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Batman: Arkham Beyond
Developer(s) Rocksteady Studios, Phazonworks
Platform(s) PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Beat 'Em Up, Stealth
Age Rating(s)
Teen, Pegi 16 (Violence, Mild Language, Use of Tobacco, Alchohol Referrence, Mildly Suggestive Dialogue)

Batman: Arkham Beyond is an action-adventure, beat-'em-up game released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 (and cross-connecting PlayStation VR). (More Coming Soon)

Cast & Characters

Batman: Arkham Beyond is a diverse game, therefore needing a diverse cast to help with the maingame.

Main Characters

Character Real Name Voice Actor Storyrole
Batman (Codename: Batman Unchained) Terrence McGinnis Will Friedle The new Batman in place of Bruce Wayne, Terrence McGinnis spent several years training overseas with the same martial arts master that trained the former; after coming back (a few weeks before the events of this title) to find that Bruce had activated Knightfall and "died", Terry spent a few weeks building and modifying his own Batsuit for battle.

(Go here for Terry's audio files.)

Red Robin Carrie Kelley Ashley Johnson
Gray Ghost ("Ghost") Unknown Kevin Conroy
Arkham King Jeremiah Arkham Richard Doyle

Supporting Characters

Side Mission Characters

Character Real Name Voice Actor Side Mission Storyrole
Mad Hatter Jervis Tetch Peter MacNicol Down the Rabbit Hole
Calculator Noah Kuttler Tracy W. Bush Calculation Extortions
King Snake Edmund Dorrance Steve Blum Clash of the TITAN
Anarky Lonnie Machin Matthew Mercer Uncivil War
The Judge Harvey Dent Troy Baker Judgement Day
Firefly Garfield Lynns Crispin Freeman Pyromania

The Arkham King's Army


For a more detailed account of the main story and the postgame chapters, see Story.

Gotham has been without Batman for 7 years now; criminals like Penguin and Two-Face have had little to fear now that the shadow that stood between criminals has faded. Innocent lives have been threatened; vigilantes like Red Hood are able to stifle some of the criminals, but still, while under cover of darkness, the scum continue to multiply like germs with little to no trouble at all.

But now things are different; lately, thugs have been found strung up, beaten, crippled by fear, even stuck to the wall by a strange adhesive; police have found little to nothing at the scenes of these crimes, save for a weapon that subtlely resembles a Batarang. Doubts arise on Bruce Wayne's death, but some still argue that the explosion at Wayne Manor killed him; all the signs and rumors point to one figure: a brand-new Batman.

The challenge maps consist of various areas found throughout Gotham during the course of the adventure; each usually consisting of either combat challenges or predator sequences and having various levels of difficulty.

(More Coming Soon)

Side Missions

Down the Rabbit Hole (Mad Hatter)

Calculation Extortion (Calculator)

Clash of the TITAN (King Snake)

Uncivil War (Anarky)

Judgement Day (The Judge)

Flight School (A.R. Training)

Pyromania (Firefly, VR Mission)

The Secret of Gotham (Post-Game Mystery Mission)



Name Uses Upgrades Description
Armor Upgrades
  • Protection from Combat attacks
  • Protection from Firearm attacks
  • Armor Lvl 1
  • Armor Lvl 2
  • Armor Lvl 3
  • Armor Lvl 4
Though the Batsuit can take a lot of punishment before Terry suffers any fatal injuries, he won't be able to take many hits before he loses consciousness; that's where the armor upgrades come in.
  • Armor Lvl 1 - Provides a 25% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Armor Lvl 2 - Provides a 50% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Armor Lvl 3 - Provides a 75% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Armor Lvl 4 - Provides a 100% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Traversion across Gotham
  • Shock Wave Attack
  • Glide Boost Attack
  • Ricochet Attack
  • Aerial Gadgets (x5)
An upgrade compared to the simple gliding ability that Batman had in past games, Terry was able to construct a gigantic pair of bat-wings through nanofiber and bio-organic circuitry; these wings allow for quicker traversion of Gotham, as well as better manueverability.
  • Shock Wave Attack - When Batman performs a mid-air dive into a group of thugs, he can sometimes release a kinetic shockwave that knocks down all foes in range.
  • Glide Boost Attack - When locked on to a specific thug, if Batman dives toward the goon, he can boost toward at a powerful speed, hitting him with such force, the foe is knocked out. This attack works for every standard-sized goon (Martial Artists, Medics, Combat Experts, etc.); Brutes and Enforcers are unaffected.
  • Ricochet Attack - During a Flight Kick attack, if Batman dives and locks on to multiple goons, he can bounce off up to 5 goons before landing, doing damage and knocking them down.
  • Aerial Gadgets - Over long distances, sometimes Batman will have the chance to start a combat sequence early by softening up the foes with his gadgets: he can toss Batarangs, shoot the REC, throw Freeze Blasts, and start the fight with a Batclaw attack.
B.A.T. Mode
  • Doing more Damage in Combat
  • Powering up Gadgets in Combat
  • B.A.T. Power Boost
  • B.A.T. Charge Reduction
  • B.A.T. Ultimate Strike (Combat)
  • B.A.T. Gadget Supercharge (Combat)
Detective Vision
  • Scanning Enviromental Quirks
  • Searching for Enemies and Objects
Fear Multi-Takedown
  • Taking Down Multiple Foes in Quick Succession
  • Fear Multi-Takedown x4
  • Fear Multi-Takedown x5
Special Combo Moves
  • Variation in Combat
  • Finishing a Fight Faster
  • Bat Swarm
  • Ground Multi-Takedown
  • Disarm and Destroy
  • Enviroment Takedown
Cloaking Device
  • Sneaking in Predator

Name Uses Upgrades Description
  • Hitting Switches
  • Knocking down Foes
  • Multi-Batarang
Remote Batarang
  • Hitting enclosed switches.
  • Sending foes flying (when fully boosted)
  • Reverse Batarang
Explosive Gel
  • Destroying Weak Walls
  • Creating Explosive Traps
  • Explosive Chain
  • Pulling down Grates
  • Grabbing Objects
  • Tearing Down Weak Walls (Ultra Batclaw)
  • Ultra Batclaw
Line Launcher
  • Traversing Gaps
  • Maneuvering through Puzzles
  • 4-way Tightrope
Remote Hacking Device
  • Hacking Security Panels
  • Triggering Enviromental Traps
  • RHD Hacking Strength
Remote Electrical Charge
  • Powering Up Machinery
  • Shocking Foes
  • Tri-Shot Charge
Freeze Blast
  • Stopping up Steam Vents
  • Creating Ice Rafts on Water
  • Freeze Cluster Grenade
  • Freeze Proximity Mine
Voice Synthesizer
  • Giving Orders to Foes
  • Opening Voice-Activated Locks
Sonic Boom
  • Knocking Down Foes
  • Breaking Tough Glass Structures
  • Instant Knockout
  • Creating Distractions
  • Hacking Isloated Panels
  • Extended Fly Time
  • Surprise Attack
Remote Claw Mark II
  • Creating Tightropes
  • Disorienting Foes
  • Stringing up Foes (with Heavy Reel Ammo)
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 1
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 2

Gotham City

Being the primary setting for almost all of the Arkham games, Gotham has been seen in many perspectives throughout the games:

  • Arkham Asylum had Arkham Island, which wasn't home to just an asylum. It had a Medical Facility, Intensive Treatment Building, Penitentiary, Botanical Gardens, and even a hidden Batcave (which will come into play in Beyond, btw).
  • Arkham City had an old, worn-down piece of Gotham, with a monument to Gotham's past as well.
  • Arkham Origins had the same area as City, but polished and new since it takes place 10 years before City, as well as a new island with new neighborhoods and areas to explore.
  • And Arkham Knight introduced players to central Gotham, 3 islands northeast of the City and Origins locales: Bleake, Miagani and Founders'.

In Beyond, all those islands and neighborhoods return, as well as another new locale for Gotham: mainland Gotham, consisting of the Historic District, Cape Carmine, Blackgate Peninsula and Robinson park for exploration.

Bleake Island

One of the duller areas of Gotham, Bleake Island is home to the GCPD lockup, Gotham's Chinatown, and Panessa Studios, formerly one of Gotham's premeire movie-making locales.

Neighborhood Landmarks Gang in Control Description
The Cauldron
  • GCPD 9th Precint/Lockup
  • Gotham Clocktower
  • The Cauldron Fire Station
  • Falcone Shipping Yard
  • Bank of Gotham, Chinatown Branch
Panessa Studios
  • Movie Studios
  • Dixon Docks West
Harley's Crew

Miagani Island

Neighborhood Landmarks Gang in Control Description
Grand Avenue
  • Grand Avenue Station
  • Pauli's Diner
  • Bristol Fire Station
  • Elliot Memorial Hospital
  • Ranelagh Ferry Terminal
  • Bank of Gotham, Kingston Branch
  • Miagani Botanical Gardens
Wayne Tower
  • Wayne Tower Penthouse

Founders' Island

Neighborhood Landmarks Gang in Control Description
Ryker Heights
  • Lexcorp Gotham HQ
  • R. H. Kane Building
  • CityVision Building
  • Arkham Knight's Former HQ
  • Cobblepot Manor
  • Gothcorp Building
  • Otisburg Fire Station
  • Divinity Church
  • Bank of Gotham, Drescher Branch
Bane's Crew
Port Adams
  • Divinity Church Subway Line
Bane's Crew

Old Gotham

Neighborhood Landmarks Gang in Control Description
The Bowery
  • Cyrus Pinkney Museum of Natural History
  • Bank of Gotham, Bowery Branch
The Judge's Jury
Park Row
  • Solomon Wayne Courthouse
The Judge's Jury
Amusement Mile
  • GCPD 11th Precint
Industrial District
  • Steelwords, Gotham Division

New Gotham

Neighborhood Landmarks Gang in Control Description
The Coventry
  • My Alibi Nightclub
  • Lacey Towers
Diamond District
  • Gotham Royal Hotel
  • Bank of Gotham, Burnley Branch
  • GCPD 5th Precint

Mainland Gotham

Neighborhood Landmarks Gang in Control Description
Historic District
  • Gotham City Hall
Cathedral Square
  • St. Peter's Cathedral
One Gotham Center
  • The Knightsdome Arena
Cape Carmine
  • Cape Carmine Lighthouse
  • Dixon Docks South
Robinson Park
  • Forum of the Twelve Caesars
Blackgate Peninsula
  • Blackgate Shopping Mall

Arkham Island



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