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Barker Adventure is the first game in the Barker and Quack series. It was released on October 3rd, 2014. It is a game from awesomecartoongames.


Once, in a small village called Brown Town, a young boy and his dog, Barker , play fetch. The boy throws a frisbee, and Barker goes to find it. Barker then finds the frisbee, but also a portal. He gets sucked into it, and lands in a alternate world. He meets Quack, a Chibi Duck, and Quack tells him that the world is being attacked by a Spike ball, Runtus. Quack then says that Barker must defeat Runtus, and that his friends, the old protector of the world Munk Googoo, and the great Chef Puff, are waiting for him. They go to Munk Googoo and Chef Puff,and then go off on a journey to defeat Runtus and his Henchmen. 

Playable Characters

Barker- Are puppy protagonist! He can throw his Frisbee, and with the help of Quack, he can do a fly roll.

Quack- Barker's Chibi Duck sidekick. He can shoot water balls and fly for a short length of time.


Munk Googoo-The former protecter of Cloudia, he is both the tutorial guide and gives you hints along your journey.

Chef Puff- The great Chef Puff! He will sell you health point raising food in exchange for ice cream sprinkles.


1 Leave Land

2 Duck River

3 Hole Digger Desert

4 Burned Castle

5 Frozen Mountains

6 Bazooka's Factory

7 Runtus's Palace


Spikes - Spikes are the evilized versions of Puffs.To defeat them, you need to use your one move.

Airfeet- Airfeet are the evilized versions of Chibi Ducks. They have air stabelizers that allow them to float. To  defeat them, jump on their heads.

Flying Shoe Bats- Shoe Bats are the evilized versions of Shoe Canaries. The can fly and bite you. Use your one move to beat them.


1 Root, Apple Spider and Leaver.

2 Whale Blubber

3 Black Mole

4 Fire Plier

5 Ice-Valanche

6 Bazooka and Bazooka's Bazooka

7 Giga Runtus Spike

Game Finished

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