Batman: Arkham Beyond
Developer(s) Rocksteady Studios, Phazonworks
Platform(s) PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Age Rating(s)
Teen, Pegi 16 (Violence, Mild Language, Use of Tobacco, Alchohol Referrence, Mildly Suggestive Dialogue)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Beat 'Em Up, Stealth
Series Batman: Arkham
Predecessor Batman: Arkham Knight (alternate timeline)

Batman: Arkham Beyond is an action-adventure, beat-'em-up game released for PlayStation 4 (and the PlayStation VR by extension), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (with each console having system-exclusive content, including costumes); set 7 years after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, Bruce Wayne has retired from the mantle of Batman, with new hero Terry McGinnis under the cowl and defending Gotham in a new and improved Batsuit. And he's been doing a pretty good job of it, putting away the rogues gallery, both new villains and old.

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Cast & Characters

Batman: Arkham Beyond is a diverse game, therefore needing a diverse cast to help with the maingame.

Main Characters

Character Real Name Voice Actor Storyrole
Batman (Codename: Batman Unchained) Terrence McGinnis Will Friedle The new Batman in place of Bruce Wayne, Terrence McGinnis spent several years training overseas with the same martial arts master that trained the former; after coming back (a few weeks before the events of this title) to find that Bruce had activated Knightfall and "died", Terry spent a few weeks building and modifying his own Batsuit for battle.

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Red Robin Carrie Kelley Ashley Johnson
Gray Ghost ("Ghost") Unknown Kevin Conroy
Arkham King Jeremiah Arkham Richard Doyle

Supporting Characters

Side Mission Characters

Character Real Name Voice Actor Side Mission Storyrole
Mad Hatter Jervis Tetch Peter MacNicol Down the Rabbit Hole
Calculator Noah Kuttler Tracy W. Bush Calculation Extortions
King Snake Edmund Dorrance Steve Blum Clash of the TITAN

The Arkham King's Army


For a more detailed account of the main story and the postgame chapters, see Story.

Gotham has been without Batman for 7 years now; criminals like Penguin and Two-Face have had little to fear now that the shadow that stood between criminals has faded. Innocent lives have been threatened; vigilantes like Red Hood are able to stifle some of the criminals, but still, while under cover of darkness, the scum continue to multiply like germs with little to no trouble at all.

But now things are different; lately, thugs have been found strung up, beaten, crippled by fear, even stuck to the wall by a strange adhesive; police have found little to nothing at the scenes of these crimes, save for a weapon that subtlely resembles a Batarang. Doubts arise on Bruce Wayne's death, but some still argue that the explosion at Wayne Manor killed him; all the signs and rumors point to one figure: a brand-new Batman.

The challenge maps consist of various areas found throughout Gotham during the course of the adventure; each usually consisting of either combat challenges or predator sequences and having various levels of difficulty.



Multiplayer (Switch-Exclusive)

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Side Missions

Down the Rabbit Hole (Mad Hatter)

Calculation Extortion (Calculator)

Clash of the TITAN (King Snake)

Pyromania (Firefly)

Flight School (A.R. Training)

The Secret of Gotham (Post-Game Mystery Mission)



Name Uses Upgrades Description
Armor Upgrades
  • Protection from Combat attacks
  • Protection from Firearm attacks
  • Armor Lvl 1
  • Armor Lvl 2
  • Armor Lvl 3
  • Armor Lvl 4
Though the Batsuit can take a lot of punishment before Terry suffers any fatal injuries, he won't be able to take many hits before he loses consciousness; that's where the armor upgrades come in.
  • Armor Lvl 1 - Provides a 25% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Armor Lvl 2 - Provides a 50% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Armor Lvl 3 - Provides a 75% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Armor Lvl 4 - Provides a 100% protection increase from combat and firearms.
  • Traversion across Gotham
  • Shock Wave Attack
  • Glide Boost Attack
  • Ricochet Attack
  • Aerial Gadgets (x5)
An upgrade compared to the simple gliding ability that Batman had in past games, Terry was able to construct a gigantic pair of bat-wings through nanofiber and bio-organic circuitry; these wings allow for quicker traversion of Gotham, as well as better manueverability.
  • Shock Wave Attack - When Batman performs a mid-air dive into a group of thugs, he can sometimes release a kinetic shockwave that knocks down all foes in range.
  • Glide Boost Attack - When locked on to a specific thug, if Batman dives toward the goon, he can boost toward at a powerful speed, hitting him with such force, the foe is knocked out. This attack works for every standard-sized goon (Martial Artists, Medics, Combat Experts, etc.); Brutes and Enforcers are unaffected.
  • Ricochet Attack - During a Flight Kick attack, if Batman dives and locks on to multiple goons, he can bounce off up to 5 goons before landing, doing damage and knocking them down.
  • Aerial Gadgets - Over long distances, sometimes Batman will have the chance to start a combat sequence early by softening up the foes with his gadgets: he can toss Batarangs, shoot the REC, throw Freeze Blasts, and start the fight with a Batclaw attack.
B.A.T. Mode
  • Doing more Damage in Combat
  • Powering up Gadgets in Combat
  • B.A.T. Power Boost
  • B.A.T. Charge Reduction
  • B.A.T. Ultimate Strike (Combat)
  • B.A.T. Gadget Supercharge (Combat)
  • B.A.T. Fear Multi-Takedown (Predator/Combat)
A special mode implemented from a prototype armor system Bruce tested in Arkham City, the B.A.T. (Battle-Armored Tech) Mode is a special state that Terry can access via his Batsuit; when the shock-absorbing B.A.T. Plates in the armor build up enough kinetic energy (either by punching or being punched), Terry can unleash that stored-up energy through his punches and gadgetry to create chaos in standard combat. This does damage to every type of foe, as it makes every punch Batman gives punch through any shield, armor, etc.
  • B.A.T. Power Boost - Punches in B.A.T. Mode do more damage.
  • B.A.T. Charge Reduction - B.A.T. Mode charges quicker over time.
  • B.A.T. Ultimate Strike - This is more than just a simple upgrade for the B.A.T. Mode; when both the combo meter and the B.A.T. charge are full, Batman can unleash a devastating punch on a single foe. This devastating punch will knock out any goon of your choosing (Weapon Brutes, Enforcers, Venom Users, or that one goon who just annoys the crap outta you).
  • B.A.T. Gadget Supercharge - When the combo meter is full, Batman can take advantage of the B.A.T. plating power and supercharge one of his gadgets to a spectacularly effective level.
  • B.A.T. Fear Multi-Takedown - After Terry masters Fear Multi-Takedowns, the B.A.T. Mode shines through again and allows him another option: Fear Takedown up to 5 close together foes, or Fear-Takedown with full B.A.T. Power and defeat any 3 foes in the area (Minigunners excluded).
Detective Vision
  • Scanning Enviromental Quirks
  • Searching for Enemies and Objects
None At just the flick of a switch, Batman activates a special mode of sight that points out unusual objects in the enviroment, different kinds of enemies, and other noticeable things in the enviroment. Some foes do have a device that can lock on to the signal emitted by Detective Mode, or have a jammer to mess with detective mode, or just have Optic Deflection armor to hide from Detective Mode altogether, so Detective Mode isn't the most effecient way to search for enemies.
Fear Multi-Takedown
  • Taking Down Multiple Foes in Quick Succession
  • Fear Multi-Takedown x4
  • Fear Multi-Takedown x5
Special Combo Moves
  • Variation in Combat
  • Finishing a Fight Faster
  • Bat Swarm
  • Ground Multi-Takedown
  • Disarm and Destroy
  • Enviroment Takedown
Cloaking Device
  • Sneaking in Predator

Name Uses Upgrades Description
  • Hitting Switches
  • Knocking down Foes
  • Multi-Batarang
One of Batman's most trusted gadgets, the Batarang is a simple weapon: a collapsible boomerang in the shape of a bat, it's aerodynamic and great in combat, as they can be thrown in 3 consecutive shots. When combat-supercharged, a thrown Batarang explodes, knocking out the target and flooring nearby foes.
  • Multi-Batarang - At a quick flick of a wrist, Batman can throw 2 or even 3 aimed Batarangs at once, giving more targets for the battle.
Remote Batarang
  • Hitting enclosed switches.
  • Sending foes flying (when fully boosted)
  • Reverse Batarang
Often at times, Batman will find a switch that's closed off to normal Batarang throws, which is where this remote-controlled Batarang comes in; the Remote Batarang is capable of traveling through vents, boosting, slowing down, even making U-turns. The Batscanner seen throughout the story is an upgraded version of the Remote Batarang and is capable of scanning every corner of Gotham from up high above.
  • Reverse Batarang - This special function allows a pre-programmed Remote Batarang to U-turn in midair behind an unsuspecting foe and strike them from behind, often knocking them down. Knock them down near an unguarded ledge or ladder end, and they won't know what hit them. They won't, they'll be out before they hit the ground.
Explosive Gel
  • Destroying Weak Walls
  • Creating Explosive Traps
  • Explosive Chain

A simple substance dispensed through a handheld tool, Explosive Gel is a special type of C4 explosive easily dispensed to create a controlled explosion. Controlled explosions like that can destroy weak walls, surprise foes, or in combat, stun goons (with the B.A.T. supercharge, it acts as a flashbang grenade). When combat-supercharged, the quickfire Explosive Gel acts as a gigantic flashbang, stunning all foes within the radius.

  • Explosive Chain - An upgrade to Explosive Gel's normal capacity, Explosive Chain ups the amount of Explosive placements from 3 to 5.
  • Pulling down Grates
  • Grabbing Objects
  • Tearing Down Weak Walls (Ultra Batclaw)
  • Ultra Batclaw
A specialized grapnel attachment that has integrated into Terry's wrist in the Batsuit, the Batclaw launches a special claw which grapples on to various objects: metal rings (for pulling certain rafts), grabbing foes, collecting Info Datapacks, or tearing off vent covers. When combat-supercharged, the Batclaw can grab a foe and groundslam them, knocking them out and startling others nearby.
  • Ultra Batclaw - An upgrade received during the story, the Ultra Batclaw can grab 3 foes at once, pull down vents faster, and even tear down certain weak walls, above the reach of Explosive Gel.
Line Launcher
  • Traversing Gaps
  • Maneuvering through Puzzles
  • 4-Way Tightrope
A simple mechanism that Bruce has been using for years upon years, the Line Launcher received a significant step up from its original usage: it can still travel over gaps and re-aim to switch directions mid-zipline, but with a new twist: you can now aim it vertically as well as horizontally to create brand-new angles to travel.
  • 4-Way Tightrope - With this new Line Launcher capable of travelling up and down thanks to an extra pair of lines, it can also create horizontal tightropes like before, but now in the shape of a Plus sign if you want to create more walking room.
Remote Hacking Device
  • Hacking Security Panels
  • Triggering Enviromental Traps
  • RHD Hacking Strength
The next-generation version of the Cryptographic Sequencer, the Remote Hacking Device takes tech hijacking to the next level: Batman can decrypt various password-protected panels with no trouble at all. It also lets him trigger certain things in the enviroment, like doors, machinery, or even exploding unstable objects (generators, chemicals, etc.).
  • RHD Hacking Strength - Just what the title says; it increases the power of the RHD's ability to hack panels.
Remote Electrical Charge
  • Powering Up Machinery
  • Shocking Foes
  • Tri-Shot Charge
A gadget that Batman scavenged in Arkham City, Terry modded the Remote Electrical Charge (REC) prototype to collapse into his right gauntlet as a wrist blaster of sorts; this handy little shooter can fire electric pulse shots that can activate machinery or shock an unsuspecting foe. It even disables Detective Mode Jammers for a bit. When combat-supercharged, the REC fires an electric pulse that chains off onto other foes, stunning them for a duration.
  • Tri-Shot Charge - Ups the power of the REC's shots by enabling it to fire 3 shots at once; the charge duration is 3 times the normal shot as a result.
Smoke Pellet
  • Dazing Foes
  • Escaping from Goons
  • Smoke Pellet Mark-II
Often times, Terry will find himself cornered by a couple of trained gunmen; seems like he will have nowhere to go, until he drops a Smoke Pellet to cover his escape and daze his attackers. Speaking of dazing attackers, the Smoke Pellet also can be thrown to make enemies vunerable to a takedown, be it Silent or Fear.
  • Smoke Pellet Mark-II - Smoke volume and duration is doubled.
Freeze Blast
  • Stopping up Steam Vents
  • Creating Ice Rafts on Water
  • Freeze Cluster Grenade
  • Freeze Proximity Mine
A special kind of grenade achieved from Freeze-made technology, the Freeze Blast when thrown can encase any target it hits in ice, making it a handy immobilizer; the payload being a sub-zero cryogenic fluid, it can also create rafts of ice in deep-enough bodies of water. When combat-supercharged, the Freeze Blast gets a much wider blast radius, freezing almost every nearby foe and taking them out of the fight until struck.
  • Freeze Cluster Grenade - While this bulkier and wider-ranged Freeze Blast has limited throwing arcs, the Freeze Cluster Grenade can trap multiple foes in ice, but only at the feet, leaving them able to move their arms, so they can counter-attack.
  • Freeze Proximity Mine - An upgrade for both types of Freeze Blast, the Proximity Mine can make any grenade, when missing any foe, a landmine that freezes any enemy nearby when detonating. How a foe is frozen depends on the grenade thrown.
Voice Synthesizer
  • Giving Orders to Foes
  • Opening Voice-Activated Locks
None A gadget fashioned from the remains of a voice-changing headset, the Voice Synthesizer helped Bruce get through his last night as Batman; and Terry using it is just the start of it all. It lets Batman order around foes with the synthesized voice of their boss, and more often than not get them in a position that can benefit Batman greatly. But it only works on foes with communication headsets.
Sonic Boom
  • Knocking Down Foes
  • Breaking Tough Glass Structures
  • Instant Knockout
A small handheld sound cannon, the Sonic Boom is lightweight and can fire a powerful sonic blast capable of putting dents in cars; this powerful blast can shatter any type of glass obstacle, as well as knock down foes with the force of a shot (and leaving them with a nasty case of Tinnitus). When combat-supercharged, the Sonic Boom can create a shockwave that floors all foes around to the same equivalent of a Super Stun.
  • Instant Knockout - When charged enough, the Sonic Boom can incapacitate any foe it hits; however, the sound will give away Batman's position when the Sonic Boom is fired.
Slip Bomb
  • Trip Enemies
  • Loosen Rusted Machinery
  • Ground Duration
A special gel compound put inside a Smoke Pellet-sized capsule, the Slip Bomb spreads a special lubricant that can loosen any old, rusted machinery or trip up unsuspecting foes; pair this with the REC, and you have a shocking trap for any foe stupid enough to step in it. When combat-supercharged, the Slip Bomb will coat a target and 2 others nearby in the lubricant, causing them to slip and fall constantly. This can affect Combat Experts, Martial Artists, and even Brutes!
  • Ground Duration - Just what the name says; lets the gel stay on the ground longer.
  • Creating Distractions
  • Hacking Isloated Panels
  • Extended Fly Time
  • Surprise Attack
Based off the Boa Drone technology that the Arkham Knight's army had, the Bat-Drone carries a minaturized version of the Remote Hacking Device for hacking panels in an unaccessible spot to Batman; although it seems handy, it has limited range and fly time, so it can't be used for everything. It can be used for spying and hacking, but that's about it outside of upgrades.
  • Extended Fly Time - Fly time is doubled; what were you expecting? Laughing Gas?
  • Surprise Attack - With a hidden military-grade taser added in the Bat-Drone's body, the Bat-Drone can now fire an arc of electricity that can instantly knock out a foe, but if in predator, goons will come rushing out of curiousity.
Remote Claw Mark II
  • Creating Tightropes
  • Disorienting Foes
  • Stringing up Foes (with Heavy Reel Ammo)
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 1
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 2
Though Bruce obtained the Remote Claw 18 years before Beyond, he didn't use it extensively afterward; Terry changed that by adding the Remote Claw Mark II integration to his suit. He can now fire the Remote Claw ammo from a shoulder-mounted launcher whenever he wants, and the Heavy Reel Ammo (3 base ammo slots) can string foes up from vantage points similar to the inverted takedown.
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 1 - Adds a fourth ammo slot.
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 2 - Adds a fifth ammo slot.

Console-Exclusive Content

Name Console Accesories (if any) Description
VR Flight Training PlayStation 4 PlayStation VR
Xbox One
Local Multiplayer Nintendo Switch
  • Pro Controller (optional)
Thanks to the 8-player possibilities of the Nintendo Switch, Arkham Beyond has a new local multiplayer mode, where up to 8 Batmen can cooperate on massive multiplayer maps involving simple goals: securing locations, navigating massive Predator maps, group races, seek-and-defeat combat maps and capture the flag.

Like in the game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, each Batman has a different color scheme to distinguish them from the others, and like the popular Smash Bros. games, each player can choose the skin they want to use:

  • Black, Gray & Red - Default color scheme; based on Batman Beyond from both this game and the classic animated series.
  • Red, Yellow & Black - Based on Tim Drake's Robin.
  • Silver, Gray & Red - Based on Azrael.
  • Black, Blue & Silver - Based on Nightwing.
  • Yellow, Purple & Black - Based on Batgirl.
  • Green, Purple & Yellow - Based on the Joker.
  • Purple, Black & Blue - Based on Catwoman.
  • Red, Blue & Gray - Based on Superman.

Gotham City

Being the primary setting for almost all of the Arkham games, Gotham has been seen in many perspectives throughout the games:

  • Arkham Asylum had Arkham Island, which wasn't home to just an asylum. It had a Medical Facility, Intensive Treatment Building, Penitentiary, Botanical Gardens, and even a hidden Batcave (which will come into play in Beyond, btw).
  • Arkham City had an old, worn-down piece of Gotham, with a monument to Gotham's past as well.
  • Arkham Origins had the same area as City, but polished and new since it takes place 10 years before City, as well as a new island with new neighborhoods and areas to explore.
  • And Arkham Knight introduced players to central Gotham, 3 islands northeast of the City and Origins locales: Bleake, Miagani and Founders'.

In Beyond, all those islands and neighborhoods return, as well as another new locale for Gotham: mainland Gotham, consisting of the Historic District, Cape Carmine, Blackgate Peninsula and Robinson park for exploration.

Bleake Island

One of the duller areas of Gotham, Bleake Island is home to the GCPD lockup, Gotham's Chinatown, and Panessa Studios, formerly one of Gotham's premeire movie-making locales.

Neighborhood Landmarks Description
The Cauldron
  • GCPD 9th Precint/Lockup
  • Gotham Clocktower
  • The Cauldron Fire Station
  • Falcone Shipping Yard
  • Bank of Gotham, Chinatown Branch
Panessa Studios
  • Movie Studios
  • Dixon Docks West

Miagani Island

Neighborhood Landmarks Description
Grand Avenue
  • Grand Avenue Station
  • Pauli's Diner
  • Bristol Fire Station
  • Elliot Memorial Hospital
  • Ranelagh Ferry Terminal
  • Bank of Gotham, Kingston Branch
  • Miagani Botanical Gardens
Wayne Tower
  • Wayne Tower Penthouse

Founders' Island

Neighborhood Landmarks Description
Ryker Heights
  • Lexcorp Gotham HQ
  • R. H. Kane Building
  • CityVision Building
  • Arkham Knight's Former HQ
  • Cobblepot Manor
  • Gothcorp Building
  • Otisburg Fire Station
  • Divinity Church
  • Bank of Gotham, Drescher Branch
Port Adams
  • Divinity Church Subway Line

Old Gotham

Neighborhood Landmarks Description
The Bowery
  • Cyrus Pinkney Museum of Natural History
  • Bank of Gotham, Bowery Branch
Park Row
  • Solomon Wayne Courthouse
Amusement Mile
  • GCPD 11th Precint
Industrial District
  • Steelwords, Gotham Division

New Gotham

Neighborhood Landmarks Description
The Coventry
  • My Alibi Nightclub
  • Lacey Towers
Diamond District
  • Gotham Royal Hotel
  • Bank of Gotham, Burnley Branch
  • GCPD 5th Precint

Mainland Gotham

Neighborhood Landmarks Description
Historic District
  • Gotham City Hall
  • GCPD Headquarters
Cathedral Square
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
One Gotham Center
  • The Knightsdome Arena
Cape Carmine
  • Cape Carmine Lighthouse
  • Dixon Docks South
  • Gotham Mercy General Hospital
Robinson Park
  • Forum of the Twelve Caesars
Blackgate Peninsula
  • Blackgate Shopping Mall

Arkham Island