Battalion Wars: Continental Assult is the first ever first- person shooter of the Battalion Wars series. It was created by Nintendo 95 Productions.

The Story

You are Commander Def FitzGerald, commander for America. You are sent on a major mission to take out Iraqian forces. What you discover is Iraqian forces are working secretly with LoneStar, which are forces inside of Turkey. By progress of the game, you learn that more than Turkey is helping Iraqian forces. You later join forces with Commander Hal Ponins of Great Brittian to take out LoneStar. But not only one team of forces will work. More help from Japan, Australia, Madagascar, Italy, Puerto Rico, France, and many, many, many more countries. The world will never be the same after Battalion Wars: Continental Assult.


This whole storyline is fake, but does have relations to World Wars I and II. This, in the game, is known as the Best War. It is supposed to be the the next World War, or in the games case, World War III. Most of the side America fights with is people who fought with them in WWI and WWII. Battalion Wars: Continental Assult is a game of fun adventures, but is also made to make players see the reality of war. In a first- person shooter, it makes it easier for a player to se realities of war.

Game Features

In this game, you can use the Wii Zapper. It has great graphics, better than ever before, and has a wonderful storyline. Most players will get Online play, which lets them conect with anyone around the world. It helps may in stratagy. Players can choose on online play Campaign Mode, Assult Mode, Free Mode which is new (letting you basically do whatever you want), and Team Mode, also new (letting you play on teams with others and the best players get to play as Commanders).



Nintindo Skister

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