Basher Smashton
Basher 2016 Design by WereWaffle
Full Name Basher Smashton
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Species Stickfigure
Location Figure Isles
Align Hero

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Lookout, world! I have a hammer and I'm not afraid to use it!
Basher, in Basher's Adventure

Basher is a light-blueish haired stickfigure who is the titualar hero that stars in the game, Basher's Adventure.

He is mostly known to wield an enormous hammer which he uses against foes. He also wields the ability to switch through various costumes, altering his hammer and his look altogether.




Basher is known to be very energetic at all times who can and will perform flips, jumps, and dashes at any given moment. He doesn't get angered much unless one steals his belongings that he rightfully owns. Despite his energized attitude, Basher is carefree and friendly, and loves reaching out to others in need when they most certainly need it. He does enjoy meeting new faces and befriending new people wherever he goes.


Basher sports a pair of long pants that is colored somewhere between black and dark grey. His body, arms, and mitten shaped hands are entirely composed of the color black, while his feet are flat and rectangular prism-like. His face is white as snow, while his eyes are black completely along with his mouth. Finally, Basher has light-blueish spiked hair which is what he is most notably known for along with his hammer, which is black and yellow-tan.


Basher is known for wielding a pretty sizable hammer which he uses in combat always. The weight of the hammer is also used as an advantage when Basher wants to get to higher places by flinging himself or performing front-flips that can whack enemies at a far distance. In addition to his smashing weapon, Basher can change into various costumes to alter his moves and hammer such as the Caveman Outfit, which arms Basher with a club to cling on walls or the Fireman Outfit that grants him the Aqua Hammer which can put out fires.




Basher's Adventure


Fantendo Fighters Delta Clash!


Scrapped Appearances

Fantendo Warriors

Basher was confirmed to become a playable character along with his nemesis Crusher in the game, Fantendo Warriors. The game was made as a collaboration between various companies and the game play would be similar to the Skylanders videogame series. Although the project is not cancelled, it sadly has remained dormant for a long period of time for reasons unknown.

Fantendo Plunge To The Past 3

Basher would have also made an appearance as a playable character in the cancelled game, Fantendo Plunge To The Past 3 which was also being developed by various companies at the time. The game was more mini-game oriented and featured mini-games based on each character that was included in the game itself. At the time, Basher rec two mini-games named Smash-Board Race, similar to a drag race but allowed players to whack each other with hammers and Whack-A-Hammer, which the goal of the game was to eliminate as many Shadoonoids before time ran out. Unfortunately, the game was complete but was cancelled for unknown reasons. 

Fantendo and Nintendo All- Stars Racing

Once again, Basher would have made an appearance in the cancelled game, Fantendo and Nintendo All-Stars Racing. No information was known about the game other than that it was being developed by multiple companies, it was going to be a crossover with the Nintendo and Fantendo universe, and it was going to be a racing game. The project was quietly cancelled for unknown reasons.

Mewshi & Basher At Mardrid 2020 Olyimpic Games

The most obscure game that Basher would have made an appearance but was cancelled for reasons unknown. It was intended to be a collaboration between Enigmatik Games (known as Ultra Games Inc. at the time) and Greenstar Studios properties crossing over in an olyimpic sports game. The properties were that of the Basher and Mewshi the Dinocat series which were going to be represented in the game but sadly, it was cancelled for unknown reasons. The only finished product that was created for the game before it's cancellation was the box art. 





  • Basher was originally Enigmatik Games's mascot from early 2013-late 2013 when the company was known as Ultra Games Inc. Basher's position as mascot was changed in early-2014 due to the creator, WereWaffle (tbc) believing that the stickfigure lacked originality.
    • Due to this, Sly M. Paperfox was selected to be Enigmatik's mascot beginning from late-2014 and beyond rather than keeping Basher as mascot.
  • According to WereWaffle, the last time Basher was drawn in a solo art was approximately 2-3 years ago.
    • Due to this, Basher's design was tweaked giving him mitten hands in favor of his circular ball hands, and his fingered hands.
      • He also had a finger movement which was the peace sign however, this is absent in his new design due to his newly drawn mitten hands, and it deemed too similar to Sonic the Hedgehog's finger movements.
  • Basher's hometown was originally named Coolsville, but was changed to Figure Land due to Coolsville's corny sounding name.
  • When WereWaffle decided to ressurect Basher, he decided to redesign him and put him in Sly and the Scribble Masters as the true final boss.
    • The story behind this was that Basher, his whole universe, and upcoming Enigmatik Games characters were thrown into The Vault of Forgotten Imagination by their own creator and was left to die or in other words, "scrapped" in a matter of days.
      • The story would then continue to show the other characters being able to leave in reference to them being used again, but Basher would be the only one left. In a matter of hours, each of his friends and his nemesis, Crusher would scrap away into dust leaving behind their notable belongings. His dearly loved girlfriend also was lost, and he weeped for what seemed to be an eternity in this fateful location.
        • Basher would then be infected by the Polygon Virus which would have disorted his physical look and his mind which made him drive insane in a matter of weeks. He would have also wore Crusher's cape and his girlfriend's headphones and began to wield Crusher's Spiked Hammer along with possessing the power to use most of the corrupted weapons in the vault. The story would then come to a climax revealing that he stood in the vault for a total of two years refrencing his two year absence (which would have made him 15 years old). Basher then broke out of the vault and began his mission to seek and destroy Sly Paperfox
          • Basher would then proceed to call him "wretched origami paper thing" and would then continue by breaking the fourth wall by putting the blame on his creator & Sly for replacing him.
            • This was scrapped due to Basher not exactly fitting within the Scribble Masters universe despite the interesting storyline. He was also being resurrected as a hero so his reputation can be repaired rather than hated.
  • Outside of Fantendo, Basher was jokingly called "Fancy Pants Man" due to his resemblance to the Fancy Pants Man character himself.