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Barker and Quack vs. Ten and Blok is a spin off of Barker and Quack and WWTSC. It is a fighting game, and it is much like Super Smash Bros.


Character Moveset

B- Voltage Pressure

Side B- Frisbee

Up B- Flame Cloud

Down B- Doggy Roll



B- Water Ball

Side B- Ice Ball

Up B- Duck Fly

Down B- Prey Transformation


B- Gunshot

Side B- Megadon

Up B- Night Jump

Down B- Quack Transformation


B- Mini Quake

Side B- Stone Cutter

Up B- Bull Dog Slam

Down B- Terra Pressure

Chef Puff

B- Apple Slingshot

Side B- Flying Pan

Up B- Puff Up

Down B- Pie Bomb


B- Number Knockback

Side B- Bear Smash

Up B- Cape Bear

Down B- Break Bear


B- Burn Blok

Side B- Blok Jump

Up B- Flying Blok

Down B- Spin Square

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