This page shows the list of objectives that appear in Batman: Ashes Of Arkham which coincide with the sections of the story they are featured in.

Main Story

Hole In The Wall
Get to the gates of Arkham City

Rescue Commissioner Gordon inside the Clocktower

Analyze the Arkham City walls to discover who planted the bombs
Wayne Enterprises
Interrogate Hush about the Arkham explosion
Locate Hush by following his cigar ash trail
Defuse the bombs inside Wayne Enterprises
Find an alternative route into Wayne Enterprises
Disable the security to access the Upper Floor
Rescue Lucius Fox without being detected
Confront Hush inside Bruce Wayne's office
Defeat Man-Bat
Hologram Investigation
Analyze the holographic device at the Batcave
Search Daggett Industries for Hush's location
Retrieve the stolen chemicals from Harley Quinn
Isolate a forensic trail to locate Harley Quinn
Track Harley Quinn by following the chemical particles in the atmosphere

Ace Chemicals

Retrieve the stolen chemicals from Harley Quinn

Rescue Richard Waters

Rescue Derrick Amansa
Locate and rescue Oracle at her hideout
Drain Ace Chemicals of mysterious gas
Locat Harley Quinn by isolating a forensic trail at Oracle's hideout
Escape the nightmare
Defeat the Shrine Of Joker
Scan the area as to Harley Quinn's peculiarity 
Story Book Land
Interrogate the Mad Hatter about brainwashing Harley Quinn
Locate the source of the card frequency generator
Deactivate Mad Hatter's Control Card's by destroying the frequency generators
Isolate and destroy the three frequency generator's inside Story Book Land
Destroy Mad Hatter's mind control cards
Rescue Vicki Vale
Follow the perfume trail to track Vicki Vale's location
Locate Mad Hatter in the Hedge Maze
Defeat Mad Hatter
Death Of The Mayor
Discover who The Silhouette is
Locate and analyze Mayor Quincy Sharp's murder scene
Scale Gotham City Bank
Find Mayor Quincy Sharp's Killer
Isolate Mayor Quincy Sharp's body by following his blood trail
Rescue Eliza Rond
Block the Water Exchange Control at Gotham Dam
Return to the Sewer Mainframe to continue following Sharp's blood trail
Hunt down Red Hood
Navigate Through The Gauntlet 
Defeat Killer Croc
Escape the Sewers
Gotham City General
Manufacture an antidote to the TITAN Fear Gas
Locate a sample of the corrupt acid inside Gotham City General
Escape the nightmare
Follow the trail of Fear Gas through the air
Destroy the TITAN Fear Gas canisters
Investigate the TITAN Fear Gas experiments
Locate the person responsible for the TITAN Fear Gas
Destroy Harley's stolen items to prevent her from completing the TITAN Fear Gas
Defeat Harley Quinn
GCPD Headquarters
Deliver the antidote to Commissioner Gordon
Locate the source of the Communications Encrypter inside the GCPD
Rescue the GCPD from the clutches of Scarface
Locate and destroy the card frequency generator
Locate Commissioner Gordon inside his office
Rescue Commissioner Gordon from Sasha Mills
Isolate Scarface by following Sasha's hair wig trail
Defeat Scarface
Wayne Manor
Destroy the TITAN Fear Gas depot inside Wayne Manor
Apprehend Hush before he destroys the Wayne name
Enter Wayne Manor via the Batcave
Rescue Alfred Pennyworth inside Wayne Manor
Rescue Alfred Pennyowrth without being detected
Escape the nightmare
Isolate the TITAN Fear Gas depot by following Alfred's footprint trail
Defuse the two bombs planted throughout Wayne Manor
Defeat Hush

Protocol 12

Cease the ambush
Stop Scarface's Crew
Stop Red Hood's crew
Stop Harley Quinn's crew
Stop Hush's Crew
Neutralize the blimp spreading TITAN Fear Gas
Blackgate Penitentiary
Confront The Silhouette at Blackgate Penitentiary
Defeat Scarecrow
Defeat Scarebeast


The Enigma Code From Embers To Ashes
Report to the GCPD office  Investigate the flaming building
Solve The Riddler's riddle Analyze the flaming building
Rescue the first hostage Investigate the second flaming building
Rescue the second hostage Anaylze the second flaming building
Rescue the third hostage Investigate the third flaming building
Rescue the fourth hostage Pinpoint a possible location of Firefly
Rescue the final hostage Locate Firefly at his hideout
Police Crimes Black Out
Investigate the distress call from the GCPD Outpost Investigate the mysterious deaths

Rescue the GCPD officer

Analyze the body
Rescue the remaining hostages Locate Black Mask
Interrogate the thug to find out their leader Locate Black Mask in Sionis Processing
Scan the are to locate Prometheus Navigate through Sionis Processing in darkness
Find and defeat Prometheus Defeat Black Mask
Return From Olympus Gotham Haunt
Investigate the break in at the Observatory Locate the Titan Fear Gas Canisters across Gotham
Destroy the Lightning Beacon Destroy the Titan Fear Gas Canisters across Gotham
Locate Maxie Zeus inside the Gotham City Olympus Locate the Fear Bug Canisters across Gotham
Locate the Gotham City Olympus through the rubble of Arkham City Destroy the Fear Bug Canisters across Gotham
Defeat Maxie Zeus  Destroy the boat shipping Fear canisters into Gotham
Frozen Fury
Rescue Ferris Boyle from Mr Freeze
Rescue Nora Fries
Defeat Mr Freeze



West Bridge
Assist Commissioner Gordon with evacuation of Gotham City
Unblock the West Bridge
Investigate the fire alarm
Locate the source of the Fire Alarm
Investigate the heist
Follow Comissioner Gordon's blodd trail to locate him
Inside Gotham City Bank

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