Bat and wolf toads are a group of Werewolf and Vampire toads that have appears to be the weakest enemies in game. Their damage is 3 percent which you can easily hunt all of the group. Bat Toads appear again in Chapter 5, before the next monster Mario and Luigi gonna hunt. It appears to be the Toad crew which got bitten by bats and wolves.


A puppy howl appears and a hiss from a toad comes and Mario and Luigi laughs and reports to librarian ToadsBook. Luigi said to the call, "This is the funniest thing I ever seen" When the group got angry Luigi cancelled the call and He and Mario started running while the toads chase them.


One time, This group of toads were searching for Raspberries. They were having fun until the full moon is out. Bats and Wolves came out and started to attack these poor cuties. Most of them got bitten. In the headquarters, Toads started to feel weird and started to transform. The first half turned into a winged red eyed fanged creature that likes to suck blood. The other half turned into a blue eyed fanged creature that hunts for humans.

To player- They are still alive appearing in the second chapter. Be brave and have a good luck hunting them!

In the website - Appears in Supernatural: Mario Edition. Wolf toads appear in Chapter 3

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