Batman: The Caped Crusade
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform(s) The V²
Release Date(s)

Batman: The Caped Crusade is an upcoming video game. As the title suggests, the game is centered around the famous comic book character, Batman. The game is currently set to a late 2017 release and will be developed by Blender Maximum. The game was revealed on August 5, 2016.



Batman: The Caped Crusade is an action game. The game has a third-person view by default. The game has many different focuses; playing as Batman, the game will be combat and movement-based while Bruce's gameplay by himself is more centered around activity. The player's strength levels as well as other statistics cannot be upgraded in any way throughout the game, but enemies will get progressively harder to fight, learning from Batman's tactics. Most criminals will have a low health level and can be easily defeated with a few punches, but this will not apply to all of them, and those who are weak will likely find other ways to battle. Batman can hold eight gadgets in his Utility Belt, selected for each mission by Bruce when he talks to Alfred in the Batcave. These gadgets, as well as one heavy gadget, can only be changed out between missions if the player chooses to.



  • Viewpont (V2Directional) - Changes the camera to first-person, third-person, or a view facing towards the front of Bruce/Batman.
  • Attack/Interact (V2Action Red) - Simply punches or kicks when used on an enemy as Batman; interacts with objects or people when used as Bruce or Batman when he's not near an enemy.
  • Dodge/Hide (V2Action Green) - The player can use this button to crouch or hide behind an object as either Batman or Bruce Wayne. It cannot be used by Bruce unless he is in a "dangerous" situation. Batman can also dodge attacks with this.
  • Fire (V2Action Blue) - This button fires any gadget or weapon that Batman is holding while aiming. Bruce cannot use it.
  • Search (V2Action Purple) - The Search button can be used to search for weak points in enemies. It can also be used to listen more closely or look for hidden places, and it will help in figuring out cases.
  • Aim (Left Thumbstick) - The left thumbstick will aim or move the game's camera around.
  • Move (Right Thumbstick) - The right thumbstick will move Bruce or Batman. Bruce will walk most of the time while Batman can run or glide when he steps off edges.
  • Dash (Left Bottom Trigger/Right Bottom Trigger) - Batman will quickly move from one place to another, effectively frightening a victim if they see him.
  • Gadget Swap (Left Shoulder Button) - Batman can swap his selected gadget with the press of this button. It can either switch to a gadget attached to other buttons on the controller by holding both buttons or immediately swap to the next one. This will only apply to gadgets held in the Utility Belt.
  • Gadget (Right Shoulder Button) - This button will use Batman's selected gadget or weapon.
  • Heavy Gadget (Select) - The select button will switch to Batman's selected "heavy" weapon. It can then be used by the Gadget button.


Character Description
Bruce Wayne / Batman Bruce Wayne is the game's protagonist. During his youth, Bruce's parents were shot and killed at an opera, leaving him orphaned. He was raised by their personal butler Alfred for most of his life. During the day, Bruce works at Wayne Enterprises and lives in his parents' manor. In the night, on the other hand, Bruce becomes Batman, a vigilante inspired by Bruce's fear of bats when he was young determined to drive crime out of Gotham without killing by utilizing the criminals' fear of him.
Alfred Pennyworth Wayne Manor's butler, Alfred worked for Thomas and Martha Wayne before their deaths. After the shooting, Alfred took it upon himself to raise Bruce. To Bruce, Alfred has always been a trustworthy individual capable of keeping his family's secrets, and so the two communicate while Batman is out at night. He also helps to solve problems and gives advice to both of Bruce's personas.
Harvey Dent Harvey Dent is a close personal friend of Bruce and Commissioner Gordon as well as Gotham's newly-elected District Attorney. Dent is a strong supporter of Batman's actions which, although a risk, made him seem a worthy candidate to Bruce and several other citizens in their city. However, Harvey doesn't always make the right decisions, so he has to be guided from time to time.
Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow As a former professor and doctor at Gotham State University, Jonathan Crane is obsessed with fear, even going as far to invent the illegal Fear Toxin. As a personal challenge, Crane challenges Batman by using the toxin and hallucinations to control crime in Gotham under the identity of Scarecrow, the game's main antagonist. The Scarecrow only wants to prove that he can defeat Batman as nobody else has done before.
Basil Karlo / Clayface Basil Karlo was an actor who played the villain of the 1984 movie The Terror. Upon learning that a remake of the film was being made without him acting in it, Basil outraged during a visit on set and, in an accident, was stuck inside of the villain's costume, made of clay. Karlo was then taken by Jonathan Crane, who altered his DNA and turned him into a shapeshifting monster. Driven insane by Scarecrow's antics, the new "Clayface" will do whatever it takes to kill the man who ruined his life.
Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon Jim Gordon is one of the few uncorrupted police officers in Gotham, having worked in the profession there for thirty years. He also seems to have more trust in Batman than other officers, and he will do anything he can to help him. However, Jim certainly isn't getting any younger, and as such, he's nearing retirement within the next few years. He is also the widowered father of Barbara Gordon.
Waylon Jones / Killer Croc Waylon Jones is a mysterious man who only goes out at night, therefore running into Batman on multiple occasions. Not many have seen his face, but intrigued by the mystery, Batman followed him into the sewers and discovered that Waylon's skin was crocodile-like due to a disease he's had from birth. While he may seem a nearly alright person, the disease also gives him a murderous instinct that causes him to hunt on civilian lives, earning his name of "Killer Croc." Batman sees some good in him, but he needs to be stopped from killing.
Andrea Beaumont Andrea Beaumont has been Bruce Wayne's lover since they first met at the graveyard where both Bruce's parents and Andrea's mother rest. She's a somewhat silly and adventurous girl although she is upset when anything inconveniences her from meeting with Bruce. Her relationship with Bruce has gone on for a couple of years now, but she still remains unaware of Batman's secret identity.
Lucius Fox Lucius Fox manages the business at Wayne Enterprises. Unknowingly, Lucius also works for the Batman project, creating some of the most useful gadgets that the Caped Crusader uses. He does have suspicions as to what Bruce is doing with the devices he creates, but Fox is more interested in his own business than Wayne's. He has been a family friend for a long time and supports Batman, but remains cautious of him.
Barbara Gordon Jim Gordon's daughter, Barbara, is the new head of the Gotham City Public Library; however, she's also trying to keep up with the Batman stories in the news, finding herself heavily fascinated with them. She also tries to work with her father to learn more about the character, and has since befriended Bruce Wayne. Her father, however, expects her to eventually take his place as commissioner at the Gotham City Police Station as he knows that he can trust her.
Michael Kane Michael Kane is Bruce's secretary and one of the hardest workers at Wayne Enterprises. He always knows exactly what to do, and, despite not knowing of Batman's secret identity, he often helps Bruce figure out the mysteries he's trying to solve in both of his personae. Michael is only curious about the Batman and likes to deduct whatever he can.
Sandra Quinones Sandra Quinones is a very serious woman and was one of Martha Wayne's personal friends during her life. She is a little bit arrogant, but knows to make good decisions when she has to. Sandra is Wayne Enterprises' lead engineer, and wants to get to the bottom of the Scarecrow's terrorism as soon as possible. She really couldn't care less about Batman.
Benjamin Holliday Holliday is new to Gotham and has been hired part-time as a desk receptionist in Wayne Enterprises. The other part of his time, Benjamin works as a struggling news reporter, always fascinated with whatever happens to be going on in the city. He wants to help figure out the situation with help from other people working at Wayne Enterprises in hopes to be the first to report on either Scarecrow's or Batman's antics.
Adam Flynn Adam Flynn is an old man who's come out of retirement temporarily just to help Bruce Wayne. He designed and built Wayne Tower with the help of Thomas Wayne, and now Adam wants to end the horror of Gotham City. He believes that Batman is around to help and won't let anyone tell him otherwise. Flynn knows every inch of the Tower, yet he's not entirely sure what has been happening.
Caroline Conroy Although Caroline Conroy doesn't like Batman, she does like what he's doing and always keeps up with it. She's rather quite and reserved, not exactly knowing what she's doing. Caroline is a police officer keeping surveillance over Wayne Tower until the Scarecrow's terror comes to an end. Though she insists not to help, Bruce Wayne finds her rather resourceful in resolving the mess.
Victor Zsasz Victor Zsasz is a relentless murderer who doesn't have any extraordinary powers other than his unpredictability. Zsasz doesn't have a pattern to his kills, and he etches a tally mark into his skin after every death directly caused by him. He is mentally insane, and Batman has taken a particular interest in catching him to ensure the safety of Gotham.


Gadget Description
Utility Belt The Utility Belt is the belt that holds gadgets and weapons around Batman's waist and can be accessed at any time. The belt can also be controlled as a weapon to some degree with some sort of shocking device, and any gadget can be taken out of it with the press of a single button.
Batarang The Batarang is a throwing weapon in the shape of Batman's logo, acting like a shuriken. Batman can also shoot it out of his costume's wrists if he needs to. The weapon is quiet, yet precise and painful. Batarangs come in several different types.
Bat-Dart Bat-Darts are similar to Batarangs although they cannot be shot out, and they will knock out foes. The knockout takes a little bit of time to kick in and is not as painful, making the tool not as essential as others.
Bat-Gel Bat-Gel has a very limited supply, but can be activated to fire at any surface. It will attach to anything, confusing foes and trapping things with a sticky black substance.
Acetylene Torch The Acetylene Torch is a small laser cutter that can be used to open nearly anything and slightly stun enemies. However, the torch is somewhat difficult to use and may take up some time.
Batclaw The Batclaw is a gadget that is not used offensively; rather, it acts as a grappling hook that can attach to walls, buildings, and objects. The Batclaw can both pull objects towards it and allow Batman to reach higher ground. It is used quickly and efficiently.
This gadget cannot be held in the Utility Belt.
Ultra Batclaw The Ultra Batclaw is a separate gadget from the Batclaw. The main difference is that it will fire three hooks instead of one, but it is much more complicated to use than the original.
This gadget cannot be held in the Utility Belt.
Smoke Pellets Smoke Pellets can be fired multiple times at once, and are used to hide Batman from nearby enemies. Batman can easily traverse through the smoke, and those who cannot see through it will not be able to use any weapons until they see him.
EMP Grenades EMP Grenades disable all electronic devices in a short range, giving Batman an advantage over those affected by it. It may also harm some although it is unlikely.
Bat-Tracer The Bat-Tracer can trace one single criminal at a time. A device must be attached to the criminal or their vehicle for it to work properly, so it can lead Batman to bases of his foes.
Evidence Bags Evidence Bags are just regular plastic bags. Items can be put inside of the bags to be used as evidence against criminals or for other uses such as holding them in the Utility Belt.
DNA Kit The DNA Kit allows Batman to check for any traces of criminals left behind. It also comes with a Fingerprint Dusting Kit as a last resort.
Bat-Nets Bat-Nets are tiny metal cases that look like bats, but upon contact, the cases will open into intricate nets. The nets can trap anything and can be controlled smoothly, lasting for a long time.
Bat-Cuffs Bat-Cuffs are handcuffs in the shape of a bat. The cuffs can be useful in restraining enemies and will disable them from using any weapons. However, they can only be used on one criminal at a time.
Bat-Camera The Bat-Camera is a tool used to aim more precisely when using gadgets. It will not harm enemies, and it is, by default, attached to Batman's utility belt to record anything happening.
Shark Repellent Bat-Spray Shark Repellent Bat-Spray is able to repel sharks from Batman. It has no practical use in the actual game, but it can occasionally confuse criminals and is somewhat effective against Killer Croc.
Electromagnetic Glass The Electromagnetic Glass is a mechanical magnifying glass that allows Batman to get an X-ray of the target. The X-ray can be turned off in investigations, but it allows him to detect weapons and important objects.
Bat-Reflector The Bat-Reflector is a defensive gadget, reflecting any obstacles fired at Batman as a shield and allowing for potential counterattacks if used correctly. The item is shaped like a bat, but is also small.
This gadget cannot be held in the Utility Belt.
Telescopic Whistle The Telescopic Whistle can be played on several different frequencies, disrupting weapons, criminals, and, if necessary, animals. This can erupt things into chaos from afar to Batman's convenience.
Bat-Beacon The Bat-Beacon summons bats from the Batcave to fly around. The bats can be controlled by Batman, and the device itself has several different features and works using switches and buttons.
Heart of Dracula The Heart of Dracula is a gadget that will feed off a foe's muscles for a short amount of time, giving Batman more strength and weakening the opponent without killing them.
Computerized Batarang One of the alternative Batarang types.
The Computerized Batarang is controlled by Batman, flying into enemies with a single throw. It acts somewhat similar to a boomerang.
Electric Batarang One of the alternative Batarang types.
The Electric Batarang sends a heavy amount of electricity through the target, stunning them and dealing extra damage. It may also destabilize weapons.
Flash Freeze Batarang One of the alternative Batarang types.
The Flash Freeze Batarang can be used to set out a fire or freeze anything in near vicinity. However, these Batarangs are not as powerful.
Explosive Batarang One of the alternative Batarang types.
The Explosive Batarang creates explosions, allowing for heavy damage to opponents and disruptions. It will explode on contact with anything.
Roped Batarang One of the alternative Batarang types.
Possibly the most unique Batarang, the Roped Batarang can be swung around to attack enemies and launched. However, these require more precise aiming than any other type.
Open Batarangs One of the alternative Batarang types.
Open Batarangs can be shot up to ten times at once in a swift movement. However, they are smaller than regular Batarangs and as such will be less painful.
Sharp Batarangs One of the alternative Batarang types.
Sharp Batarangs can slice through nearly anything. In addition to being used as a throwing or shot weapon, these can also be used as knives. They deal incredible damage.