Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 3DS, WiiU, NX, PC, Visus Sphere
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Basilisk (series)
 Basilisk is an upcoming game for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo WiiU & PC. It is a 2D Platformer taking inspiration from Super Mario Bros, Shovel Knight & Megaman. The game takes place in the Fantasy location of Toxic-Fang Island, surrounded by the Serpentine Sea. The player takes control of the Hero, Drake on a quest to overturn the evil of the land that has been plaguing the land for so long. Like another of Dark Flame Studios' Games, Flower Stall the game uses the NES colour palette.


The story begins with a scroll of the history of Toxic-Fang Island detailing how long ago in a time before the evil, Toxic-Fang Island was a peaceful place where Snakes, Wyrms, Worms, Serpents & Basilisks lived in harmony and peace. However over time an evil Basilisk rose up against its comrades and formed and evil army that took over all five of the species. The Basilisk's influence knew no bounds and soon the entire Island was under its control. It summoned four generals from the other species to watch over their lands and had the Basilisks who were not of its army build it a mighty Tower shrouded in Darkness.

However it is written on the scroll that during this time a child of the Basilisk-kin was born with the destiny to overthrow the evil tyrant and free the land of these dark times, that hero was simply known as Drake. His parents knowing full well that the Basilisk Ruler would search to no ends for Drake, hid him away with many other young Basilisks and his parents disappeared all together. Now fully grown, Drake has come to realise that he is the Basilisk of the tales of the scroll that state that he will overthrow the Basilisk Ruler once and for all.


The game functions like many previous 2D platformers allowing the player to run and jump. The player is also able to shoot a projectile to hurt enemies, perform wall jumps and ledge catching. The player will encounter many enemies on their journey and though they appear similar their methods of movement, attack and defence vary greatly.

Demo Section

Example Level
The example screen of one of the Grassland levels (shown left) depicts the player, Drake approaching an ascending section of the level where the height of the level increases. Also in this image are two Swamp Worms and a burrowed Sand Worm. The Swamp Worms will approach the player and follow them however are slower than the player. The Sand Worm will leap out of the ground when the player approaches it however will then land and follow the player, it is slightly faster than the Swamp Worms.

The player is able to attack with two methods. The first is by shooting their projectile. By pressing the assigned attack button. They can vary its direction by using the directional arrows. Up will raise Drake's head and shoot higher than usual while down will cause Drake to crouch and shoot at enemies normally impossible to hit with a standard projectile. The other attack that Drake can use is a downward pounce, similar to Shovel Knight's Down Jump attack and is also activated by the same button combination.

(Please remember that this is a Fanon Game, it does not exist in reality nor do I intend to make it)



The species of the Hero, Drake and the Villain, the Shadow Basilisk. The Basilisks were a proud and resourceful race. The biggest of the five, they are powerful warriors who do not back down. They are known for their powerful force.


Wyrms are a mountain dwelling species that are hardened due to their rough lifestyle and generally are more resistant to damage from natural hazards than other species. The main Wyrm sub-species encountered are the Electrical Wyrms with the secondary being Stone Wyrms.


Snakes are a volcanic dwelling species that are known for the agility and well trained acrobatical skills, they are able to manuever around more than other species. The main Snake sub-species encountered are the Fire Snakes with the secondary being Wind Snakes.


Serpents are a lake dwelling species that are very stealthy and sometimes hard to see due to their ability to camoflauge with their surroundings, this has made them one of the less trustworthy of the species. The main Serpent sub-species encountered are the Water Serpents with the secondary being Ice Serpents.


Worms are a Desert dwelling species that are diverse in their abilities although neither specialize nor have any major disadvantages in any unlike other species. The main Worm sub-species encountered are the Sand Worms with the secondary being Swamp Worms.

Toxin-Fang Island

Toxin-Fang Island Map

Toxin-Fang Island is the setting of the Game's levels. It is a large island with a varied climate ranging from; Heated Volcanoes, Calm Lakes, Sharp Mountains, Shrouded Deserts and Rolling Hills. The Island is generally split by the species and where they dwell. Basilisks live in the North, Snakes in the West, Serpents in the South-West, Wyrms in the South-East & Worms in the East.

In the center of the Island is the village the player starts in and can visit to gain equipment to help them in their journey as well as rest and recover. There are also the Castles of the species which house the Generals Drake must defeat to reach the Shadow Basilisk. There are also several small outposts the player must pass to reach these Castles.


In the game the player is able to obtain various pieces of equipment by purchasing them from the stores in the villages. The stores sell either Armour, Magic Books or Health Potions.


Armour can help the player resist different types of enemies as well as lower damage in general. There are three different types of armour with four qualities, totalling in twelve. Each quality must be bought in order so people can't instantly buy the Platinum Armour when they get the chance, also the higher qualities to do not become available until the player has defeated a certain amount of the Bosses.

Helmets - Resist Water, Stone & Wind Enemies. $150, $250, $400, $650

Plates - Resist Fire, Swamp & Ice Enemies. $100, $200, $300, $500

Bodies - Resist Electric & Sand Enemies. $175, $275, $450, $700


Magic Books

Magic Books allow the player to shoot different projectiles, each projectile deals different damages to different enemies, similar to Type Matchups. There are five Magic Books, one for the standard attack and four for the elemental attacks.

Fire - Good: Sand & Ice. Bad: Water & Stone.

Ice - Good: Electric & Wind. Bad: Fire & Ice.

Light - Good: Water & Stone. Bad: Electric & Swamp.

Nature - Good: Fire & Swamp. Bad: Sand & Wind.


Health Potions

Health Potions increase the players total Hit Points (HP). A new Health Potion becomes available after defeating a General giving up to 5 Health Potions being available.


In the game enemies and some background objects will yield money for the player, there are various forms for the currency although it is always converted to dollars. There are 16 objects that can be converted into money being Coins, Coin Stacks, Jewels, Crowns & Scepters.

Gallery & Value

Backgrounds & Floor Tiles

Characters & Enemies

EX Mode

After completing the story mode the next mode unlocked is EX mode. It is a Mode that allows the player to replay the game however the enemy layouts are different and enemies function differently in the EX mode than in the regular mode. The puzzles of the game change and the the player no longer fights a Sand, Fire, Water & Electric General but instead a Swamp, Wind, Ice & Stone General. The Final Boss is completely different instead being the Rainbow Basilisk, however the other bosses are recolours by appearance.

The enemies in the game do not change in appearance so there are no Large Stone, Swamp, Ice or Wind enemies.

New Characters & Enemies