Hand, only with razor claws!
  • Upper Balls: These happy sheep roll into cloud balls that get bigger, larger and then gargantuan.
  • Under Balls: These are the darker version of the Upper Ball, only instead of soft cloud the huge ball is hot coal!
  • Zaps: Small, electric balls that fly around and zap you.
  • Turtnadoes: Large turtles can cough out Zaps from their mouths.
  • Shockers: They are bigger then Zaps and can blast thunder.
  • Electrocats: Ferocious felines that run fast to produce electric lines.
  • Cruds: These small monsters made of feces can suck your health if you get near them.
  • Sludges: A little more bigger then Cruds, Sludges can grab you with their cruddy hands.
  • Dungs: These huge piles of crap are the biggest! They can smother you with their awful smell.
  • Sluths: These slugs with moth wings are attracted to light. They can't hurt you, but they can get in your way.
  • Wats: Small creatures that fly around you and suck your energy
  • Flutter Birds: These funny looking birds try to snap you with their long beaks and slash their flexable legs
  • Swamp Pies: Large piles of mud rise in their long legs. You have to climb on them and destroy their nucleus brain.
  • Fruit Trap: Now these creatures may look like delicous fruit, but believe me thats what they want you to think...
  • Mangorilla: These mangos represent gorillas. Watch out for their punch attacks.
  • Pinapple: These pineapples fire lots of their needles.
  • Melephants: Melons that represent small elephants can swing their trunks and charge, but their lovely trumpets are delicious.
  • Carabbits: Carrots that represent rabbits that can fire carrot missiles.
  • Toast Maker: The Oni have possesed giant matches that can roast ya.
  • Junk Bots: Recycled junk have been turned into robots by the Oni.
  • Motsutula: Giant tarantulas of the Oni can crush you with their fangs.
  • Web Trap: Little spiders build a web for you to fall in.
  • Floor Shadows: These terrifying shadows are lurking on the floor whether the lights are on or not. Better stomp on them.
  • Crusha: Cubes that move in the air try to crush you.
  • Cruncha: Cubes that try to chomp you with their cubed teeth.
  • TBA

Boss Gallery

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