Battle For The Nayborhood
Developer(s) Namsean1998
Publisher(s) Nintendo (SNES)

Sony (PS1) Sega (Saturn)

Platform(s) Playstation

SNES Sega Saturn

Release Date(s)
September 24, 1996 (NA)

October 14, 1996(EU) October 31, 1996 (JP) November 1, 1996 (AUS)

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, Fiction, Comedy, Free Roam
Media Included Fantasy Voilence

Battle For The Nayborhood is an adventure game created by Namsean1998. It is set on an island called the "Neverhood", populated by small creatures called "Chaos". The story is when an outcast chao named Kogg infects the island with a fungus that mutates almost all the chaos. The remaining chaos must save their friends and defeat Kogg. It is developed for the SNES, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn.

This is also the only game in the series released on the SNES.


The environment in Battle For The Nayborhood is a free roaming stage. With 8 Chaos to play as and 9 Bosses and certain Mini Bosses, the chaos you play as each have their own moves and lines in the game. There are also 8 worlds in the game, where the player must go to and save the chaos infected by Kogg's formula. In the end of a world after beating all the levels there is a boss which a certain chao should battle. The enemies in the game are chaos mutated by the gas and Kogg's army of Lurker Monkeys.


One night, in the Nayborhood, all the chaos are going to bed, waiting for a new day tomorrow. That night, Kogg, a chao banished to the outlands, creates a spore that can mutate chaos. He it pours on the Neverhood, causing almost all the chaos on the island to transform into monsters and brainwashed into working for Kogg.

The next morning, 8 chaos who were immune to the mutating gas woke up to find their friends missing, and set out to find them. But they find out that their friends have been transformed as well. With the help of their Queen Mamuta, the gang of heroes go out and try to save the island. 

After going around the island and save their friends and the other chaos, the 8 heroes go to Kogg's Fortress, where they encounter lots Lurker Monkeys and booby traps. Once the gang encounter Kogg, they engage a fight, leading the chaos the winners. Kogg's Fortress is about to blow any minute due to the destruction of the cloning machine the group destroyed earlier. Kogg gets away and the 8 chaos got on a life boat. With Kogg's plan foiled, all the chaos are turned back and the gang go home to the Nayborhood.


  • Klaymen: A light blue chao who can go down a small hole to a different location. He is also best friends with Rico, and has a crush on Yoko. He is the 1st member in the game
  • Rico: A yellow chao who can throw the ring on his head like a boomerang. He is best friends with Klaymen, and is shown to be pretty stupid. He is the 2nd member in the game
  • Charles: A brown Little Chao who can go into small places his bigger friends can't. He is shown to be childish and fussy. He is the 3rd member in the game.
  • Grace: A light orange Goth Chao who can climb up stems, pipes, and others. She is a good dancer but gets a little selfish, and good friends with Claude. She is the 4th member in the game.
  • Miz: An orange, 2-headed chao who can hover to distances via spinning his heads together. Both heads oftennly argue, much to other's annoyance. He is the 5th member in the game.
  • Lolo: A short dark blue chao who can flate like a balloon, and can go into higher distances, and the twin brother of his sister, Lala. He is the 6th member in the game.
  • Fank: A green chao who can grab enemies and hurl them at others. He is the brother of Frank, who loves to play football with him. He is the 7th member in the game
  • Deloris: A purple Fat Chao who can lift heavy objects and throw them at enemies. She is the husband of Dan and mother of Baby, and the 8th member in the game.
  • Queen Mamuta: The queen of the Neverhood and gives the player help and advice throughout the game. She is a tall White Chao who wears a purple robe and black hair .


  • Lala: Lolo's sister, who got mutated into a terrifying Pterodactyl at the Extinct Museum.
  • Frank: Fank's brother, who got mutated into a giant Rain Drop at Big Lake.
  • Claude: Klaymen's next door neighbor, who got mutated into a Magical Magician at the Wonder Circus.
  • Esmeralda: Rico's girlfriend, who got muted into a huge Boomer at the Land Of Sweets.
  • Mono: Miz's cousin, who got mutated into a carnivoirous Sandworm at Paradise Beach.
  • Dan: Deloris's husband and father of baby, who got mutated into a loud Vocal Bat in the Minor Mine.
  • Baby: Deloris and Dan's son, who got mutated into a giant in the Minor Mine.
  • Nora: Charles's best friend, who got mutated into a massive Spitadile at the Lurker Graveyard.
  • Yoko: A female chao who Klaymen has a crush on. she is mutated into an enormous Sting fish at the Lurker Graveyard.
  • Dr. Kogg: A banished dark black chao and the Primary Antagonist of the game. He was the one who mutated the chaos into monsters so he can rule the Nayborhood. He gets defeated at the end of the game and evacuates from his fortess before it explodes. He is also a great inventor.


  • Neverhood Village: All the chaos live here and have the best firework nights. There are no enemies here.
  • Extinct Museum: The only museum for all chaos to learn the histories and trivia. Now it is a dinosaur zoo after the mutation. (Boss: Lala     Chao: Lolo)
  • Big Lake: This calm forest was peaceful until the mutation made it a noisy rain storm (Boss: Frank     Chao: Fank)
  • Wonder Circus: This circus used to bring joy, but now it is a scary clown zone. (Boss: Claude   Chao: Grace)
  • Land Of Sweets: Lollipops, Chocolate chips, Gummies, you name it, its ALL here.  (Boss: Esmeralda Chao: Rico)
  • Paradise Beach: This beach has the best sunsets and ocean tides.... Now it is invaded by Crabs and Seagull mutants. (Boss: Mono    Chao: Miz)
  • Minor Mine: An abandoned mine now a home to rock slugs and Lurker Monkeys (Boss: Dan and Baby            Chao: Deloris)
  • Lurker Graveyard: A cemetery for Lurker Monkeys will have you a grave mistake when you go there at night, that's when the dead are alive (Boss: Yoko and Nora  Chao: Klaymen and Charles)
  • Kogg's Fortress: A deadly security island with Booby Traps, Lurker Monkeys, and Lasers everywhere. This hideout of the evil mastermind is mostly the final level of the game. (Boss: Kogg  Chao: Everyone)


  • Monster Chao: A big chao that has no special moves other than punching. They are found in every level.
  • Chaosarus: Only in Extinct Museum. They can Bite, Scratch, And run fast.
  • Rain Drop: These blobs made of water can squirt water and bounce on top of you.
  • Scary Clown: Only in Wonder Circus. These hostile clowns can throw pies and punch you with a boxing glove.
  • Licker: These frog monsters can be found sleeping rather than patrolling a set area and can be awoken if they are approached to quickly. Their only attack is licking you with their tongues.
  • Chaoroach: Chaos turned into cockroaches are always hungery, so they bite anyone they see.
  • Rock Snail: These Snails made out of Rock can spit out rocks at you. Not only that, they can also keep up with you if you try to escape.
  • Boomer: Monster Chaos who became fat from candy.
  • Inktopus: Octopus mutants that squirt poison ink on you and grab you with its arms.
  • Snap Crab: Large crabs that can snap your head off with their razor sharp claws.
  • Burnaphent: Elephants blasting flaming blazes outta their trunks and charge bolten tusks.
  • Vocal Bat: Large bats that torture you with its loud screams and bites. They can also spit toxic slime on you.
  • Magical Magician: Chaos with top hats covering their faces. Not only they can shoot their wands, they can also summon enemies into the fight.
  • Spitadile: These crocodiles spit burning acid and squash you with their feet.
  • Stingy Fish: Massive Jelly Fish that swing painful stingers and produce shockwaves.
  • Lurker Monkeys: Kogg's Henchman and are slow dim-witted. Like the Monster Chao, they are found in every level.
  • Spirit Lurkers: Only found in The Bad Place segment in the Lurker Graveyard. They are like Lurker Monkeys, only they come out of nowhere.
  • Security Bots: Robots created by Kogg can shoot lasers and float on turbos. Found only in Kogg's Fortress.


A sequel Battle For The Neverhood: Fight 2 The End!! was released for the PS1, N64 and Sega Saturn in July 1998.

A third game Battle For The Neverhood: The 3rd Assault was released of PS2, GameCube and Xbox in 2003.

A fourth game Battle For The Neverhood: Battle 4 Victory will be released in fall 2014 on the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, 3DS, PS4 and Xbox One.

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