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Batman Beyond
Full Name Terrence "Terry" Luther McGinnis
Current Age 20 (Arkham Beyond)
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Gotham City (Arkhamverse)
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Vigilante
Nationality United States
Ethnicity Caucasian
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Beyond
Series Batman: Arkham/Dawn of Justice
Batman (secret identity), The Bat-Family (member)
Family and Relations
Warren & Mary McGinnis (parents), Bruce Wayne (Mentor), Carrie Kelley (closest friend/partner)
Voice Actor(s)
Will Friedle
 Terrence Luther McGinnis, now currently Batman, is the successor to Bruce Wayne as Gotham's protector.


Before Arkham Knight Incident

A short time after the Arkham City incident, Terry began interning at Wayne Enterprises in the high-tech gadgetry division.

A few months in, he met Bruce Wayne when the latter visited the division as part of a monthly check-up (really, it was a ruse that let him choose individual gadgets for his crusade as Batman) and made a good first impression; pretty soon, they discussed personal problems, exchanged advice, and after a while, Terry found out Bruce was Batman. Revealing his knowledge of his identity and noticing Bruce's depression, he acted as a therapist while Bruce sadly discussed the events of Arkham City: his feelings for Catwoman, the confrontation with Hugo Strange, the deaths of both Talia and Joker, Harley Quinn nearly killing Robin a few weeks after that, and the nagging feeling that Bruce's days as Batman may be coming to an end. Understanding that a decent solution was needed, Terry suggested that Bruce try to find an heir to his mantle; Bruce eventually decided that Terry would be the one to bear the cowl, since all other potential successors were unavailable (Nightwing still protected Bludhaven, Robin was still in love with Barbara, and Jason was still presumed dead). Terry swore the same oath Bruce took in the beginning, then, under the guise of studying abroad, Bruce sent Terry overseas to martial arts master Kirigi, the same man who tough Bruce and Shiva each their same fighting style.

Arkham Knight Incident

Terry wasn't present at Gotham the night that Scarecrow attacked, due to the fact that he was overseas training with Kirigi in martial arts.

Before Arkham Beyond Incident

About 2 months before the King's invasion and 2 years after Scarecrow's attack, Terry returned to Gotham, to find that most of the major gang leaders, mainly Penguin and Two-Face, have taken control of the underworld again, Tim Drake dead at Dent's hands, and no-one to clean up the streets from vile scum; deciding that the time had come for Batman to return, Terry made contact with Lucius Fox, and started making arrangements.

For almost the whole 2 months it took for the events to proceed, Terry had been working underground: rebuilding the Freeze Blasts, modifying some of the gadgets, even constructing a brand-new Batsuit, complete with a B.A.T. plating system, Fear Multi-Takedown capability, and specially-designed nanofiber, bio-organic wings, based on the research of Kirk Langstrom; the wings were so efficiently designed and modeled, they could make turns and cover distances better than the cape Bruce once had. He trained against every simulation of every villain in Bruce's rogues gallery: Penguin, Clayface, Bane, Two-Face, Deathstroke, even Killer Croc, just for the sake of being prepared.

Eventually he made this new Batman a reality to the criminals of Gotham: thugs were bound up, frozen, and beaten badly. In a way, his methods resembled the drastic measures Bruce started taking the night of Scarecrow's attack. But pretty soon, his new skill would be put to the test.

Arkham Beyond Incident

(More Coming Soon)




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