Baptiste is a playable racer in the 2001 GameCube kart racing game Earth Rocket Racing. He is a multi-tasking respected chef.


Baptiste is grateful and generous, he is willing but vulnerable. He is rather emotional, but loves to be entertained. Baptiste entered the tournament so he could start up his own restaurants. He doesn't like to be disturbed so is rathe lonely. 


Baptiste is a middleaged man of rather large build and is just under 6 ft tall. He has brown hair and blue eyes with large sideburns which run under his long white chefs hat.


Earth Rocket Racing

Baptiste is a playable default character. He is a respected member of the community due to being a main source for food at the tournament. Throughout the story he is captured and betrays the rest of the seven when captured by Poison Tom. His default kart is the Frying Pan and unlockable is the Roller Pin.

Stelios Scramble

Baptiste appears from a Jacob Portal. He uses a move called Just Desserts - Gusteau fries the players in a large pan, then he turns up the heat sending players flying. Occasionally he will stir with an item in the game called the Meat Cleaver and leave it there.


  • His original name was Gusteau.
  • He was originally planned as a rather rebellious character for Cassia: Jump Parade.
  • He is the only playable ERR character not based off someone.
  • Although wearing chef attire in his appearances, he is showcased more as a caterer.

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