What was that about?! Oh, hey, <player>! Hey! I'm going to the lake! You come too! And be quick about it! OK, <player>? I'm fining you PokeDollar1 million if you're late! Oh, jeez! Forgot something!
Barry, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions

Barry (Pokémon)
Barry, as he appears in Pokémon Platinum Version.
Full Name Barry
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Twinleaf Town
Current Status Rival
Class Pokémon Trainer
Family and Relations
Palmer (father),
Unnamed mother
Voice Actor(s)
Jamie McGonnigal (ENG anime),
Tatsuhisa Suzuki (JPN anime)
First Appearance Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions (2006)

Barry (Japanese: ジュン Jun), also known as Pearl, is a hyperactive Pokémon Trainer and the main rival character to Lucas and Dawn in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Versions. Barry lives in Twinleaf Town and has been the player character's friend since childhood. He is the son of Palmer, the Frontier Brain of Sinnoh's Battle Tower.


Sonic Speedball RPG III: Nega's Empire

Barry, under the name of Pearl, appears as a helper in Sonic Speedball RPG III: Nega's Empire. He uses a Torterra and a Staraptor to attack for him.


Barry appears as a minigame challenger in PokéPlaza. In minigames, he uses a Turtwig.

All-Star Heroes

Barry, under the name of Pearl, appears as a non-playable helper character in All-Star Heroes.


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