Battle For The Nayborhood: The 3rd Assault is the third game in the Nayborhood Series developed by Namcom. It was released February 2003 for the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The story is when Dr. Kogg sends an army of Lurker Monkeys to invade the Nayborhood and capture the Small Chaos.

While the first game focuses on monsters and the second robots, BFTN 3 focuses more on Dr. Kogg's henchman the Lurker Monkeys.

Playable Chaos

  • Klaymen
  • Rico
  • Miz
  • Charles
  • Dan
  • Baby
  • Grace
  • Claude
  • Fank
  • Frank
  • Mono
  • Yoko
  • Deloris
  • Lolo
  • Lala
  • Nora
  • Gadz
  • Lara
  • Victor
  • Turbo
  • Gus
  • Klaybot

New Chaos

  • Sugar Ball: A small white chao who can confuse enemies into fighting each other with her sweet bobble.
  • Ratchet: A grey chao that who uses his bobble to activate bridges.
  • Mugar: A big dark brown chao who can pick up and throw enemies.
  • Camyl: A dark blue chao who can turn himself invisible to sneak passed enemies.
  • Jazzy: A light orange chao who can slide herself into enemies.
  • Rombus: A dark purple chao who can use telekinisis to grab enemies.
  • Scale: A light green chao who can shock enemies with his bobble.


One day on the Nayborhood Island, the chao's peaceful morning is short lived as Dr. Kogg sends his Lurker Monkeys to capture all the small chaos to use as slaves for his new city. As the Chao Gang fight the Lurker Monkeys, they were too late to save the Small Chaos who are taken to Kogg's Lair. Dr. Kogg is also getting married to Nasia, a sexy female chao who also works as his assistant.

Kogg sends his Lurker Monkey Army and their leaders to destroy the entire Chao Gang. Meanwhile, the Chao Gang decide to rescue all the small chaos from Dr. Kogg which begins a huge journey from the Nayborhood Island, then on a boat sailing all the way to Kogg's Island City ruled by Dr. Kogg and his Lurker Monkey Army.

During the quest, the Chao Gang fought Lurker Monkeys sent by Kogg to destroy them and rescued some small chaos locked in cages. They also encountered the Kogg's top henchman: Lurker Leaders who command the Lurker Monkeys. In Kogg City the Chao Gang confront Dr. Kogg in his palace, where Kogg tries to get away in his carrier.

As the Chao Gang go after Kogg, the end up battling Nasia. After defeating Nasia, she escapes with Dr. Kogg so they can take over the Nayborhood Island. The Chaos have to get back to the Neverhood Island to stop Dr. Kogg before he takes over, so they flew into a rocket to catch up with Dr. Kogg.

The final battle, Dr. Kogg's Carrier shoots down the Chao Gang's Rocket but they were able to reach Dr. Kogg in the control room. Dr. Kogg's battle with the Chao Gang completly damages the carrier, causing it to crash in the middle of the ocean and explode.

Dr. Kogg and Nasia retreat to Kogg City, but the Chao Gang were happy that all the Small Chaos are back home and are safe from Dr. Kogg and the Lurker Monkeys.


  • Dr. Kogg: The Main Antagonist. He sends his Lurker Monkey Army to capture all the Small Chaos in the Nayborhood.
  • Nasia: The Secondary Antagonist. She is Dr. Kogg's sexy wife and assistant. She later tried to defeat the Chao Gang, but she was defeated and goes back to Kogg City with her husband. She wears glasses, a white top and a black tube skirt.
  • TBA

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