Barker is the main character of the Barker and Quack series. He is also the main character of the baby version of the series. He is the Mascot of Awesomecartoongames.


Barker made his first appearance in Barker's Adventure, where he was the main character. He made his next appearance in Barker's Adventure 2 - 8 Worlds. He again is the main character. He again had to beat Runtus. In A.C.G Arena, he is a playable character along with his friends, Quack, Munk Googoo, Stomp and Chef Puff. His baby version, Baby Barker, is the main character of the Baby Barker and Baby Quack series. 

Appearance and Personality

Barker is a tan brown dog with tan brown ears and a tan brown body. He has dark brown arms, legs, and tail. He seems to be a friendly character, but at times, when things get serious, he is always ready. His girlfriend is Cherry, a female retriever who made her debut in Barker's Adventure 2- 8 Worlds. He is best friends with Quack, and is also friends with his bulldog cousin Stomp, Quack's girlfriend Quackla, Munk Googoo and Chef Puff. He is enemies with Runtus and Bazooka.


  • He was originally a Rabbit named Hopper. 

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