Basilisx SMBZ
Paper Mario style artwork
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Unknown
Bowser - Captain

Koopa Troop - Captain

Main Weapon(s) Claws
First Appearance Super Mario Bros Z

Basilisx is a Dry Bones and, as Bowser calls him, his greatest soldier. He has an uncanny ability to turn people into stone by staring at them. He has the ability to retract and extend three claws for each arm.

In Super Mario Bros Z

He assisted in the assault against the Sky Pop. After his Koopatrool troops were crushed, Basilisx froze Luigi, Yoshi, and Sonic into stone. Then he attacked Mario to avenge a friend and has him pinned down on the ground, ready to beat Mario, when the episode 8 ends and then in episode 9 he was defeated by Kitsune Luigi.



3D artwork