Bartz (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Final Fantasy
Official Debut Final Fantasy V
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Proof of Mastery
Bartz is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified and the second Final Fantasy character. He comes from Final Fantasy V. Jason Spisak will reprise his role as Bartz.


Bartz, although strong and balanced, should not be predictable or he will fail, miserably. He best is suited for a mixture of offensive and defensive strategies, and cannot be fixed on either one separately. Hard work and learning pays off for Bartz players.

Neutral Special Aerora Cast Aerora on the foe as a projectile. Slighty pushes foes back.
Side Special Spellblade: Ice Bartz swipes with a an enchanted sword of ice. The enchantment is Blizzara.
Up Special Dragoon's Jump Bartz jumps up and slams down with a spear.
Down Special Focus Increase the next attack's damage. Effects go away after the technique is used.
Final Smash Proof of Mastery
Custom Moves 1
Neutral Special Gil Toss Tosses "Gil" at his foes. Can charge for more Gil, thus more damage.
Side Special Summon: Carbuncle Carbuncle is quickly summoned to reflect projectiles.
Up Special Aeroga Casts "Aeroga" to lift himself up. Foes hit by Aeroga recieves damage and gets pushed.
Down Special Haste Makes Bartz faster for a short time.
Custom Moves 2
Neutral Special Open Fire Hits with a canonball from a canon and causes one random effect. Random effects are tripping, flower, or being spun around.
Side Special Mug Attacks and takes the foe's item simultaneously
Up Special Teleport Teleports in any direction. A clock is visually present during the process
Down Special Ninja: Image Striking Bartz in a pose allows him to escape from harm in a small distance in any direction.

Ground Attacks:

Jab:  Bartz punches his foe, press again for overhead swing, press one more time for using a magic rod.

Side Tilt: Shoots an arrow

Up Tilt: Twirls a spear above him

Down Tilt: Two strikes; One done by the shield and the other dealt with a long sword.

Side Smash: Uses "Goblin Punch"

Up Smash: Uses a Thunder Rod pointed upward.

Down Smash: Casts Quake

Dash: Performs a kick.

Get up: Slashes a katana front then back.

Air Attacks:

Neutral: Bartz sends out a punch. Based on Dissidia's Bravery chase attack.

Foward Air: Dual wields a long sword and a Katana to slash both outward

Back Air: Casts Fira behind him. Is not a projectile.

Down Air:  Stomps down with one foot

Up Air:  Swings his sword in a circular motion.


Pummel: Bartz punches his foes.

Foward: Bashes his foe with a shield

Back: Bartz performs a suplex.

Down: Bartz uses Gravity to hold a foe for a short time and releases them.

Up: Quickly opens a portal and a chocobo kicks through it.

Special Animations:

Up Taunt:  Bartz tosses a feather over his shoulder that vanishes quickly.

Side Taunt: Bartz mimics Link's Melee taunt, perfectly. 

Down Taunt: Bartz plays a harp for a short time.

Victory Animation: Poses the same as his Amano artwork and says "Looks like I won this one." 

Victory Animation 2: Magically unequips his weapon, crosses his arms and says "The wind's blowing my way."

Victory Animation 3: Bartz does his casting animation and casts Aero.

Team Victory Animation (Charizard): Charizard gleefully lets Bartz on its back. Bartz's fear of heights causes him to panic.

Trophy Info


Born in a town of Lix, Bartz would later lose his parents and lives out his late father's wish traveling. It's during his travels that he heard a meteor crash down. This led him to rescuing a princess named Lenna, meeting an old man named Galuf, who has amnesia, and later a pirate named Faris. This unlikely team all were chosen to be Warriors of Light. Granted new power by the crystals, they set off to save the crystals from evil. He brings this power to Smash. He will be showing his moves for sure, here.

Bartz (Alt):

Bartz has some tools to keep him from being too easily finished off. His Dragoon's Jump can cover some distance beforce dropping staright down. Focus is when you need the next hit to have more force into it, but this only applies to the next hit. Using Focus under the effects of a Focus will cancel it out, so don't mistake it for a charge. Aerora isn't very strong, but is good for breathing room if foes get to close. Spellblade will provide a small forward movement to provide an icy strike with his katana.

Proof of Mastery:

Bartz really goes all out out this one. Catches his opponent with a fast moving dash assisted by Haste. Bartz unleashes a Flare spell, then a Holy spell, both while his sword, bow and arrows, katana, rod, staff, and spear unleash of flurry of attacks. Bartz then grabs the sword and uses it to finish his opponent off. This is merely example of the power that the crystals really give him.

Alt Costumes/Palette

Default Blue His SNES Freelancer look
Palette Red His shirt turns red and his hair is green
Palette Black His shirt is black and his hair is white
Palette Green His shirt is green and his hair is blond and grey
Alt Red Bartz's Dancer class outfit
Alt Blue Bartz's Dissidia outfut
X-over Blue Bartz takes Marth outfit as his own.

Special Attrib.

  • Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against Bartz in Phoenix Wright's Final Smash are a crystal shard and photo of him exiting a meteor.
  • Kirby gains Bartz's hair and Bartz's neutral special as a Copy Ability.
  • Bartz's victory theme is a direct rip of Final Fantasy V's Victory Fanfare.


  • Phoenix Wright's "evidence " against Bartz is a reference to Bartz failing to protect the crystals and a reference to being jailed in Karnak castle for walking out of the meteor.
  • Bartz's trophy info line "He will be showing his moves here for sure, here," is actually a two-layered reference. This is a reference to Capt. Falcon's taunt "Show me ya moves!" This is also a reference to Cecil Harvey's Dissidia 012 intro quote against him where Cecil wishes Bartz would show off his own moves.

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