Battle For The Nayborhood: Fight 2 The End!!
Developer(s) Namsean1998
Publisher(s) Sony (PS1)

Nintendo (N64) Sega (Saturn)

Platform(s) Playstation

Nintendo 64 Sega Saturn

Release Date(s)
July 22, 1998 (NA)

July 29, 1998 (AUS) November 25, 1998 (EU) January 16, 1999 (JP)

Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Beat'em Up
Media Included Violence

Battle For The Neverhood Fight 2 The End!! (or Neverhood 2) is a sequel to Battle For The Nayborhood, and the second game in the series. It was released on July 29, 1998  for the PlayStation, N64 and Sega Saturn in the US and other countries world wide.

While the first game focuses on monsters, Neverhood 2 focuses more on steampunk technology. The enemies are robotic monsters called "Kogbots" (with small chaos inside to power them) created by Dr. Kogg, the Main Antagonist of the game.

Unlike its predecessor, the game is a 2 player co op either on story or battle mode.


One day, Nayborhood Island gets attacked by Lurker Monkeys who are capturing small chaos for an unknown reason, so Klaymen and his friends decide to go rescue all the small chaos all over the Island. Meanwhile, Dr. Kogg is building an army of robots called Kogbots and puts Small Chaos inside them to power them up.

Kogbot Monsters begin to attack the whole island, leaving the Chao Gang to destroy them all and free all the small chaos. Once freeing all the Small Chaos, the gang go to Kogg's Robot Factory and fight Kogg in a giant spider machine.

When the gang defeat Dr. Kogg, the Factory explodes with them inside but were unharmed. The island has a party to celebrate victory now that the Kogbots are gone for good, while Dr. Kogg escaped the factory earlier via Space Ship.


Returning Chaos

  • Klaymen
  • Rico
  • Charles
  • Miz
  • Deloris
  • Dan
  • Claude
  • Fank
  • Frank
  • Grace
  • Lolo
  • Lala
  • Mono
  • Nora
  • Yoko

New Chaos

  • Gadz: A nerdy brown chao who can activate special gateways with his electric remote.
  • Klaybot: A Kogbot which was made by Kogg to look like Klaymen. After getting rejected by Dr. Kogg for being too nice, Klaybot wants to get revenge on his creator.
  • Lara: A light yellow chao who can swing pole to pole. She is very good at gymnastics.
  • Orson: A lurker monkey who was acts nice unlike the others. He was banished for being too good, so he decides to team up with Klaybot for revenge.
  • Victor: A black chao who can knock down pillars with his own burp. He loves to drink pop.
  • Turbo: A white blue chao who runs fast enough to make Kogbots eat dust.
  • Gus: A dark green chao who can turn his bobble goo and poison his enemies.


  • Kogbot Chao
  • Kogbot Bomb
  • Kogbot Spinner
  • Kogbot Walker
  • Kogbot Scorpian
  • Kogbot Frog
  • Kogbot Spikes
  • Kogbot Smasher
  • Kogbot Turtle
  • Kogbot Knight
  • Kogbot Turret
  • Kogbot Octi
  • Kogbot Bull
  • Kogbot Mega
  • Lurker Monkeys


  • Nayborhood Village
  • Fort Monkey: The Lurker Monkey Fort is built deep in the woods. Lurker Monkeys are building robots with small chaos inside them. (BOSS: Kogbot Gorilla   Chao: Lolo and Lala)
  • Junkyard: All the junk from the Neverhood is all here, with a sea of trash, garbage, busted junk, you name it. (BOSS: Kogbot Trash Muncher   Chao: Charles and Gadz)
  • Pipeworks: All the power for heat and electricity is underground. With pipes, wires, and lava heated batteries are everywhere. (BOSS: Kogbot Dragon   Chao: Fank and Frank)
  • Underwater Lab: A lab built in the ocean holds the secret of where all the Kogbots are coming from but be careful, Kogg's security won't make it easy. (BOSS: Kogbot Squid   Chao: Stereo and Mono)
  • Clock Tower: The biggest Clock in the island is being used as a Kogbot Despenser. Careful up there, its a long fall. (BOSS: Kogbot Express   Chao: Claude and Grace)
  • Blizzard Mountain: Its always snowing on the top of the mountain, there are even snow storms that can turn you to ice! (BOSS: Kogbot Chilly   Chao: Deloris and Dan)
  • Medievel Village: A Medievel place with an old village and Kogbot Knights. The castle near the village is where all the Kogbot Knights are coming from. (BOSS: Kogbot Steed   Chao: Lara and Victor)
  • Volcanic Plains: This used to be a beautiful place until the lava from the volcano melted all the life and now it is nothing but a rocky desert. (BOSS: Kogbot Obliterator   Chao: Orson and Klaybot)
  • Underground Base: Lurker Monkeys have established a base underground with bobby traps and security Kogbots. (BOSS: Kogbot Mole   Chao: Turbo and Gus)
  • Kogbot Factory: This factory is where all the Kogbots are coming from. Every Kogbot is in this level so beware. (BOSS: Kogbot Statue   Chao: Yoko and Nora)
  • Dr. Kogg's Lab: The laboratory of Dr. Kogg is where the Kogbot Generator is. There are Kogbots and Lurker Monkeys everywhere! (BOSS: Kogbot Kogg   Chao: Klaymen and Rico)
  • Kogbot Generator: The machine that spurs the Kogbots forever and ever has to be destroyed! Each Chao's ability can destroy one Power Source after another. (BOSS: Kogbot Generator   Chao: Everyone)
  • Dr. Kogg's Office: The final battle with Dr. Kogg is right here! Destroy Kogg's throne to beat the game! (BOSS: Dr. Kogg and his Walking Throne   Chao: Everyone)

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