Batadons (Japanese: パタドン Patadon) are flying creatures with torsos that resemble the Moai heads. They are commonly seen in the Sarasaland region named Easton. It is possible that they are related to the Tokotoko enemy, as they share similar appearances.


Super Mario Land

Parockface, then known as Batadon, made its first appearance in Super Mario Land as a semi-common enemy in the Easton Kingdom. It would fly on the spot, usually providing as a piggyback platform to a higher area by squashing it.

Paper Mario: Search For The Sages

After 25 years of absence, Batadon appeared in Paper Mario: Search For The Sages, making its first Paper Mario debut. Under the name Parockface, it is again a semi-common enemy in the Cookie Crumble Desert, the main area of Chapter 2. It is often fought alongside a Rockface or two.


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