Basher Boxart

Basher's Adventure Official Box-Art ( Made By YoshiFraga97)

Basher's Adventure is a single-player,side-scrolling action platformer created by Enigmatik Games which will release on their company console, the Enigton in mid-2016.




The game is heavily inspired by The Disney's Magical Quest series which was one of the many favorite games the creator played as a child. At first, Basher begins with a basic hammer to attack enemies with. As the game progresses further through each world, a new costume is obtained for Basher to use towards enemies and progress through obstacles that he normally couldn't get through. The game also is inspired by the game, Fancy Pants Adventures in which Basher's Adventure borrows the fast paced platforming and cutscenes from.




  • W0- Training Room
  • W1 - Coolsville
  • W2-  Prehistoric Jungle
  • W3 - Robot Factory
  • W4 - Medival Mounds
  • W5 - Volcana Valley
  • W6 - Thunder Canyon
  • W7 - Cyberspace
  • W8 -  Crusher's Castle




  • W1 Boss- Big Boss Bandito: Big Boss Bandito is the leader of the Bandito Gang. He carries a crobar and he can throw it around like a boomerang.
  • W2 Boss- Rexar: Rexar is a mechanical dinosaur who was created by Crusher. He can breathe fire, ice and poison gas to harm Basher.
  • W3 Boss- Basher-Bot: Basher-Bot is Basher's equivalent rival. He was also built by Crusher after the failure of Rexar. Basher-Bot has two robotic hammers as arms and can also shoot lazers through them.
  • W4 Boss- Sir Splice: Sir Splice is a stuck up, bratty knight who thinks he is better than everyone else. He challenges Basher to a duel in order for him to advance in his quest.
  • W5 Boss- Magmotar: Magmotar is an aggressive, lava rock walrus. He attacks Basher because he has entered his territory and sunk his home by accident. Magmotar is very weak against ice based attacks which slow him down.
  • W6 Boss- Shockle Sprite: Shockle Sprite, or Shockle is a high-voltage super cloud. He has enough power to shock rocks and turn them into dust. He is very slick and he is not a force to be reckoned with.
  • W7 Boss: Basher-Bot 2.0
  • W8 Final Boss : Crusher


  • The game was originally scrapped due to Enigmatik being defunct in 2013. The game was then brought back to life once the company made an unexpected return

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