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Barbara Jackson
Full Name Barbara Jackson
Date of Birth December 1st, 1925
Gender Female
Location Dorset, England
Current Status Alive (Turning Point)
Class Agent of Revolution
First Appearance Fantendo - Turning Point

Barbara Jackson is a field agent of Revolution. A British woman, Barbara Jackson joined to put her skills to use and actually affect the world in an active way.

She's a primary character in Fantendo - Turning Point. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Turning Point

Physical Appearance

Barbara Jackson is an attractive 25-year old woman with curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and an average build. She always wears a tan jacket and red hat. She also has a small mole on her left cheek.


Barbara is an average woman, having no "superpowers", but rather being a skilled fighter who uses acrobatics and martial arts to fight. She uses quick, powerful attacks and never stays put in battle. She's also a skilled marksman.

Besides combat, Jackson is also smart, charming, and crafty.


Barbara is headstrong, impatient, and quick to make a decision, even if she doesn't know the full extent of that. In addition, she seems to shoot first and ask questions later, which has gotten her in trouble before.

Despite her negative qualities, she's outgoing, smart, and great at her job, getting results and not letting sexism or any other rule of society get in her way.

Barbara feels disgust towards societies inferior treatment towards women, and as such feels for other minorities and stands up for those being held down.