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This page holds the story content for Batman: Arkham Beyond, including the main story and the post-game chapters.

Main Story: The Bat's Return

A New Knight

The game opens on the 3rd year after Arkham Knight's events, centering in Wayne International Plaza, which is recently celebrating its 10th anniversary of being open; Mayor James Gordon gives a speech there and renames the Plaza to Batman International Plaza after Bruce's vigilante identity; as the celebration goes on, a figure similar to Batman watches from a nearby roof. He goes almost unnoticed, save for one teenage girl in the crowd who sees him on his perch but oddly enough doesn't tell anyone.

The game cuts to a turf war between Two-Face's and Penguin's men in South Gotham; Terry McGinnis, the brand-new Batman, dispatches the goons with relative ease, only for some of the men to take off in a truck, forcing him to pursue them with the wind at his back. Catching up and pulling them over, Batman interrogated the driver to find out where Cobblepot stored his goods; after learning that the intake of weapons usually stems from an overseas shipment via the Gotham Harbor, Terry rode the Batboat to discover the shipment was outsourced by an overseas exporter unknown to all of Gotham's underworld. Taking out the guards and interrogating the captain, he learned of a mysterious figure called the "King" who outsourced weapons by the ton to every major crime lord in Gotham, but before he could learn further, he was assaulted by Deathstroke, who not only was hired by the "King" to guard his crews, but to challenge the new Batman and test his skills. Terry, using everything Bruce taught him to his advantage, managed to get the drop on Slade and disabled him for imprisonment (Slade would later escape to confront him later).

Soon after his return to Gotham's mainlands, he was contacted by the Ghost, a mysterious voice that contacted him through his cowl; Terry didn't seem surprised, however, since he knew of Ghost before this night. Ghost and Batman discussed some major developments that happened in the past few years: the major gangleaders regaining control of the underworld, Black Mask getting murdered by Red Hood, Aaron Cash becoming the new police comissioner, and Batman told Ghost of the new figure known as the "King" and how he was shipping in the weapons; knowing that Penguin and Two-Face are at war and usually want an edge in weapons, the Ghost orders him to interrogate both of them for further intel.

The Linchpins

Each of the two major criminals Batman had to confront were holed up in different fortresses: Penguin in the Seagate Amusement Park, Two-Face in the old Courthouse; deciding that Cobblepot was more likely to talk, Terry decided on confronting Penguin first, then flipping Two-face next. After working his way to Seagate, he found that Penguin had worked with Hush to, while working around the security, kidnap people from Wayne Enterprises as a way of spitting on Bruce Wayne's grave for the hell of it; they took a lot of notable figures, including Lucius Fox and Terry's old neighbor Carrie Kelley, who interned there and witnessed the capture. Rescuing the captives (just in time, considering Carrie was going to be fed to Tiny the shark), he caught up to Penguin in time to learn that the "Arkham King" was making a contest to see which gang in Gotham could claim his latest weapons deposit for free: among the competitors were Penguin and Two-Face's gangs, the Falcones, the Maronis, Black Mask's old crew now relabled the Outlaws, and even the terrorist King Snake's men; Batman headed to the island where the game was being held, but not before a conversation with Carrie which ended with her finding out who he was under the cowl.

The island Batman had singled out was a war zone in itself: with a lot of cover and several places for the lowlifes to hide, each crew staked out their own parts of the island: King Snake had the South side, Two-Face had the Northeastern Beach, and the Outlaws managed to hold down an old Mansion there, with the other crews having different bases. Taking down the individual crews as he went, he unfortunately couldn't catch King Snake, but apprehended a lot of the smaller crews before the game escalated to explosive levels; sadly, his victory wouldn't last long when Bane arrived. Terry quickly engaged Bane in combat, and though his lack of experience would have done him in, he managed to outwit and defeat Bane in a close fight, although Bane did escape from him.

Pretty soon, Terry found himself heading to Arkham Island in search of clues, a search that scrawled even into the morgue and Killer Croc's old cell; unfortunately for Terry's search, Killer Croc had returned to his home, sweet home for a little period, leading to a brief standoff bewteen the two, where Croc reluctantly agreed to let him pass, in exchange for Batman letting him go—for now. Searching every corner of Arkham, he finally found a clue in the library: the diary of Jeremiah Arkham, which eventually would lead him to the Old Dumas Mansion in North Gotham; he would have researched further, had he not been interrupted by Deathstroke, who tracked him down on orders to kill him. On top of Arkham Mansion, Batman and Deathstroke duked it out once again, until Terry got the drop on the mercenary and took off in the Batwing; however, Slade pursued him, which lead to a close-combat match on top of the auto-piloting Batwing, where, once again, Terry subdued him and brought him in (Slade would later be placed in Maximum Security at Blackgate, and as a result, not be seen for the rest of the story).

It All Comes Together

Heading to the Dumas Mansion for clues, he found a full-blown distribution facility hidden beneath it from which all the illegal weapons flowed into Gotham City; infested with goons and run by a being-paid Prometheus, they distributed all the illegal weapons into Gotham City via the orders of a figure named the "Arkham King" who was in charge of the distribution, and had a steady hold on all of Gotham's underworld due to the importing of all the weapons, be it explosives, guns, or even military-grade tanks.

Batman then developed and carried out a multistage plan:

  1. First on the agenda was destroying the various caches, including some which contained recreated, double-potency TITAN, high-grade explosives, and parts for a major superweapon.
  2. He took out the guards patrolling the area, even though they were equipped with all the traditional countermeasures for strategies: body armor, stun sticks, shields, firebombs for grates, thermal-imaging goggles for high vantage points, proximity mines for on-the-ground sneaking.
  3. He took to his new Bat-Tank to fight the military-grade tanks stored in the underground bunker where they were piloted against him in a huge vehicle battle.

All this fighting, of course, caught Prometheus' attention, and the two ended up engaging in a combat sequence (that, for the player, challenges their knowledge of techniques; in a way, much like the Mr. Freeze fights in City and Origins, it challenged the player by Prometheus being a tough opponent: he functioned as a Batman himself, using every tactic the player used to takedown opponents, including disabling the detective mode to keep Terry from locating him in the room) that enveloped the whole hideout, but gradually, Batman proved superior and took him down, ending the Destroyer of Justice's career as a mercenary. Batman then used the hideout's MPC to trace the weapons shipments to an island a very long distance from Gotham: all the way to about 100 miles northeast of the US Virgin Islands.

Terry knew that even with the military-grade engine inside the Batboat, he wouldn't be able to motor all the way to the hideout island near the end of South America; so he'd have to secure an upgrade for it, and unfortunately, the only upgrade he could secure was a Shinkansen train engine shipped overseas and now in the hands of Two-Face's crew thanks to Penguin's loss of grounds. Tracking the engine to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, he took out the goons, knocked out Two-Face and merged the Shinkansen engine with the Batboat, giving it a top speed of over 275 MPH. With the increased engine capacity, overstocked on his weapons, and prepped with as much data as he could muster from the hideouts and set out for the hideout.

The Island Kingdom

When he got the waters surrounding the hideout, he had to deal with a lot of the rocks protruding from the ocean (frequently called the "Wandering Rocks" by tourists after Greek Mythology, and also since their structure was entirely pumice (a volcanic rock known for its floating properties), meaning they were more than capable of smashing into each other on a regular basis), but thanks to the Batboat's submarine function, it was a breeze. He got to the island, only to see that there were no unguarded beaches, save for the one on the north ridge, which was a sheer drop anyway; while from above it looked like there was no way into the island, from below, Terry found several different entrances, with the one on the south part of the island being the least guarded. With some quick maneuvers, he was able to infiltrate the underground without being spotted by the thugs there, quickly take them out, and work his way to the "Arkham Palace" they mentioned.

While he did manage to find his way to the courtyard of the "Palace" and subdued the various guards, he couldn't get in as there was a specially-modified cardkey lock on the front door (which was the only usable entrance since everything else was heavily secured); at that point, the Arkham King himself contacted Terry: his highness said that if Terry was to get into the Palace, Terry would have to collect the keycards from his "Arkham Knights", various "warriors" that were spread out throughout the island for him to face. Revealing the locations of each, but not the names, the King challenged Batman to see if he could actually take the keycards from the "Knights"; after the King stopped broadcasting, Terry remembered that he took two keycards from both Deathstroke and Prometheus, and deduced that they were two of the Knights.

  1. In the South Garden of the Island, Batman found the first Knight: namely, a mind-controlled Harley Quinn (the king had gotten ahold of some of Mad Hatter's tech); but luckily Quinn wasn't too smart and Terry was able to subdue and free her from the King's influence. Batman then convinced her to form a truce until they could get off the island.
  2. With Harley's help, Batman was able to bring down a collar-controlled Killer Croc, who was forced to attack them against his will; eventually he was freed from his collar when Terry threw a Quad-Batarang to cut the collar in the right spot.
  3. Terry later ended up in an underground chamber, where he fought against the resurrected Solomon Grundy; but once again, Grundy ended up dead again, this time buried by the falling debris of the collapsing cavern.
  4. When he and Harley went back to the Arkham Palace, they were confronted by mercs Hammer and Sickle, AKA The Abramovici Twins, but with their combined efforts they beat the twins no problem.

Finally, Batman unlocked the door into the Arkham Palace, where the King waited on his throne for Batman to challenge him; however, amidst the ensuing battle, Terry noticed something in his Detective Vision: the King had no actual bones. This meant that the whole time he was fighting the "King", he was really fighting Clayface the whole time, which bought time for the real King to assemble an army to take over Gotham City; knowing he had to tell them, he contacted Commisioner Cash and requested he inform everyone of the impending crisis, as well as have Nightwing and Red Hood meet him on North Gotham's beach.


Returning to Gotham in time for a full-on invasion by the Arkham King's forces, Batman found the 2 waiting for him on the beach, and gave them the lowdown: the Arkham King's forces were to land on that beach and try to invade Gotham by holding an entire island hostage; giving both the former Robins a Batmobile (duplicates of the one seen in Arkham Knight), he ordered them to keep the ground forces held back on the beachhead while he took a transformed Batwing and kept a steady aerial cover on the army. It was a long and tiresome battle, but with some backup from the GCPD, Batman and the ex-Robins defeated the Arkham King's army.

After the invasion was stopped, the Arkham King issued a challenge to Terry: climb the reconstructed Wonder Tower and face him (for real this time); flying as fast as his Batsuit would let him, Batman caught up with the Arkham King, who revealed himself to be Dr. Jeremiah Arkham himself, the very man who lost Arkham Asylum to the Sharp family.

  1. In the first phase of his fight, Batman fights the Arkham King on top of Wonder Tower's roof; he has a variety of weak points in his armor that are usually exposed to damage by certain gadgets: hydraulic kinetic dampeners (Freeze Grenades), duotronic laser targeting system (Sonic Batarang), {about halfway through the fight} exposed secondary cpu wiring (Reverse Batarang), close range electronic disruptors on the shoulder armorpads (Remote Electric Charge), and {near the end of the fight} the exposed secondary cpu circutry (Explosive Gel); taking advantage of each of these weaknesses, Batman forced the Arkham King to retreat, during which the King pulled him off the tower into a falling sequence.
  2. The second sequence was a chase through the streets of Arkham City (now under restoration process for rehabitation purposes), with the Arkham King manuevering surprisingly fast for a guy with a special battle-armored suit, and Batman followed closely in the air. Eventually, the King got sick of this game of follow-the-leader and dared him to show up at the old Sionis Steel Mill for the final confrontation.
  3. The third sequence was in the yards of the Steel Mill, where the Arkham King was waiting with Riddler's old combat exosuit, modified to resemble himself, and a battalion of "Arkham Rooks" (Wonder City robots outfitted with special mods to resemble his forces). With the many weapons and few weaknesses of the exosuit, as well as the power of the Arkham Rooks, it didn't seem he would win, until the intervention of Nightwing, Red Hood and Azrael helped to bail him out from the trouble: while they took out the robots, he dealt with the Arkham King.

In the end, the robots were turned into scrap metal, and the king was without his exosuit; the heroes then dealt a team beating on him, with Batman dealing the finishing blow. The others saw the arrival of Cash, Jim Gordon and Barbara, all wanting answers to the new Batman; Nightwing, Hood and Azrael were stumped as to who he could be, when a remote-contacting Terry told them that "If [they] want some answers, maybe [they] should follow the signal?", after which the Bat-signal illuminated, with Nightwing tracing it to Batman International Plaza, where Batman waited on the roof. He then introduced himself as Terrence McGinnis, and told his story.

  • A while back, before the events of Halloween Night, Terry interned at Wayne Tower, studying various microtechnology divisions, when Bruce met him; they talked, shared the story of each other's lives, and eventually Terry figured out that Bruce was Batman the whole time; when he told Bruce, Bruce made him promise not to tell. Terry then acted as a "therapist" while Bruce layed out all that had happened the past few months: Talia's death, Joker's passing, the gradually weighing responsibility of Batman bringing more and more pressure on him; Bruce also said he knew that his days as Batman were numbered and that soon Batman would probably be nonexistent. Terry then advised him that if his days as Batman were coming to an end, he would have to train a successor; to who he would pass the mantle was up to him. After Bruce thought it over for a few days, he decided that Terry would be the one to protect Gotham, as other factors prevented him from asking Robin or Nightwing (Robin's love for Barbara Gordon, Nightwing's duty to Bludhaven). So, under the guise of studying abroad, Terry went overseas to learn from the same martial artist that taught him, then gave his notes on Terry to Lucius Fox, so that Lucius would be ready to give Terry the tools Bruce prepared while Terry was away; 3 years later and 2 months before the current week, Terry returned to find that Bruce issued Nightfall Protocol and "died" at Wayne Manor; he then contacted Lucius to ready himself, so he could make some tech and mods of his own, thus setting the stage for the Arkham Beyond.

Then, Terry, knowing that he still had to look after Gotham until the day came when Batman was no longer needed, cut the conversation short to patrol the greater Gotham area and clean up the city for good; meanwhile, across town, some thugs got a bad idea in their heads to hold up a bank, only for Batman to show up, looking ready to take on all of them.

As the credits scroll through at their own rate, two mid-credit cutscenes appear as follows:

  • Carrie meets up with Nightwing, expressing her knowledge of Terry's secret and desire to help; while Dick tries to dissuade her, she doesn't falter, and tells them to teach her everything he knows. Although Dick is unsure at first, Carrie's formidable personality changes his mind, and he agrees to teach her all he knows.
  • Terry, in his normal clothes for the first time in a long while (he was training and testing various prototype Batsuits during the last few months), visits Thomas and Martha Wayne's graves, giving flowers, and is approached by a heavily-dressed individual, who Terry addresses as Ghost. They catch up, with Ghost asking him if he was okay after his first major outing as Batman; Terry's response? "Bruce, I dunno about you, but I really enjoyed my first night as the Dark Knight," which also revealed the Ghost was really Bruce Wayne the whole time, mentoring Terry from the shadows. Terry then asks if Bruce ever plans on revealing himself to the others (Selina, Dick, Barbara, etc.) considering his connections to them, to which Bruce only answers "I'm not sure yet," and then walks off into the shadows.

Pure Suicide: Red Robin's Chapter

This chapter of the story takes place after the maingame of Arkham Beyond, about 2 months after the invasion of Gotham.

The New Suicide Squad

The chapter opens with alarms blaring across Wayne Island (formerly Arkham Island), as various guards in the penitentiary scatter to the reason of the alarm: the new Suicide Squad, hired by Penguin to bust him out.

  • Prometheus,
  • Firefly,
  • Deathstroke,
  • Killer Croc,
  • and Deadshot, who hadn't been seen since the events of Arkham City.

Though Batman was on the way, Carrie, now in her Red Robin guise, sneaked in to the asylum and took down the armed thugs at the entrance silently and quickly; after learning from Dr. Cassidy that Penguin had hired some well-known mercenaries to break him out of his holding cell and get him off the island, Red Robin tried to work her way into the Intensive Treatment building to the north, but was distracted by the sounds of ricocheted gunfire and the view of guards falling down: Deadshot was covering the courtyard so no-one other than his contractor and the other assasins would get away for help; working his way behind him, Red Robin silently took him down and glued him to the wall. (More Coming Soon)

VS The Big Ugly Lizard

Rooftop Pursuits: Catowman's Chapter

Familiar Name, New Kitten

Roses have Thorns

Beginning of a Beautiful Frienship

The Maniax: Harley Quinn's Chapter

  • Harley - And why should I help you out, Bat-night?
  • Nightwing - Because you're not the only Harley Quinn.
  • Harley - .....Come again?

The Dark Knights Rise: Final Chapter

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