Barker meets Sonic is a crossover between Barker and Quack and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Sonic, Tails, Shadow and others are running through the rebuilt Death Egg, now known as the Sharp Scramble for some reason. After they get there, they find Eggman and Runtus laughing, while holding Barker, Quack and some of the others. Sonic, thinking they are helpless animals, Spin Dashes at the machine holding Barker and the others. Barker, thinking Sonic is going to get himself killed, pulls out his fire cloud and smashes into the machine also, but when the machine is destroyed, with Sonic and Barker's power being to strong, the machine mixes the 2 universes together. Barker and Sonic are sent flying across the world, with their friends landing in different areas. Sonic and Barker team up, and run, while, Barker is flying on his cloud to go the same speed, through the mixed Green Hill Zone/ Spread Valley.


Sonic- Sonic comes in as one of the first characters you can play as. He is a Speed class, and uses Sonic Booms, Speed Kicks and Spin Dashes to destroy enemies. In rival mode, he is Barker's rival.

Tails- Tails can be first played as in Green Valley Run 2. He is Aerial class, and uses Spin Dashes, his Flash Bombs and Blasters to battle foes. He, as a Aerial class, can fly for a while. In rival mode, he is Quack's rival.

Knuckles- Knuckles can be first played as in Green Valley Run 4. He is Buster class, and uses his fists, digging and multiple kicks and punches to fight. He can glide for about 20 seconds. In rival mode, he is Stomp's rival.

Amy Rose- Amy can be first played as in Acid Park Run 2. She is Speed class, and uses her Hammer and Spin Dashes to attack. In rival mode, her rival is Cherry.

Shadow- Shadow can be first played as in Swimming with the Sharks Run 1. He is Speed class, and uses his Chaos Control and Spin Dash to attack. In rival mode, Darker is his rival.

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