Basilisk 2: Legend's Fang
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U, NX, PC, PS4, PSVita, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Basilisk (series)
Predecessor Basilisk (Game)
Basilisk 2: Legend's Fang is the sequel to Basilisk, an Original Fanon Game by Darklight Studios. The game follows the events that took place in the original Basilisk, several years having passed and Drake had become a well-known hero among the species of Toxin-Fang Island, however unbeknownst to Drake, an invading force of Reptiles, the Lizards were planning to take over Toxin-Fang Island.


After celebrating another fruitful year on Toxin-Fang Island, the leaders of the five Snake species met again and conversed with Drake about future plans, much had changed in the years after the destruction of the Shadow Basilisk King, the Towers had been taken down and small villages and settlements had cropped up over time. Just as the group were discussing what to do with the excess of materials, a messanger runs in alerting the group of an invading force called, The Lizards which have demanded the Snakes hand over Toxin-Fang Island otherwise they will face enslavement.

Drake determined to take the invading force down, heads to the shore where a Lizard Ship had docked. Drake, calls out to the leader of the ship, a mysterious character, shrouded in the darkness of the ship, who asks if Drake had come to a conclusion, Drake rejects the ultimatum, dissapointing the Lizard, the lizard, using camouflage, sneaks up behind Drake, proving to be significantly larger than Drake, and lifts Drake up throwing him far into the ocean, Dreak soon wakes up on a small island, he looks onto the horizon and sees many ships surrounding Toxin-Fang Island with a giant Ship, perched in the center of the island.

Drake, with no other choice, begins to swim back to Toxin-Fang Island to confront the Lizard threat.


Much like its predecessor, Basilisk 2, is a 2D Platformer. The player moves and jumps and is able to perform several attacks, in addition the player can use the environment to their advantage such as hiding in crevices, swinging on vines and crossing through logs. The player will encounter a variety of Lizard Based enemies, some will attack on sight while others are timed, in addition some use melee based attacks while others are more versatile and have ranged capabilities.



Snakes consist of the 5 native species of Toxin-Fang Island, each one specializes in two elemental sub-species. The five Snakes Species are; Basilisk, Wyrm, Snake, Serpent & Worm.

  • Basilisk - Light & Shadow
  • Wyrm - Electric & Stone
  • Snake - Fire & Wind
  • Serpent - Water & Ice
  • Worm - Sand & Swamp


Lizards are the name of the species of invading creatures known also as, the Lizards. These lizards are 10 Speceis each with a different attribute. These species are; Iguana, Gecko, Frill-Neck, Armoured, Glider, Salamander, Axolotl, Legless, Horned & Chameleon.

  • Iguana - Fire
  • Gecko - Sand
  • Frill-Neck - Light
  • Armoured - Earth
  • Glider - Wind
  • Salamander - Plant
  • Axolotl - Water
  • Legless - Darkness
  • Horned - Magic
  • Chameleon - Elemental


The game is split up into 10 areas, nine of which can be done in any order, these areas are guarded by a particular species of lizard and require Drake to navigate through puzzles related to that lizard's attribute.

  • Volcano Temple
  • Worm Desert
  • Village of Light
  • Skyscrape Mountains
  • Atmospheric Temple
  • Lost Jungle
  • Tranquil Lake
  • Shrouded Cavern
  • Misty Forest
  • Invisible Castle


Equipment once again returns, allowing Drake to resist more damage as well as now also increase his damage output, Armour, Filters & Magic Books comprise the Equipment.


Armour is split up into five types now, each one resisting two types of Lizards, the armours are; Helmet, Neck, Chest, Sides & Tail.

  • Helmet - Resists Fire & Plant
  • Neck - Resists Sand & Water
  • Chest - Resists Light & Darkness
  • Sides - Resists Earth & Magic
  • Tail - Resists Wind & Elemental


Filters are attachments to Drake's mouth that allow him to alter the Shot speed, damage and/or amount of shots fired. Filters vary on their effects.

  • Fast Filter - Increase Speed
  • Power Filter - Increase Damage
  • Splat Filter - Dual Shot
  • Quickdraw Filter - Increase Speed & Damage
  • Sprayer Filter - Increase Speed & Dual Shot
  • Mauler Filter - Increase Damage & Dual Shot
  • Lightning Filter - Greatly increase Speed
  • Monger Filter - Greatly increase Damage
  • Cover Filter - Triple Shot
  • Knockdown Filter - Greatly increase Speed & Damage
  • Flood Filter - Greatly increase Speed & Triple Shot
  • Wave Filter - Greatly increase Damage & Triple Shot

Magic Books

Magic Books, return as an elemental variation for Drake's ranged and Melee attacks, allowing him to deal more damage to particular types of enemies.

  • Book of Inferno - Effective: Sand-Plant-Darkness
  • Book of Life - Effective: Earth-Water-Magic
  • Book of Freeze - Effective: Fire-Wind-Water
  • Book of Sun - Effective: Sand-Wind-Magic
  • Book of Dawn - Effective:Light-Earth-Darkness
  • Book of Flood - Effective: Fire-Sand-Plant


There are 6 temporary items that will help Drake in his journey.

  1. Health Potion - Heals a Small amount of Health
  2. Health Container - Heals a Medium amount of Health
  3. Double Damage - Temporarily Doubles Damage
  4. Triple Damage - Temporarily Triples Damage
  5. Invincibility Potion - Temporarily makes Drake Invincible
  6. Invisibility Potion - Temporarily maes Drake Invisible


Like before, Drake will need to collect various loot to upgrade his equipment, like before this loot is comprised of various jewels and ancient artifacts.


  • Unlike the predecessor, Basilisk 2 doesn't use 8-Bit graphics and instead goes with 3D Models.