Full Name Bass
Current Age 7 Robot Years
Gender Cybernetic Male Model
Location DenTech City, the Year 20XX
Current Status Anti-Hero
Class Renegade Robot Master
Family and Relations
Dr. Wily - Creator

Dr. Light - Uncle

Mega Man - Based off Designs/Half-Brother

Main Weapon(s) Bass Buster
Vulnerable To Mega Buster, Super Adapter
Latest Appearance Mega Man 10

Bass, also known as "Forte" in Japan, is a prominent villain and rival of Mega Man. Created by Dr. Wily, he was originally made from stolen designs on Mega Man, and unleashed to counter and defeat Mega Man with his own weapons and tactics. But as time went on, he escaped Dr. Wily's grasp and went out on his own, even creating a robot companion, Treble (a counterpart to Rush). On occasion, the animosity between Bass and Mega Man would cease and the two would join forces to fight a common enemy, eventually their rivalry diminished and the two become partners of sorts. He is DLC in Nintendo vs. Capcom.

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