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Batman: Arkham Knight
Armored (EU: Ultimate) Edition
Developer(s) Rocksteady Studios (Original Project),
Virtuous Games (Remastering for Unreal Engine 4),
Phazonworks Engineering Division (New Mechanics, Story Alterations, Most Wanted Missions),
Warner Bros. Montreal (B.A.T. Mode, Origins-based materials)
Publisher(s) Warner Bros.
Platform(s) Nintendo NeXt, Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Stealth, Beat-'Em-Up.
Release Date(s)
October 31st, 2022
Age Rating(s)
M, Pegi 18
Series Batman: Arkham
Predecessor Batman: Arkham City (Armored Edition)
Successor None
Max. amount of players Up to 4, Due to new Multiplayer functions
Batman: Arkham Knight - Armored Edition (Ultimate Edition in Europe and Australia) is an action-adventure game released on Halloween, 2022, as the final farewell to the Arkham series. Set in the same universe as the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Arkham Knight tells the sad, somber but explosive story of "how the Batman died."

Set 9 months after the events of Arkham City, crime has reached an all-time low in Gotham City since the death of the Joker in the superprison Arkham City; without his maniacal schemes or chaotic plots, Gotham has finally had some breathing time, but that's just merely the calm before the storm. Scarecrow has been plotting his return ever since his disappearance 2 years ago at Arkham Asylum after getting viciously mauled by Killer Croc. He's back, with the mysterious Arkham Knight backing his fear-fueled scheme up with an army; on this night, Gotham is relying on one man to save it all - Robin. (I'm kidding; obviously, it's Batman. He's in the freakin' title)


For the full story of the game, see Story.


Approximtely 9 months ago, the Joker was cremated; "I pressed the button and burnt the evil bastard myself," said Commisioner Gordon. And then everyone in Gotham waited for it: the inevitable power struggle. But it never came; crime actually fell. Nobody saw hide nor hair of any of the supercriminals that plagued Gotham for years. And then it happened; with just a vial of fear toxin and a few words, Scarecrow managed to empty all of Gotham, even Arkham City wasn't populated, scarce as the population may have been.

The only people that remained behind (besides the cops) were the sort that enjoyed the chaos: scum, criminals and worse. Tonight Gotham's relying on one man to save them all - Batman.



Though each character is different in their own right (gadgets, combat and predator), there are plenty of similar aspects between them.

Action Description
Combat Freeflow When characters are engrossed in combat sequences, sometimes they'll build up a combo fast enough to enter a mode called Freeflow Focus, where their attacks and counters do more damage; this mode will end when the combo stops or when the character executes a combo takedown.
Gadgets More often than not, a character won't be able to progress with just his fists; that's where the gadgets come in. Each gadget tailored to each character has a specific use: be that disabling weapons, activating switches or distracting enemies.
Armor Though the initial HP meter is the main meter for health for characters ingame, it can be increased through the purchase of armor, which extends the health meter by 25% percent by each upgrade, up to 100% of the HP meter.
Enviromental Traversion Obviously, it won't take just running and walking to get around Gotham City; though each character has similar traversion methods, they each vary between characters.
Combo Takedowns When their combat combo meter reaches a certain point (x8 normally, x5 with upgrade), characters can execute a combo takedown; though the basic one (Stun + Counter) is available to all characters, there are 2 others which are different between characters
Beat Down Often a thug will be too well-armored for a standard assault, meaning that a series of quick focused attacks is needed to bring down a foe. First the foe needs to be dazed with a stun, then the attacks can begin.


Trait Uses Execution Command Description
Critical Beatdown Perfecting Combo Flows Pick Up (near downed foe), Strike (repeatedly)
Grapnel Boost MK5 Faster Enviromental Traversion Run (pressed 5 times and held while grappling over long distances)
The Batmobile Primary Story Mechanic for Batman Character Switch (near a road)
Fear Multi-Takedown Faster Foe Disabling Strike (near an unsuspecting group of foes)
Gadgets while Gliding Easier Combat Start Various
B.A.T. Mode Temporary Damage Boost Click Control Sticks
Gadget Upgrades Use(s) Description
  • Twin/Triple Batarang
  • Knocking Foes Over
  • Hitting Switches
Remote Batarang
  • Reverse Batarang
  • Hitting Guarded Switches
  • Carrying Electric Charges
  • Tricking up Foes
Explosive Gel
  • Instant Takedown
  • Blowing Up Weak Walls
  • Knocking Out Foes
Batclaw (Ultra Batclaw) None
  • Grabbing and pulling objects
  • Tearing down special walls
Line Launcher
  • Vertical Aiming
  • Traversion over Gaps
  • Traversion Through Gauntlets (with upgrade)
Cryptographic Sequencer Mark 5
  • Blind Drone, MKII
  • Create Distractions
  • Hack Panels
  • Blind Sentry Guns/Militia Drones
  • Sabotage Ammo
    • Medic Pack
    • Boa Drone Controller
    • Detective Mode Scanner
    • Mine Detonator
    • Militia Drone
    • Detective Mode Jammer
    • Optic Deflection Armor
    • Sentry Gun Dispenser
    • Quick Gun Sabotage
    • Stun Baton
  • Fourth Disruption Ammo Slot
  • Sabotage Weaponry
  • Track Vehicles
Voice Synthesizer None
  • Distract Enemies (Militia, Harley Quinn's Goons)
  • Open Voice-locked Doors
Remote Electrical Charge
  • Supercharge Shot
  • Power Up Machinery
  • Shock Enemies
Remote Claw
  • Heavy Reel Ammo
  • 5 Ammos Slots
  • Create Walkable Wires
  • Advanced Combat/Predator Usage
Freeze Blast
  • Freeze Cluster
  • Freeze Proximity Mine
  • Freeze Enemies
  • Stop Steam Vents
  • Freeze Water for Platforms


Trait Uses Execution Command Description
Ceiling Crawling
Gadget Upgrades Use(s) Description


Gadget Upgrades Use(s) Description
Shuriken Same as Batarang Same as Batarang
Remote Shuriken
  • Reverse Shuriken
Same as Remote Batarang
Zip Kick None
  • Traverse Gaps
Glue Grenade
  • Glue Grenade Raft
Same as Freeze Blast
Snap-Flash None
Bullet Shield None
  • Block Gunfire
  • Ram Foes
Shock Gloves None
  • Power Up Machinery



Red Hood






The Cauldron

Panessa Studios

Ace Chemicals

Iron Heights Penitentiary

Grand Avenue



Wayne Tower

Chemical Collection Pool

Though Founder's Island was originally one of the most important islands in Gotham, housing neighborhoods like Drescher and the business center at Ryker Heights, it lies in a state of one part ruin, one part shiny-new. Though Wayne Enterprises has contributed to the redevelopment quite a bit, it looks like Founder's won't be finished for quite some time.


Ryker Heights


Port Adams

Stagg Enterprises Airships

Still in a state of ruins from the Arkham City incident, Old Gotham has undergone some redevelopment in the past 9 months, but still remains largely a health hazard to the Gotham public. The Monotransit system still works, though that's mainly due to people needing to get from Miagani to New Gotham in a flash.

The Bowery

Park Row

Amusement Mile

Industrial District

Wonder City/Wonder Tower

The Coventry

Diamond District

Gotham Royal Hotel


Arkham Knight's HQ

Gotham's Most Wanted

Even with the Joker gone, that doesn't mean that Batman's without enemies, but it does mean that more and more will be swarming to take the abandoned Gotham by storm; be they new faces, old enemies, or part of the alliance to destroy the Batman, these crooks, scum, killers and the like will be hitting Gotham with their best shot.

The Alliance

Scarecrow being the main villain for the main story doesn't mean there won't be stuff to do on the side once he's captured. Crane has managed to secure the help of some of the most famous of Gotham's underworld to help him "pull Batman in every direction until he comes apart."

Mission Name Villain Voice Actor Description
Gunrunner Penguin Nolan North For nine months now, Penguin's racketed up a market in gunrunning through his new front company, North Refrigeration; Nightwing has spent months tracking their movements, and now that Scarecrow's lured every villain in Gotham out to play, Penguin has a nice little umbrella for when it starts raining blood. With the trucks shipping guns back to caches across the city, it's up to Batman to track down the caches and destroy them, before Penguin can root himself into Gotham for good.
Two-Faced Bandit Two-Face Troy Baker Two-Face has remained underground since Catwoman dethroned him back in Arkham City; Dent's been biding his time, hiring the less loyal crew members from Joker's old crew, even setting up his own front: Hell's Gate Waste Disposal and Legal Services (yeah, plenty of subtlety there). But it's all for one thing: cleaning out the banks of Gotham throughout the islands.
The Last Laugh Harley Quinn Tara Strong It's been 9 months since the Joker died; and this has not sat well with Harley Quinn, who burns for revenge against Batman for "killin' her puddin'", even though we all know he didn't do it; now, Harley has used her chemical knowledge and some help to create a special Joker Toxin laced with TITAN she had from Arkham City. Now gargantuan, giggling goliaths are rampaging throughout the Gotham Islands; the question remains: where is Harley?
The Riddler's Revenge The Riddler Wally Wingert

The last time Batman saw the Riddler, Nygma had a torture device of his own used against him; Riddler hated being humiliated, so once again he started plotting to defeat Batman.

Now Riddler has his biggest scheme yet, covering all of Gotham's islands. Riddler Rooms, Racetracks, Puzzles, Trophies and more cover the Gotham streets and mazes; what could Batman have as an incentive for stopping Riddler this time? Catwoman; yep, she was captured by Riddler in an attempt to bait the Dark Knight into a deathtrap filled gauntlet. 

The Militia Deathstroke Mark Rolston

Night of the Villains

Although Scarecrow only made an alliance with the villains he knew, that didn't stop other villains from sticking their heads up in Gotham.

Each of these missions unlock at different points in the story.

Mission Name Villain Voice Actor Description
Creature of the Night Man-Bat Loren Lester
The Perfect Crime Professor Pyg Dwight Schultz
Gotham on Fire Firefly Crispin Freeman
Armored and Dangerous APC Lieutenants Various
Lamb to the Slaughter Deacon Blackfire Marc Worden
The Line of Duty Fire Chief Underhill J. B. Blanc
Heir to the Cowl Azrael Khary Payton

Season of Infamy, Part I

It seems that Scarecrow made everyone aware that Gotham would be defenseless tonight; many familiar faces are back, and it seems they have Batman in their sights.

The Season of Infamy (Part 1) Most Wanted missions unlock at 40% main story completion. 

Mission Name Villain Voice Actor Description
Wonderland Mad Hatter Peter MacNicol
Shadow War Ra's Al Ghul Dee Bradley Baker
Beneath the Surface Killer Croc Steve Blum
In from the Cold Mr. Freeze Maurice LaMarche
Clash of the TITAN Bane J. B. Blanc
Voice of the People Anarky Matthew Mercer
Duel of the Duplicates Black Mask Brian Bloom
Right in the Crosshairs Deadshot Chris Cox
Grew Worse on Friday Solomon Grundy Fred Tatasciore
The Curtain Call Clayface Rick D. Wasserman

Season of Infamy, Part II

Mission Name Villain Voice Actor Description
Pest Control Ratcatcher Dino Andrade
Hook, Line & Sinker Great White Shark Nolan North
Terrorizing the Tubes Calculator Tracy W. Bush
Lure of the Night Killer Moth Joseph Balderrama
Inverse Justice Prometheus Christopher Daniel Barnes
Power of the Gods Maxie Zeus Tom Kane
The Cat's Meow Cheshire Kelly Hu
Age of the Apes Gorilla Grodd Travis Willingham

A Chill in the Air


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