Basic™ Games is a company acquired by Basic™ Corp because of Lol.pc's downfall in 2004. Its noted for the Supah! Draw World series and Extreme Force!/Extreme Force! 2
Basic™ Games
Type of Company Game Company
Founder(s) BasicGuy42
Founded at/in September 24 2004 (As Basic™ Games)

November 16 1992 (As LOL.pc™ Games Distribution)

Predecessor LOL.pc™ Games distribution
Parent Company Basic™ Corp

As LOL.pc Games Distribution

At spaceworld 1997. it showed off Lol.pc RPG Kart and Extreme Force!. Extreme Force! was a different game at spaceworld so it was scrapped until 2001.

In 2001, the company was announcing in 3 years it would become Basic™ Games. it had completed Fantendo Kart! for the gba and released it in japan only.

at 2004. the company announced that in September 24 2004, it would become Basic™ Games.

As Basic™ Games

Fantendo Kart was announced for the ds at E3 2004. and Extreme Force! 2 was delayed with a release date set for October 21 2005. Valve helped make Extreme Force! 2,

Fantendo Kart at E3 was very different. because it still used Loler64 and was called Lol.pc RPG Kart.

The company then closed down the LOL.pc Company because its distributions were replaced with Basic™ Company's.


  • Fantendo Kart
  • Extreme Force! 
  • Extreme Force! 2
  • Pole Position '06
  • Mario Kart XDCD


  • Basic™ XDCD
  • Basic™ Ultra V *Cancelled*
  • Basic™ Interactivity
  • Basic™ x64 CD

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