Baron Brrn
Baron Brrn
Barron Brrn
Mario (enemy)
Bowser (friend)
First Appearance Super Mario Adventures II
Latest Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 3

Baron Brrn (most would spell his name Baron Burn) is one of the bosses found in the Mario universe. It is almost a carbon copy of Baron Brrr. Some gameres believe that Baron Brrr and Baron Brrn are somehow related. Baron Brrrn is made of some kind of clear fiery material. Like Baron Brrr, it shoots fireballs out of its head to attack Mario. It can also slam the ground to cause a mini-earthquale. Although it wears a crown, no one knows what element Baron Brrn is the king of.

Super Mario Adventures II

Baron Brrrn made its first appearance in Super Mario Adventures II. It fights just like Baron Brrr. However, the player must use an Ice Flower or Lightning Flower to defeat it. The Barons are the two bosses with the best evasive abilities in the game. It may take a while to hit it with snowballs.

Mario Enemy Party

He appears as a host in Mario Enemy Party.

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Baron Brrn is renamed to Colonel Cinders in this game and appears as the boss of the mission "The Metal Pathway" in Volcanic Galaxy.  He, like in his preceeding games, fires balls of fire onto the platforms Mario is standing on.  While avoiding these fireballs, Mario must smash some crystals inside a corner in Colonel Cinder's platform and gain the Metal Mushroom, allowing Metal Mario to walk on lava by creating metallic platforms underneath him.  Mario must then wall jump to the platform Colonel Cinders is on.  Here, the boss will smash down on the ground in an attempt to blast Mario out of the platform, which can be avoided by means of jumping.  Get knocked down is especially fatal in this boss battle, in contrast to Baron Brrr's boss battle, due to the fact that Mario will instantly fall into lava.  After avoiding the shockwave, Mario must spin attack Colonel Cinders to shrink him, and spin attack him again to damage him.  This process must be repeated 2 more times to defeat Colonel Cinders, and after he is defeated Mario will earn a Power Star.

Colonel Cinders's lair looks almost identical to Baron Brrr's lair, due to them being opposite twin counterparts.  This inversed arena version has some differences, however, such as the fact that lava replaces ice water, some of the boards on the bottom platforms (Which is made of molten rock) are made out of wood which burns up after deflecting one fireball, being an insulator, while one is made out of metal to deflect multiple fireballs, and that a Metal Mushroom replaces the Ice Flower.