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Batman: Arkham Beyond
Developer(s) Rocksteady Studios, Phazonworks
Platform(s) Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac OS, Linux
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Beat 'Em Up, Stealth
Age Rating(s)
Teen, Pegi 16 (Violence, Mild Language, Use of Tobacco, Alchohol Referrence, Mildly Suggestive Dialogue)

Batman: Arkham Beyond is a 2017 action-adventure game developed by a collaboration of Rocksteady Studios and Phazonworks Engineering. It is the sequel to the 2015 game Batman: Arkham Knight, and is the newest sequel in the Batman: Arkham series; the game is planned for release by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac OS, and Linux. Currently scheduled for a mid-2017 release for home consoles, the Mac OS and Linux releases are scheduled for release a few months after; DLC is also planned for this, and a special Ultimate Armor Edition will be released carrying all DLC, as well as new added content, alternate costumes, and an extra storyline.

Set 3 years after the events of Arkham Knight, Arkham Beyond shows what has happened to Gotham without the shadow of the Batman looming over it: criminals have become somewhat bolder in the past few years, often taking over entire neighborhoods, ironically some of them belonging to what used to be Arkham City; the police are doing the best of what they are able to do under the regulations, but not all of the criminals can be caught by the cops. But recently, the cops have been finding suspects in horrible shape as of late: broken arms, strung up unconscious, bruises, cracked ribs, stuck to the walls of buildings, all of the scum bearing a strange new symbol resembling the old bat-symbol; but with Bruce Wayne gone, doubts surface about the possibility of this new defender. The signs all point to one thing: a new Batman in Gotham.

Cast & Characters

Batman: Arkham Beyond is a diverse game, therefore needing a diverse cast to help with the maingame.

Main Characters

Character Real Name Voice Actor Storyrole
Batman (Codename: Batman Unchained) Terrence McGinnis Will Friedle The new Batman in place of Bruce Wayne, Terrence McGinnis spent several years training overseas with the same martial arts master that trained the former; after coming back (a few weeks before the events of this title) to find that Bruce had activated Knightfall and "died", Terry spent a few weeks building and modifying his own Batsuit for battle.

(Go here for Terry's audio files.)

Red Robin Carrie Kelley Ashley Johnson

While she doesn't initially become the Red Robin until after the initial story, Carrie was the first to spot the new Batman (who turned out to be her old friend Terry McGinnis) at the renaming of Wayne International Plaza, and then got kidnapped by Penguin's crew and tortured at the Seagate, only to learn that Terry was the new Batman; determined to help him in his war no matter what the cost, Carrie then later approached Nightwing with a request that he teach her everything he knew.

Two months later, she's now the Red Robin, with Tim's trademark Bo Staff modified for new and special tasks; equipped with Robin's traditional gadgets such as the Bullet Shield, the Snap-Flash and the Zip Kick, she has her own set of tools, too, like Dick, Jason and Tim before her: the Glue Grenade, the Remote Claw, the Explosive Gel Pod and even the Shock Gloves that the Electrocutioner once wore.

Gray Ghost ("Ghost") Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy Hidden underground in a secret Batcave since the events of Arkham Knight, Bruce Wayne had been monitoring the criminal underground for years, but had been unable to do anything about it since no-one knew he was stll alive, but when Terry returned to Gotham after 2 years of absence, Bruce chose to guide him from the shadows as his mysterious contact, the Gray Ghost (after his favorite TV icon).
Arkham King Jeremiah Arkham Richard Doyle Driven to the edge after losing his family's namesake Asylum to the Sharp family even though he originally planned to reopen it, Jeremiah Arkham adopted the persona of the Arkham King and gained a strong grip on Gotham's underworld as he controlled the arms race in the series, supplying guns, tanks, armors and even full containers of TITAN. But, in the end, Arkham was dethroned by the new Batman and locked up in his own Asylum, named after Bruce Wayne when it was reopened. 

Supporting Characters

Character Real Name Voice Actor Storyrole
Nightwing Richard Grayson Scott Porter
Oracle Barbara Gordon-Drake Ashley Greene
Red Hood Jason Todd Troy Baker
Azrael Michael Lane Khary Payton A while back, when Tim Drake was killed at Two-Face's hands, Azrael promised his widow Barbara that he would bring in Two-Face to face his crimes; he later brought that promise to fruitioin when Terry subdued Two-Face during the game's events and left him for the proper authorities, which in this case was Azrael.
Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Nolan North
Two-Face Harvey Dent Troy Baker

The Arkham Knights

While some of the Arkham Knights were willing and hired hands to the Arkham King's scheme, others were forced by various control methods to become his loyal soldiers.

Character Real Name Voice Actor Storyrole
Clayface (by technicality) Basil Karlo Rick D. Wasserman
Deathstroke Slade Wilson Mark Rolston Hired by the Arkham King to guard the main facilities he has around Gotham, the World's Greatest Assasin (false advertising much?) runs into the new Batman twice, having his keycard stolen during the first encounter and being totally defeated the second time. (Fun fact: the second fight takes place on the Batwing's top)
Prometheus Unknown Christopher Daniel Barnes

A dark reflection of Batman's own backstory, when Prometheus was just a boy, his free-to-be-me criminal parents were gunned down by cops right in front of him, and since then he swore to destroy the law.

Prometheus has the skills to do it, and the gear, too, as his helmet lets him emulate the moves and fighting styles of the world's greatest martial artists; but, Terry got the upper hand when he hacked the helmet to emulate Stephen Hawking, a physically motionless person, which left Prometheus disabled from the waist-down and lying on the ground, just waiting for the GCPD to lock him up.

Harley Quinn Harleen Quinzel Tara Strong
Killer Croc Waylon Jones Steven Blum A surprising contrast from his appearance in Arkham Knight, Croc looks almost the same as he did in Asylum, save for his claws which look more shredder-like than usual; but once again fitted with a shock collar (with a notably higher voltage), Croc was forced to fight the new Batman on the Arkham King's island in the sewer system, but afterward, Batman took him back to Gotham where he escaped.
Solomon Grundy Cyrus Gold Fred Tatasciore The sole victim of an early model Lazarus Pit, murderer Cyrus Gold cheats death yet again, as he is found below the Arkham Palace with a Lazarus-powered life-support system keeping him alive, but also vunerable; when Terry faced off with him, all he had to do was freeze the pumping mechanism (in place of his heart) with Freeze Blasts to weaken Grundy enough to leave him vunerable to a beatdown. Afterward, Batman used a quick shot with the REC to overload the mechanism and when Grundy was at his weakest, Batman used a dab of Explosive Gel to finish him off, presumably for the last time, especially considering that the cavern was destroyed when the self-destruct sequence took out the island with Grundy on it.
Hammer & Sickle The Abramovici Twins Fred Tatasciore (Hammer), Steven Blum (Sickle)

Penguin's Suicide Squad

In order to break him out of Wayne Asylum, Penguin contracted several known mercenaries to help him escape the confines of the Asylum.

Character Real Name Voice Actor Storyrole
Deathstroke Slade Wilson Mark Rolston Two months after his humiliation at the hands of the new Batman, Penguin hired him to help him break out of Wayne Asylum while the other members caused riots that would serve as a distraction for the guards; although initially reluctant, Deathstroke signed on at the hopes of he would finally be able to beat the new Batman that humiliated him months before.
Firefly Garfield Lynns Crispin Freeman Causing a panic by starting fires in the Isley Botanical Gardens (named after Poison Ivy when she died saving the city), Firefly was really eager to cause chaos again for the citizens of Gotham.
Killer Croc Waylon Jones

Steven Blum

Although still furious with Arkham for turning him into a collar-controlled attack dog, Croc was willing to help Penguin escape from the Island in exchange for eating a couple security guards and henchman.
Prometheus Unknown Christopher Daniel Barnes Still bitter from his encounter with Batman two months ago, Prometheus strives to bring down the law, and intends to do that with Cobblepot's resources.
Deadshot Floyd Lawton Chris Cox Keeping his shots open in the Courtyard, Deadshot guards the island from the ground; but unfortunately his vantage point prevents him from checking behind him, which presents a prime opportunity for a sneak-behind takedown.


For a more detailed account of the main story and the postgame chapters, see Story.

Gotham has been without Batman for 3 years now; criminals like Penguin and Two-Face have had little to fear now that the shadow that stood between criminals has faded. Innocent lives have been threatened; vigilantes like Red Hood are able to stifle some of the criminals, but still, while under cover of darkness, the scum continue to multiply like germs with little to no trouble at all.

But now things are different; lately, thugs have been found strung up, beaten, crippled by fear, even stuck to the wall by a strange adhesive; police have found little to nothing at the scenes of these crimes, save for a weapon that subtlely resembles a Batarang. Doubts arise on Bruce Wayne's death, but some still argue that the explosion at Wayne Manor killed him; all the signs and rumors point to one figure: a brand-new Batman.

The challenge maps consist of various areas found throughout Gotham during the course of the adventure; each usually consisting of either combat challenges or predator sequences and having various levels of difficulty.

Combat (Thug Riots)

  • Rumble on the Roof (GCPD Building, Bleake Island) - Defeat the escaping goons.
  • Library of Madness (Arkham Library, Arkham Island) - Defeat the camping convicts in Arkham's old Library.
  • War of the Gangs (Diamond District, New Gotham) - Settle the war between Penguin and Two-Face's crew yourself.
  • The Final Stand (Park Row, Arkham City, Old Gotham) - This is the last stand of the many gang remnants of Gotham: The Arkham Inmates, Penguin's Enforcer Brutes, Two-Face's knife-fighters, Joker's Armored Grunts, Black Mask's Martial Artists, Bane's Venom-users and Scarecrow's Combat Experts. They've all teamed up for a mass attack on Gotham's innocent populous, and obviously they can't be allowed to escape. This is the final stand of Gotham's gangs, so armor up and get ready to fight for your life!

Predator (Crime in Progress)

  • Not-so Easy Money (Bank of Gotham, Kingston, Miagani Island)
  • Fun in the Sun (Seagate Amusement Park)
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

DLC Maps

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Part 1: Extortion Datapacks

Part 2: Network Relays

Part 3: Secret-Collecting Spydrones

Part 4: Drone Forces

Part 5: Calculator's Capture




Although Bruce's Batsuit was pretty advanced, Terry's new Batsuit is about a few steps ahead of Bruce's: tougher armor, add-on gadget functions, portable suit upgrading, the works.

Suit Functions
Name Upgrades Description
Detective Mode None Like in all the past Arkham games (Origins, Asylum, City and Knight), Batman's suit has a special vision that shows him various things throughout the enviroment: specific objects that require certain gadgets, oriented stuff in predator mode (like enemy heartrate, weapons and equipment, enviroment analysis) and hazardous obstacles.
Special Combo Moves
  • Ground Multi-Takedown
  • Bat Swarm
  • Combo Gadgets
    • Batarang Storm
    • Batclaw Takedown
    • REC Shockwave
    • Freeze-Blast Explosion
  • Disarm and Destroy
  • B.A.T. Power Strike
When Terry gets a rhythmic combo going to a high enough point, he can instantly take foes out with a special move or use one to inimidate his foes; while the basic takedown consists of twisting a limb or slamming a foe into the ground, there are four others he unlocks throughout:
  • Ground Multi-Takdown - With this, Terry can throw a flurry of Batarangs to incapacitate up to 5 foes at once.
  • Bat Swarm - This attack summons a swarm of bats to scare foes, stalling them in a large radius, and usually interrupting their planned attacks while doing so.
  • Disarm and Destroy - When used right, Batman can grab a weapon from a foe (gun, knife, stun baton, or shield) and render it useless by taking it apart, twisting it, or just simply breaking it.
  • B.A.T. Power Strike - This somewhat practical move lets Terry instantly consume the B.A.T.'s power meter and instantly take down any foe; this is particularly useful for Brutes, Venom-fueled Enforcers, Armored Goons, Martial Artists, Armored Brutes or even an Armored Enforcer Martial Artist Brute hopped-up on Venom (yes, there are seriously those; not in the main story, and a select few, but there are).
B.A.T. Mode
  • B.A.T. Mode MK.2
  • B.A.T. Mode MK.3
Special kinetic-dampener plates within the Batsuit allow for a special mode activated within combat: kinetic energy built up can be released into the gauntlets to power-up Batman's punches to ridiculous levels; Terry hardly knows his own strength with it activated.
  • B.A.T. Mode MK.2: B.A.T. Mode's damage duration is doubled.
  • B.A.T. Mode MK.3: B.A.T. Mode's charge rate is halved, and damage is doubled again. (4x the base output)


Bruce always had his signature cape with his outfit, that which he used to glide throughout the city and travel at a breakneck pace; Terry, however, has a different method of short-range air travel: with some help from Dr. Kirk Langstrom, he developed a pair of biomechanical bat wings, which operates much like a bat's wings and allows Batman to easily fly throughout Gotham (granted he has enough kinetic buildup for the launch so he can get the momentum necessary to keep going).

Shielding (Upgradable)
  • Shielding Lvl 2
  • Shielding Lvl 3
  • Shielding Lvl 4

When it's available to him, Terry can improve his resistance to both melee attacks and high-power firearms by a 25% armorsuit boost.

  • Shielding Lvl 2: Provides 50% resistance to damage. 
  • Shielding Lvl 3: Provides 75% resistance to damage. 
  • Shielding Lvl 4: Provides 100% resistance to damage.


Name Upgrades Description


This classic item is a specially designed boomerang (manufactured into the shape of a bat) is more than often used for many different things: hitting switches, stunning enemies, breaking glass, triggering certain things in the enviroment. Really, they're useful for a lot of things.
Remote Batarang
  • Reverse Batarang

While regular Batarangs are useful for a lot of things, Remote Batarangs are more than often required in the maingame as well: hitting switches in tight spots, charging themselves with electricity then shorting out a nearby panel, scanning the vicinity quickly and easily. Being Batarangs, the remote kind is just as useful for a lot of things.

  • Reverse Batarang: A pre-programmed Reverse Batarang that loops around and hits foes from behind.
  • Triple Batclaw

Although the Grapnel Gun is useful for scaling buildings and other stuff, sometimes certain things will need just a little more force to be pulled down; the Batclaw is a prime way to do this. It can grab distant objects, pull down vents from a distance, and grapple on to many other objects in the area.

  • Triple Batclaw: Increases the Batclaw's power by three times the normal rate (obviously).
Explosive Gel None

Even though his carbon-fiber-coated fists do a lot of damage, Terry will find that a lot of obstacles won't crumple with just a punch; that's where the endless supply of Explosive Gel comes in. Batman can lay down up to 5 Explosive Gel deposits (unlike previous games, where only 3 at a time could be placed), then detonate them all at once for many explosions at once.

Remote Electrical Charge
  • REC Mark II

A simple device that debuted back at the Arkham City incident, the REC could fire electric pulses that would manipulate motorized things in the enviroment; it does the same in Beyond, but it's now minaturized and installed on Terry's left wrist for easy usage.

  • REC Mark II - Faster rate of fire; more combat damage
  • Firearms Disruptor
  • Arms Crate Sabotage
  • Remote Mine Detonator

While the Disruptor isn't available right away, both upgrades for it become available relatively soon.

In past games, the Disruptor only had 2 to 3 charges; in Beyond it has 5.

  • Firearms Jammer: When this feature is used, a select gun within range will be permanently jammed; this feature is most helpful when dealing with sniper rifles surveying the room. Use this feature again, and it causes the gun to explode when used
  • Arms Crate Sabotage: When this is used, Batman can hit an arms crate with a special sabotage function that gives foes a powerful shock when foes try to access it.
  • Remote Mine Detonator: More often than not, goons will be equipped with special mines that will detonate if Batman gets too close, but not them; with this upgrade, Batman can turn the tables on them by sabotaging any mine he so chooses. The best part: when a goon walks by, he's instantly neutralized.
Freeze Blast
  • Freeze Blast Mine

As a way of honoring the late Victor Fries, who died a few days after helping Bruce defeat a large faction of the Arkham Knight's forces (along with his wife Nora), Terry reconstructed and rebuilt the Freeze Blasts for usage in his crusade; like in the past games, they can freeze patches of water and stop up steam vents, as well as temporarily freeze enemies.

  • Freeze Blast Mine: When used, Batman can create radial mines with a Freeze Blast; if any goon walks within range, they get instantly frozen.
Smoke Pellet
  • Smokescreen Bomb

More often than not, Terry will need to make a quick getaway from a group of armed thugs without being followed. Smoke Pellets are excellent for this; they can also be thrown at enemies to confuse them and make them vunerable to a silent takedown.

  • Smokescreen Bomb: Smoke Pellets now cover a much larger radius.
Sonic Batarang
  • Sonic Shock Batarang

While Batarangs are handy, these special ones only have a select use: disrupting heartbeat monitors for nearby henchman. The noise also reels them in if they hear it.

  • Sonic Shock Batarang: An upgrade to the Sonic Batarang, this allows Batman to "detonate" a select Sonic Batarang, overloading a nearby goon's heartbeat monitor and knocking them out. The downside? It can only be used up to 2 times.
Line Launcher
  • 4-Way Tightrope

Sometimes, Batman will run across a junction of rooms with no floor to walk across. The Line Launcher can fix this: it launches a line both in front of and behind him, allowing him to zip across gaps no problem, and even re-aim the Launcher down another hall if need be.

  • 4-Way Tightrope: ???
Cryptographic Sequencer MK.5
  • Cryptographic Sequencer MK.6
  • Cryptographic Sequencer MK.7

More often than not, Terry will discover that most doors or objects can't be operated by a simple switch, but rather an intricate computer control panel. The Cryptographic Sequencer MK.5 allows him to easily hack them by decrypting the software and gaining access to the password.

  • Cryptographic Sequencer MK.6: Doubles the power and range of the Crytopgraphic Sequencer.
  • Cryptographic Sequencer MK.7: Doubles the power and range of the Crytopgraphic Sequencer once again (up to 4x the base range and power of the Cryptographic Sequencer).
Remote Claw MK.2
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 1
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 2
Though the Line Launcher lets Terry zip from one end of the enviroment to the other quickly, often Terry will have to create lines in positions that the Line Launcher won't align to; that's where the Remote Claw comes in. This shoulder-mounted gadget shoots a special projectile: a 2-part claw mechanic that latches on to 2 separate targets at once, with a high-tensile cable linking the claws together. With this, Batman can string up goons to a vantage point from a distance, solve special mechanical puzzles, or surprise a group of foes with a distraction.
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 1: Heavy Reel Ammo slots allow foes to be strung up to vantage points; Ammo Boost 1 increases the ammo count to 4 shots.
  • Heavy Reel Ammo Boost 2: Increases the Heavy Reel Ammo count to 5 shots.

Though useful, Heavy Reel Ammo can't string up foes with Detective Mode Jammers, Boa drones, Optic Deflection Armor or Minigunner Brutes.

Red Robin


Though she's not as gadget-laden as Batman, Red Robin has her own assortment of tricks and such to help her handle herself when on her own.

Name Description
Shuriken Same as the Batarang.
Remote-Controlled Shuriken Same as the Remote-Controlled Batarang.
Zip Kick Similar to the Batclaw, Carrie uses this gadget to zip over enemies' heads and over distant gaps.
Smoke Pellet Same, just without the Smokescreen upgrade.
Bullet Shield As simple as it sounds, the Bullet Shield is a hidden tool inside the Bo Staff that blocks shots from firearms but has a limit to how many shots it can block before it gives out.
Explosive Gel Pod Unlike the Explosive Gel deployment that Terry has, the pods Carrie developed let her set up a quick explosive trap on a structural weakness; all she has to do is just lob it, and instant debris trap.
Snap-Flash These non-lethal explosives could be placed on a goon as a quick knockout method, but like the Sonic Shock Batarang, they'd lure enemies in.
Line Launcher Same as before.
Glue Grenade These puppies are basically the Freeze Blast but less water-friendly: while they can stop up steam vents and stick up machinery, they can't create rafts. They can, however, stick multiple enemies together.
Shock Gloves Formerly part of Bruce's evidence cabinet on his rogues, Carrie modified these to fit her as sort of a makeshift B.A.T. system; it also lets her power up a lot of machinery in the enviroment.



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