Baobao is a large, winged ape and a playable character from Chrono Chaos. It is found in the Ice Age.


Baobao has the general appearance of the Baobao enemy from Chrono Trigger (picture), only it has white fur.

How to Join

In your second time visiting the Ice Age, villagers of The Caves will be worried because a strange beast is attacking villagers and destroying houses. Go as far back as you can in The Caves and you'll find that a new area has opened up, called Deep Caves. Go through the Deep Caves and you'll find Baobao at the end. You can defeat him like a regular boss like you're supposed to, but defeating him with Phi in your party will reveal he was just angered by Hybrido, who constantly abused him. After using her Heal Beam tech (whether or not she has any MP left) on Baobao, he will start to follow you around. Phi will also suggest you name it.

Weapons and Techs


Baobao does not use ordinairy weapons, instead he uses his fists. Instead of changing weapons, his fists get stronger every 8 levels.

Single Techs

  • Enemy Toss: Picks up an enemy and throws it at another enemy, or the ground.

Dual Techs

  • Teamate Toss (Baobao + Anyone): This tech is unique because he can preform it with anyone. Baobao throws a teamate at an enemy. The enemy takes a lot of damage, and the teamate takes some too. Damage depends on enemy's defense, Baobao's attack, and person getting tossed's weight.

Triple Techs

Quadruple Techs

  • Character Chuck (Baobao + Anyone + Anyone + Anyone): Everyone in the party lines up behind Baobao and he throws them at a single enemy repeatedly (Up to 7 times). However, the amount of times is random. Baobao will also stop if the enemy is killed or a teamate is.

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